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Does Cooking Make You Gay?

My brother, who began cooking while a rookie in baseball b/c it stretched out the meager food budget, while not gay, certainly embraces his feminine side. He carries a purse (yep, he calls it a purse, not a man bag), loves gardening, loves jewelry (the bigger the better) and has a deep affinity for The Food Channel. He loves all things food related, and is one of the best cooks I know. He routinely cooks on the weekends at local cooking shows, does BBQ events around the South, and even makes time to cater small parties for friends. Like jdrussell, my bro does all the cooking for the family (even Thanksgiving) and everyone looks forward to what comes out of the kitchen whenever we visit. Is he effeminate? Never. Does he embrace his femininity? All the time and I'm glad he does.


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