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Cook the Book: 'Joy of Kosher' by Jamie Geller

I didn't grow up in a kosher household, but started to keep it after a couple of years of high school when I lived with a kosher-keeping family. I had to drive over an hour each way to get kosher meat in my area in Pennsylvania (which did seem like a lot to a new driver). I've kept a kosher kitchen for about 15 years now. Sometimes a drag (I didn't try a lot of things I would want to try now before I started the whole kosher thing), but generally good for me and my health. Generally.

Bake the Book: Frenchie

Fresh, still-warm almond croissants are my delicious weakness. But only in France.

Cook the Book: 'The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone' by Deborah Madison

My favorite? Probably a curry. No matter what kind, just about any veggie curry will do. Indian, Thai, Singaporean...wahtever. Love 'em all.

Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

Del Blotto! Oops, I mean Del Dotto. It's a beautiful vineyard with a large old mansion house as its welcome center, but the tasting tour is why you should go. When they take you back into the cool, cavernous cellars the guide gives a brief but very good explanation about the winemaking process and about the different kinds of oak casks and the different levels of toasting and what they do to the flavor. Then he/she grabs a wine thief and off you all go, glasses in hand, as the guide dips into whatever they feel like that day. It's the same price as many of the six-sample tastings, but we had at least double that, some of which worth over $200 a bottle. But if you don't like what's been pulled, simply splash it over the nearest brick wall or onto the bare-earth floor. When you leave, you may need a short sit-down in the sun before moving on. The locals didn't give it its nickname for nothing.

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

I'm a weakling. I recently had a fish burrito stuffed with grilled jalapeños instead of bell peppers, to which was added a spicy salsa verde. Not crazy hot, but not a good time either. Oddly, we go through sriracha and cholula like it's out job in this house.

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

My least favorite pie is the tar-like monstrosity that came out of the oven that time I tried to make shoo-fly pie for a boyfriend when I was 19. Oh, the shame!

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

Well, let me just take a moment to describe on of the bests meals I had when I was in Ireland: warm brown bread, potato leek soup, local cider. And the traditional Irish breakfast is pretty spectacular, too. Get in!

Cook the Book: 'Kitchen Confidence' by Kelsey Nixon

Right now my go-to is chicken, mushroom and bacon pie. Puff pastry on top. Seasoned with sage, rosemary and thyme. Very creamy and delicious.

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

Pies as far as the eye can see.

Bake the Book: The Irish Pantry

Garbanzo beans, coconut water, Sriracha, dairy-free chocolate chips, jasmine rice, oats, baking supplies, almond and/or coconut milk and low sodium organic chicken stock

Cook the Book: The 'Roberta's' Cookbook

Well, there's that recipe I like for chicken cooked in cinnamon-spiced orange juice and topped with toasted slivered almonds, mandarin slices, fresh parsley and sliced bananas. THAT one's pretty interesting.

Cook the Book: 'Nom Nom Paleo' by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

Grilled meat—all kinds—and tubers.

Bake the Book: Puddin'

Last week I made a pudding out of hazelnut milk with dark chocolate and coffee mixed in. Wowsa.

Cook the Book: 'Whole-Grain Mornings' by Megan Gordon

Poached eggs, smoked salmon and tomato on toasted whole grain bread smeared with mashed avocado.

Bake the Book: Levi Roots' Sweet

I have discovered I make a hell of a corn syrup–free, bourbon-spiked pecan pie. That guy.

Cook the Book: 'One Good Dish' by David Tanis

I make a hell of a pecan pie, but is that a dish? I'm pretty good at fajitas and bulgogi and blackened salmon — all the "ethnic" foods my parents would never admit to liking.

Bake the Book: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Book of Pie

Oooh, so many pies to choose from... I recently started making old-fashioned pecan pies (no corn syrup), which are awesome. But being as it's winter, a nice spiced apple pear pie doesn't go amiss.

Cook the Book: 'The New Midwestern Table'

Corn and beef and corn and biscuits and corn.

