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Summer Sewell

Summer Sewell

I plan my days around my meals.

  • Location: San Francisco
  • Favorite foods: Sweet taro, jicama, pickles, lychees, borscht, bacon.
  • Last bite on earth: My grandmother's baked mac n cheese

A San Francisco Tour With Wise Sons: Where to Find Jewish and Eastern European Comfort Food

Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman opened Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen in the Mission to give San Francisco a dose of the deli culture we'd been missing. But where else do they go for borscht and bagels? Wise Sons is a tribute to Evan and Leo's common food heritage, so we spent an afternoon gathering up the tastes of their childhoods. We shopped for food staples and ate at go-to local joints that remind them of mealtime with their bubbes. More

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