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Send Your NYC Restaurant Questions to 'Ask the Critic'

What's your best breakfast in Chelsea/Meatpacking?

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Dirt Candy, Del Posto and Zucker's Bakery!


Send Your NYC Restaurant Questions to 'Ask the Critic'

Send Your NYC Restaurant Questions to 'Ask the Critic'

My cousin is visiting from Brazil fir his birthday, and he says he wants plenty of American food while he's there. So, burgers, waffles, pancakes, anything like that. I'm sure he would also enjoy what other things New York has to offer, like pizza, ramen, china town, etc. What do you recommend?

Open Thread: It's Cold Out! Where Are You Eating to Warm Up in NYC?

Pasta. Lots and lots of pasta. I get fresh spinach pasta from Eataly, toss it with a little butter and a LOT of parmigiano reggiano.

Oh, and not that this is really cold weather food, but I recently became OBSESSED with Blue Bottle's granola. I have it with Ronnybrook. So good.

Where to eat near Joyce Theater in Chelsea

If you like Burgers, you have Bareburger ( right down the street, a locavore burger joint that has normal stuff for the neice but with interesting choices for the adults as well (Ostrich meat on a burger?!). Soccorrat, although not with very american offerings, has one of the best, if not the best paellas in NY. Also, if time in not too much of a problem, you could go to Le Zie on 7th ave for some familiar Spaghetti and Meatballs.

downtown restaurant for 12 people

You could try Il Buco Alimentari and Vineria. I had a birthday party there and everything went seamlessly. Oh, and if you go, make sure to try their gelato.

Best hot chocolate in NYC?

I love City Bakery's. And their Marshmallows? To die for!

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A space to put a grill!! (I live in new york)

First Look: Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina Lands at Chelsea Market

I love the parmesan basket!

Interesting restaurants in Back Bay, Boston

@J. Kenji López-Alt, Thanks for helping! We (parents) know Boston a bit and are familiar with some of the neighborhoods, but since we only have one night (Saturday), we were thinking of going somewhere pretty nearby, hopefully in Back Bay itself. We are not as interested in Chinese; we would prefer Japanese or Vietnamese.

@dashofginger, Thanks for your help! I was wondering a little more about Wagamama, as I've heard great things about it. What is the ambience like for lunch? What is your favorite dish? Also as a side note, one of my sons REALLY loves steak. How's the steak at Sel de la Terre?

@shoneyjoe, Thank you for your comment! We are not celebrating a particular event, but rather, as you suggest, looking for something a little elevated from the usual.

NYC Dinner for 6 (2 12 year olds, My Wife, and my grandparents


No real preference on cuisine, just food that both the kids AND the grandparents would like. The price can be anything below $150 per person, I don't want to be COMPLETELY broke. ;)

Daily Slice: Tutto Italiano, Hyde Park, MA

I think some Mardi Gras fans might have Louisiana as their favorite boot shaped peninsula, but I get your point.

Restaurants in Catania

@ BitchinFixins,

Thank you again! Also, would you happen to know anny places near Taormina?

Nutella Panini

@BitchinFixins, I tried the Lemon Granita on your request. AMAZING! You should really try it some time.

My Pie Monday: No Knead Dough, Proscuitto and Arugula, Roasted Potatoes, and More!


Or HogletBogletBloglet!

Cold Cereal - Favorites from Youth, Favorites Now

@ BitchinFixins,

Of course, all their other meals make up for it. ;) (I'm in Italy right now)


My foreign friend is visiting me in NYC for his birthday, and what he wants is all-american food. He wants waffles for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and an unspecified but no less American dinner. What do you recommend?

A little bit of everything at Doughnut Plant

For a dinner tomorrow night, I am serving my family and some friends, one of them Vegetarian (not that it matters, but we are making a kimchi fried rice and a five spice beef stir fry). Since I don't feel like baking anything, and I have Doughnut Plant one block away, I decided to serve an assortment of donut as my dessert.
What 6 donuts would have the most variety and show the best selection of their donuts?

Interesting restaurants in Back Bay, Boston

We are going to Boston for the weekend and would like to find a really special restaurant in Back Bay. Possibly something Japanese or another Asian cuisine. Somewhere the whole family can feel comfortable. (We have 12-year-old twin boys).

Nutella Panini

I am traveling in Sicily, and I heard of Nutella Panini (Yes that is good grammar, one panino, two panini) and I was wondering where I could find them?