Bake the Book: Seriously Bitter Sweet

Brownies with mixed chips

Bake the Book: One Bowl Baking

Oatmeal chocolate chip bars

Cook the Book: 'Japanese Soul Cooking'

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Mmmm doooonuuuuts

Bake the Book: The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

Let's see: vegan pumpkin pie, bourbon pecan pie, low-sugar chocolate fudge pie, pumpkin cookies, caramel apple cupcakes...I think that's it.

Cook the Book Thanksgiving Special: 'Choosing Sides' and 'The Wild Chef'

Stuffing, more stuffing, all the stuffing all the time...

Cook the Book: 'The Heart of the Plate'

It's closed now, but there was an amazing place in Napa called Ubunto, which got its Michelin star the day before we were there. The yoga studio in the loft was an interesting feature. The channa masala was RIDICULOUS. You ever have something that's so good when you take the first bite you start to giggle? It was like that. Bonkers.

Going Vegetarian in London and Edinburgh

I'm going to London in a week, staying in Kensington but traveling all over the touristy areas/West End/Piccadilly/Covent Garden.

Will also have a few days in Edinburgh, mostly around the Castle area/Royal Mile.

Any vegetarian (or very veggie friendly) recommendations would be most appreciated.

Many thanks!

It is: OK / Not OK?

I made a booboo. I purchased a dozen eggs on Tuesday afternoon, but forgot to put them away when I got them home. They sat in a room at about 63 degrees until last night. Can I use them or should I cut my losses and try to brave the snow for a new carton?

A vegetarian in Paris

I'm going to Paris in a few weeks and heard that several staples that are vegetarian here in the States are often made with vegetarian-unfriendly ingredients. I've been told many breads, and even salad (dressings made with duck fat), are things to be wary of, and that many Parisians wouldn't even think of duck fat dressings being "meat."

Can you verify? Or at least help me out with what's really okay or not okay?


Bad Kitchen Habits

My hubband and I had a nit-picking the other day over what we each perceive to be the other's bad kitchen habits:

—He doesn't like putting groceries away so he can remember what he bought while he's cooking and I think he's leaving a bunch of clutter and a toe-stubbing hazard.

—I like putting all of my discarded fruit and veg matter in the sink (there's a strainer) and then throw it all out at once and he thinks it's going to clog up the sink one day.

—I clean as I go and he prefers to wash all the dirty stuff at once after it's been piled in the sink.

What are your kitchen habits? Would you put effort toward changing them, or do you kind of like them. (I need to work on not walking around with wet hands.)

Good (healthy and/or vegetarian) eats in Chicago

My husband is taking me for a birthday trip to Chicago on Memorial Day weekend and I'm wondering if there are any budget-friendly restaurants that will help make it a memorable trip. One friend has recommended Green Zebra, and we're still looking for suggestions.
PS: Is there anything else we shouldn't miss while there?

Mothers' Day eats

So here I am, planning a menu for Sunday brunch (some kind of quiche, lox and bagels, pancakes for the kids) and was wondering you all take the opportunity to go crazy and make the most fattening dishes of deliciousness ever, or do you keep it simple?
What's the plan?

Do you tempeh here?

I have a block of this stuff at home and was wondering what other people do to make it, well, tasty. I've tried stir-frying and using in sandwiches, but nothing's really helping to make it stand out, flavor-wise. What can i do?

Vegetarian-, pescetarian- friendly places in NYC?

I'm looking for a nice place for an anniversary dinner. Most of the places I've found have one fish option and (maybe) one vegetarian option and that's just not the way to go, in my opinion. Does anyone know of a good place that has veggie and fish options in abundance?

Gypsy Woman from 1534

Jasmine tea-infused gin melds with fresh lime juice, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and yellow Chartreuse in this enchantingly floral cocktail from 1534 in New York City. Fortunately for those of you on the move, tea needs just a few hours to infuse your spirits. More

Pumpkin Glutinous Rice Balls in Sweetened Coconut Cream (Bua Loi Fak Thong)

Am I right in thinking that you have some leftover pumpkin pureee lying around that you want to use? Am I right in thinking that after this past weekend, you want to cook as little as possible? If I'm wrong, don't tell me; let me live in the disillusionment of thinking that I know anything about you. But if I'm right, here's another pumpkin dessert that's very Thai and very easy to make. More