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What will you make for Easter?

Bone-in leg of lamb, mashed potatoes and gravy (my Swedish grandmother always put some coffee in the gravy, a Swedish thing?) roasted asparagus, mix of corn and mushroons, homemade rolls, usually we have a lemon mousse pie but this year I going with Key Lime pie.

So what did you have for St. Patrick's Day?

We had corned beef, simmered in beef broth, 2 bottles of beer, onions, bay leaves, pepper corns.
Brussels sprouts in stead of cabbage. They hold their shape better.
Mashed potatoes.
Glazed carrots.

if you make your own vanilla extract...

I add more vodka when the level goes down about an inch or so, and add new beans every year or so.

Remember school lunches?

I've not seen anyone mention "mystery meat". My kids brown bagged it on those days.

How do you prefer whole lobster?

Steamed, with drawn butter, maybe with some steamers, corn on the cob.
Lobster rolls aren't too bad either and neither is fried lobster.

Strange menu encounters: Chicken Fried Lobster, Newport, R.I.

No! Not strange and it's heavenly. I think it must be a New England thing for I've never seen it anywhere else.

"not your grandma's cookies"

I think it's meant as a compliment, but then again it depends on how good a cookie cook the grandma is/was.

Make ahead mac n cheese

I always make it in the morning for dinner that night so I don't see why you couldn't make it the day before. I make my lasagna the day before.

I Want To Infuse My Butter, For Seafood, Any Suggestions?

I'm with onepercent99 .. but maybe a bit of lemon zest, juice? No herbs & spices!

Help with last minute Easter menu

I'm doing lamb and ham, mashed potatoes and gravy (my Swedish grandmother always added a bit of strong coffee to lamb gravy), asparagus. corn, assorted rolls, lemon mousse pie and a coconut cake (not shaped like a lamb).

How to keep cupcake fresh?

Just put it in a zip lock sandwich bag. But I'm with blizheetah, I'd eat it and buy another : )

Family Food Traditions

Christmas we have a birthday cake for dessert.
New Years Eve Chinese take out
St Patrick's Day corned beef, soda bread
Easter leg of lamb, asparagus, something lemon for dessert
Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, turnip, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie
The sides change year to year but these are the basics.

Ah, wilted dandelion greens - it is spring!

@oneprecent99 & finsbigfan That's why I only eat front yard dandylions.

Making a layer cake but don't have enough please!

or could you just borrow a cake pan from a friend for the day?

Cooking fears?

It's not quite a cooking fear, more an after cooking fear. I'm really scared to use my 'self cleaning oven function'. I wait to do it when I have family around so I won't be alone when it might blows up the house.

Making a layer cake but don't have enough please!

I've got 2 cake pans, bake the third layer after the first two are done. It works fine. Been doing it for years.

Your last meal

a McDonalds cheeseburger happy meal.

What are your favorite crackers with soup?

Clam Chowder with oyster crackers. Any other soup goes with a sandwich. Tomato soup/grilled cheese. Chicken noodle/pb&j. etc.

Food Practical Jokes

conky that is so great!! I'm doing that this year! Thanks!


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