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Glasgow's Scooby Snack Is Binge Food Par Excellence

@Helenex - I usually save the bru for the next day. Has to be one of the glass bottles though or its just not worth it.

@nikonratm - Yep, this was the one by the motorway. Some people swear by the Maggie up by Queen Margaret drive but I reckon this one's better.

Regarding deep fried shenanigans, the worst thing I saw was the "stonner supper" - a sausage wrapped in kebab meat, then battered and deep fried!

Never met anyone who had eaten one though!

A 'Burger Van' Hamburger Made of Quality Ingredients at Borough Market in London

I'm with you on the cooking method of these burgers - completely deplorable. They may as well just microwave the thing and be done with it.

What's your favorite food when drunk?

Doner kebab meat on french fries with cheese and chili sauce over the top. A Glasgow heart attack classic! You feel it in the morning though...

One of the Best Burgers I've Had in Asia at Hanoi's My Burger Mỹ

I couldn't agree more. Will definitely drop by next time I'm in Hanoi for another!

One of the Best Burgers I've Had in Asia at Hanoi's My Burger Mỹ

Gotta love the large Saigon beers! I actually had the worst pizza in my entire life close to the lake when I was there. It was like they'd taken a week old frozen pizza, scraped off the original toppings and then added their own perverted meat 'n cheese substitutes out of sheer badness. Great town though!

Snapshots from South Korea: Grand Prix from Mr. Pizza, Korean Pizza 'Made for Women'

As well as inventive toppings, some of the names of these things are pretty impressive. I once saw a "potato of the Irish" pizza in a Papa Johns, but my personal favourite is a Mr Pizza creation; the "Neo-crunch."

Are they saying this pizza updates traditional crunchiness to make it more applicable to the modern world, or is it simple a neopolitan with a bit of bite to it?

I like to believe the former.

The Burgers are All the Rage at Kraze Burger in South Korea

Thanks for the advice, looking forward to my next trip up!

I'm actually leaving Korea in about six weeks time but relocating to Seoul in January 2010. Machellebelle, anywhere good there for fish and chips? I've been getting these cravings of late...

The Burgers are All the Rage at Kraze Burger in South Korea

I can't say I thought it was that overpriced but in Busan the western food options are more-or-less limited to Outback Steakhouse and McDonalds! I'll have to check out Wolfhound Burger next time I'm in Seoul though!


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