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Looking for recipes on the grill using flavored sea salt flakes!

Wow, I must say that I am taken back by all of these responses! I really was just looking for sea salt flake recipes! I truly love salt and am excited about the grilling season. I've added some new flavors that I didn't have before!
I'm not an avid blogger and can say that I'm an amateur when it comes to blog sites. So, I'm sorry if I have offended anybody or did something that I was not supposed to. I gotta say, I may just not blog anymore after this. I definitely don't feel very welcome to this site.
If there is anyone out there that would like to pass along a recipe - it would be most appreciated!

Greek Yogurt

Try adding some fresh berries to the greek yogurt to sweeten it up, if you are just eating it straight. Greek yogurt is very good for you - lots of protein! I put it in a shake with: soy milk, tofu, carrots, berries and flax seed. It is so yummy!

stocking a pantry

Sea Salt Flakes! All flavors! I have a variety from Falksalt: plain, rosemary, smoke, red chili and mushroom. Mushroom and Rosemary are my favorites! But a MUST would be at minimum the Plain. So much better than table salt. And with the flakes you get a nice crunch and don't have to use as much...
Have fun!

Sea Salt Flake Recipes

@A dash of this...a dash of that... I haven't tried it yet - But for Easter Dinner I'm making lamb - so I will try it! Sounds delicious!

@Kitchensita - what brand of smoke salt did you buy? I bought Falksalt. All of the flavors are awesome! The smoke I still haven't tried, but we are going to BBQ tonight - so, I'm going to try some.

@those who recommended caramels...I tried the plain sea salt flakes on caramel and it WAS DELICIOUS! Thank you!!

Deviled Eggs

When finished making them try sprinkling them with Rosemary flavored sea salt flakes! Adds just a hint of rosemary and is delicious!

How to clean a pizza stone?

Stone scraper and hot water. NO SOAP!

what's your favourite candy bar?

Anything with salt and chocolate at the same time! Has anyone heard about dark chocolate sprinkled with flake sea salt! It's yummy!

Recipes using Flavored Sea Salts

CJ McD - do you have any recipes using flake sea salt? You gave me some good ones before for my MIL visit!

New Year's Eve food traditions

Never heard about the 12 grapes at midnight - but I like it and will incorporate into my new years tradition!

the happiest hangover cure ever!

McDonalds happy meal for a hangover: cheeseburger and french fries with a shake

Recipes using Flavored Sea Salts

I tried the Citron sea salt on Mahi Mahi last night - it was fantastic! And also just as nice - the rosemary on potatoes! The sea salt I bought is Falksalt which is a large flake salt. I don't know if using the flake salt made a difference or not??!! Anyone have an idea??

New Years Eve Cocktails (yes I'm already thinking ahead)

Can't wait for the New Years Eve party! Lots of great ideas! Some of these liquors I'm not familiar with?? Sazerac - sounds good because I like bourbon - but I'm going to have to look it up online! =) And yes, I'll have to buy chambord for my champagne cocktail.

Recipes using Flavored Sea Salts

CJ McD - I have Rosemary and Citron Sea Salt; as well as natural flavor.

Flavored Flakesalt...what are your favorites?

Sounds like a legitimate blog to me! As a matter of fact, I was looking for a sea salt to use in recipes, so I might just go out and buy this one. What's even better - it's from Sweden - which is where my MIL is from and I am looking to impress her!! Thanks for the tip!

Help! My Swedish mother-in-law is coming to town!

Thanks for the suggestion on the sea salt. My MIL arrived two days ago and she's raving about this sea salt - apparantley it's a big deal in Sweden. I guess I'm going to have to have to have a separate post about recipes now with sea salt so I can impress!

Xmas menu help?

Wow! Your menu sounds great! It's making me hungry....

Jingle bells--who the hell is gonna make dinner tonight? 12/21?

Nothings better than Chilli in the winter. You could make White Chicken Chilli and serve in a bread bowl - makes a nice presentation and is yummy!

Help! My Swedish mother-in-law is coming to town!

Does anyone ever use sea salt when they bake/cook. My co-worker just gave me a recipe that calls for sea salt.

Help! My Swedish mother-in-law is coming to town!

Wow! Great recipes - and they seem easy enough that even I can do it! I especially love the ones that I can prepare ahead. Thanks everyone.

Help! My Swedish mother-in-law is coming to town!

Tiger - as in "meat"?? The first idea is interesting and good, especially if I want to brown nose my MIL =)

Does green tea cause nausea?

I haven't heard of any problems with Green Tea either - like others said, perhaps you have an allergy. Try Ginger tea by Yoga. It's really great and good for digestion!


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