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Easy Make-Ahead Carrot and Chickpea Salad With Dill and Pumpkin Seeds

@nathanir: Would think the nutty pepitas (seeds, of course) could ward off any sogginess.

@JKLA: Used kidney beans to stand-in for the garbanzos and omitted the pepitas but otherwise followed the procedures and heeded your Note . . . .

Let it all sit overnight before trying it for lunch the next day -- it worked out. I loved it. Big fan of all the dill with the dressed carrots and aromatic-infused beans.

Also, the orange carrots together with the brown-red beans made for quite the two-tone autumn palette. I may make this again with garbanzos and red beans for more color action.

Amazingly, I have never had it...

Never ate a Ho-ho or a Ding Dong. Something is perverted about those names. Are they even that popular?

Open Thread: What's Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie Texture?

Favorite texture is thick and chewy, which Cook's Illustrated nailed in its "Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe from a few years back. That recipe taught me how important brown sugar is to the chew-factor. Mmmm.

Open Thread: What's Your Fantasy Food Band Called?

Ah, yes. I've been reminded The Wishbones should be from Los Angeles . . . not D.C.

Open Thread: What's Your Fantasy Food Band Called?

The Wishbones, a DC-based ska/punk band dressed up as Cooked Turkeys, known for their accusatory anthem, "Sighin' Crass Wish."

(So bad, I know).

Favorite Yogurt

Give Siggi's cultured skyr a try. It's Icelandic and very creamy, like strained Greek yogurt.

Picking Up Two Live 90lb Boar Pigs!!!

@C Baughn -- Try to pay no mind to glib detractors. Your intentions are admirable to many. Hope you get the information you seek and experience all the best those beautiful animals have to offer you!

Ideas for Gifting Food in Jars

This jarred honey, walnut and dried fruit topping from Martha Stewart could work well with your granola:

Mortar and pestle

Before I had a food processor, I used the M & P to crush grahams to make a cheesecake crust. Which reminds me that I love cheesecake and will be needing to make one. Soon.

Hardest Kitchenware to Clean?

I have this jade glass Fire King baking pan that holds on to grime like crazy. Always needing to rub it down with baking soda or Barkeeper's Friend to get it clean.

Greasy Meat Farts

I lost my mind when Lorenzo said he thought he was clicking on a recipe.

Cook the Book: 'Burma: Rivers of Flavor'

Most exotic thing in the recent past? Lebanese grilled kofta. Perhaps not the most exotic but we really enjoyed it. Would love this recipe book, though! My sister has cooked from and raved about recipes (and photos) from Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet for years. I don't have a cookbook remotely like Burma: Rivers of Flavor, so it would be a valuable addition to my collection.

Win Two Tickets to the Lucky Rice Grand Feast on May 4th

First dim sum experience on some Sunday in a little strip mall outside of D.C. Full house, lots of delicious Chinese food going around.

Our Search for the Best Zinfandel Under $20

My favorite are Peachy Canyon Vineyards zins from Paso Robles, CA. Visited their old school house tasting room in 2008 and was really impressed with their 2008 Westside Zinfandel. It's a pretty laid back operation, not uptight a bit.

In a Pickle: Small Batch Sauerkraut

Just prepped two jars of kraut using this recipe. Much appreciated! Thanks go to Lorenzo for the supplemental info. My kraut certainly won't be ready to eat tomorrow for good luck but I wish you all a happy New Year!!

Dishes for someone that doesn't like Thanksgiving food

Your Mom's oven will be occupied with the bird and the range might be full of traditional sides.

If she (or you) has a slow cooker, a pork shoulder or your favorite braised cut of meat could work. She could put the alternative protein in the cooker at the same time she puts the bird in the oven.

Whatever you want, what would you eat right now?

A bowl of steamy pho ga soup with a ton of basil, lime and nuoc cham and Vietnamese coffee.

@bitchincamero: Congrats! Hope you are feeling good. I haven't been around for so long. Miss all the familiar voices here. I had a baby boy last April . . . wonder how many SE'ers have multiplied since the site started. Didn't Alaina just have a baby, too?!

Video: Cat in a Banana Split Costume Eating a Banana

Oh my God. I had no idea that cats could eat bananas. Oh and by the way, this made me laugh my ass off.

cake balls are gross

Good point, hmw0029. I bet portiaf does eat sushi. And there is -- of course -- a very easy work around here for the germaphobes.

Just wear gloves when rolling the cake balls.

What's your favorite Indian dish?

My favorite dish right now is Avial, which originated in Kerala and is a spicy coconut-based vegetable curry.

Lemon verbena - what can I do with it?

Love the stuff. You can use it to flavor pound cake, scones, compound butter and also use it in a hair rinse and potpourri.

And if you love the smell as much as I do, you can wear it as a perfume.

cake balls are gross

@hmw0029: Cake balls are indeed a great idea for messed up scratch cake or cupcakes. I actually "favorited" Lucy Baker's SE article on cake balls a while back after my scratch Ghirardelli-based chocolate cupcakes slipped off my car hood. I used quality ingredients but adapted her methods. And, btw, chocolate chocolate cake balls are *aces* with coffee.

Serious Heat: What's Spicy in Your Fridge?

I'd like to add Swad coconut chutney, if you're a fan of South Indian dosa (like me). It's available at Patel Bros.