I celebrate 25 years of marriage to a wonderful guy this year. I am also going to be a cookbook author this year which has been a lot of work, but well worth it. This year also marks me as a 30 year cancer survivor. Yes, 2008, is quite a year.

  • Location: San Rafael, California
  • Favorite foods: I love chocolate. It's my favorite food, but I've given up sugar so I no longer eat it. I eat healthful foods and love: artichokes, oranges, apples, swiss chard, salmon, shrimp, and so on....
  • Last bite on earth: Anything chocolate!!!

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What do I serve with Quiche?

Thanks so much for the garlic bread suggestion. I adore garlic bread, and it would go so well with the quiche. The tray idea is also a good one.

What do I serve with Quiche?

First, I want to thank everyone for posting such great ideas. What a terrific response! The quiche I make is a healthy crust less ham and zucchini one. I serve it for dinner. I like the idea of serving it with something tangy and crisp. "The fresh tomatoes, cukes, and Greek olives, scallions or red onions in a sharp Italian dressing" sounds perfect. I also like the soup idea. I hadn't thought of that. If I was to make it for brunch on a weekend, I'd probably serve it with melon chunks. But, I usually have it for dinner.

Cook the Book: Tuscan Meat and Tomato Ragù

What a joy to see your review here. This cookbook is on my wish list. I watch Lidia on TV, and so enjoy watching her create beautiful dishes. This book will be a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection.

Cook the Book: Devilish Eggs with Texas Tapenade

What a lovely cookbook review. I love the cover of the cookbook! The recipe does look like a delicious hors d'oeuvre, or a tasty snack. Thanks for the review.

Types of Onions in Cooking

I mostly use yellow onions in my stir fries. The vidalia onions come from Georgia and are coming into season. They are a sweeter onion. I use them in my Crust less Quiche recipe.

Dinner Tonight: Broccoli Sautéed with Crisp Garlic

I have oyster sauce in my refrigerator, and will make this. I'm always looking for recipes for broccoli. The image is beautiful! Thanks for the recipe!


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