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Liatiko: Would You Buy a 'Weird' Greek Red for Under $15?

I want to think that a beautifully packaged bottle from an interesting-sounding grape made in a picturesque Mediterranean region would sell like hotcakes. On the other hand, I have to wonder what Liatiko's fate would be on a wine list or store shelf if no one is there to point out what a great deal it is and how fantastic it will be with duck confit. More

Žlahtina: The Perfect Under-$20 Wine For Oysters

I'd been hiding this quirky, slender, delicious looking bottle in the fridge for a special occasion. I don't mean a fancy dinner or holiday, or even an evening with important company. I mean a special occasion... Enter: the northern California coast, where there are fresher-than-fresh oysters available just footsteps away, doled out by the bag-full with little accompaniment besides sunshine and a shucking knife. More

Affordable Italian Wine: Argiolas Perdera from Sardinia

Confession: I love a recipe from the Campbell's soup website. It calls for simmering chicken breasts in creamy stock, balsamic vinegar, sundried tomatoes, oregano, and kalamata olives. You sprinkle the whole thing with feta cheese and serve it up over orzo. I've eaten this dish with plenty of different wines that were all... fine. California Pinot Noir was overwhelmed; a northern Italian Barbera was bright but not bold enough; New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc made it feel like everything was fighting. But last week, I found the perfect match. More

Sagrantino: A Grape Emerging from Darkness

When things got tricky last week, I sought comfort in three stalwarts of hope: my dog, a recipe for my Italian great grandmother's tomato sugo, and wine. The wine I pulled out was from a grape called Sagrantino, grown in an area called Montefalco in Italy's Umbria region. What struck me in reading about Sagrantino was this line in Wine Grapes: "The variety had become almost extinct in the 1960s." Yet here I was with three different bottles at my table. More

I Fell for a Shameless Hussy

I sat with a group of wine professionals, tasting a lineup of rosé wines blind, and we balked at the scarlet letter. "You've got to wonder what they were thinking when they made this," a fellow taster chided. And they hadn't even seen the label yet. More

Verdelho: The Last Wine I Ever Loved

Agreed--neutral grape spirit :) Also, thank you guys for the kind words, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the series! Stay weird!

You Shouldn't Drink Some Wines... Yet

Friends, thanks for the comments! Check out the nicely linked articles "More on Aging Wine" above for some helpful tips on aging…

Corked, Cooked, Bretty, Bad: How to Spot 7 Common Wine Flaws

Haha, you guys are great :) Love the mispronunciation, the observation that Brett can make your wine taste like bacon, the freakish Sauvignon Blanc note and all the questions. Like Craig said, TCA can in fact come from other areas--and I've actually tasted other foods with a similar, distinct, off-putting flavor: corked carrots or apples, anyone? Corked Sprite from my childhood still gives me nightmares, and I once worked with a "corked woman." Heeby jeebies.

Anyway, Rio: There are definitely different "levels" of "corkiness." Some bottles are horrific, others are subtly mushroomy, and others (as mentioned above) just seem dull or mute. I'm positive PLENTY of mildly corked bottles have gotten past my and many wine-pros' noses. The point of it all is to start to be aware of common flaws... and, most importantly, to not be afraid to bring them up or ask for a second opinion. Anyone who responds to your inquiry rudely or snobbishly is, simply, rude and snobbish and should know better!

Devín: Visiting Slovakia By Way of a Little Bottle of Wine

Thanks Zorazen! And CandiRisk: it takes people like us asking for it to get it here... lots of great new Eastern Europe stuff coming in lately, esp. thanks to Blue Danube! Stay thirsty :)

Liatiko: Would You Buy a 'Weird' Greek Red for Under $15?

You guys are too kind. Thanks for the kind words and glad you're seeking out "weird" stuff!

Nerello Mascalese: Please Do Not Tell Anyone About This Wine

I haven't had the rosato but will look for it; sounds perfect. And @CandiRisk, Orvieto sounds like a perfect call. I find Orvieto rather similar to a good Pinot Grigio. The PGs from labels like Scarpetta, Russiz Superiore or Kofererhof are way more characterful and classy than most. Try if you can find!

Nerello Mascalese: Please Do Not Tell Anyone About This Wine

Let's all keep the availability as it is--available ;)

@CandiRisk... I LOVE that dish. I am going to have to fiddle around for the perfect pairing, but an Italian white strikes me as up the right alley. Need to avoid high alcohol due to the spice (which will make everything taste hotter and more alcoholic), and I'd go with something that has some body to stand up to the sausage. Coming to mind and in the somewhat "weird" camp for you to try might be Ribolla Gialla (northern Italy), Fiano (central) or Grillo (southern)?!

The 'Unfashionable' Semillon Grape Gets Dirty and Rowdy in Napa

All credit to the wine and the winemakers doing up inspiring things in CA. So humbled and grateful to be able to enjoy such beautiful products and company.

Weird Wine Grapes: The Case for Callet and Why Tasting Notes Matter

Ken: I painted a huge one that I pasted on my wall :) Agree with you completely.

Zweigelt: Wine Worth Your Sausage

@Candi I am SO glad to hear it! Enjoy the funky treasure adventure!

Zweigelt: Wine Worth Your Sausage

@Candi, my friends tell me you need to check out The Wine Bottega! Looks very promising and awesome... http://thewinebottega.com/about/ If you aren't close to them, I bet you could put together a case of "weird" wines for shipment! Best of luck, and let me know how it goes.

Abouriou: An Endangered Species of Wine

Thanks, Bryan! It is a fun story; I'm honored to help tell it.

Ruchè: Give Your Valentine Roses and Drink Them, Too

Ha, thank you @maom. Happy early Valentine's Day!

Alvarelhão: Forget What You Think You Know About California Wine

Re-thinking that. More of a: Al-va-RELL-ay-oh. (Hey-oh!)

Alvarelhão: Forget What You Think You Know About California Wine

I say (and think I've heard it as) Al-va-rell-AY-oh. Also, love the "liquid-cashmere-sweater-and-a-pipe" note.

Alvarelhão: Forget What You Think You Know About California Wine

Thank you so much Candi! Can't wait for you to find some and try it. Report back!

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