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  • Favorite foods: I'm currently in deep, lustful love with Korean barbeque. But of course, I'm a fickle sort and will probably change my mind...tomorrow...Generally, I love meals that involve sharing the cooking - Chinese hot pot, Korean BBQ, Temaki party.
  • Last bite on earth: at my Mom's house - Chinese Steamed Fish with Ginger and Scallions, Garlic Roasted Whole Crab, Chinese Sausage Fried Rice and her famous Crispy Egg Rolls

The Food Lab's Top 6 Food Myths

I've seen plenty of recipes brining pork and chicken....but never steak...would love to hear your thoughts why.

Cook the Book: 'A16 Food + Wine'

1996 Georges de Latour
1997 Georges de Latour
1998 Georges de Latour

I had a winemaker dinner held at the CIA in Napa. On my right was the winemaker and he walked me through each glass of wine. Not just the tasting but the weather, the soil, mixing, etc.

V8 spicey juice

Just like a bloody mary -- add a few drops of tabasco!

Grilling: Thai Beef Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

Fabulous idea!! Beautiful too.

Dining at Disney World

I love the Moroccan restaurant - great food, live music and belly dancing!

Teach me how to make bread (by hand)

You guys are making me hungry for BREAD!!! I also like the Artisan Bread in Five book.

Food Photography/SLR Camera

I just upgraded my Canon Rebel XT to a Canon 40D. The Rebel is an AWESOME first DSLR. I recommend getting the body only and then buying the lens separate. If you're on a budget, the 50mm 1.8 lens is under $100 and is a great lens - I've used it to take many many shots for SteamyKitchen as well as for my cookbook.

Photo of the Day: Exploded Frozen Soda Bottles

at first glance, i thought they were exploding octopus tentacles.

How do you describe texture of perfectly cooked shrimp?

In Cantonese: "song chuy"

eeeeps hard to phoneticize in English!

I think:
Singaporeans say "QQ"
Japanese "puri-puri"

Ideas for introducing a picky eater to tomatoes?

My kids hated them until I started growing them in the garden. They got to feed and watch those babies grow..all that hard work and of course they couldn't wait to eat them!

New Green Milk Jug Design Cuts Costs But Is Difficult to Pour

good grief. people complain about everything! good for the environment, saving money is a gooood thing. no crying over spilt milk! ;-)

Ground Turkey

Honkin' Big Beer Can Chicken

wow - a 6lb beer but chicken!
let me know if it fits!

Cook the Book: Southeast Asian Pork Satay

You can grow lemongrass! It grows like a weed (well, actually, like grass) Find a local nursery.

Do Not Eat These Monsters

AYA! I think I like happy food much more.

Cloth or Paper?

Paper - I'm a massive mess when I eat!

Classic Cookbooks: Marcella Hazan's Homemade Tagliatelle with Bolognese Meat Sauce

awesome recipe! just made it tonight. a couple of weeks ago, Marcella's son, Giuliano, had us over to his home for supper. This is what he made and it's perfect.

The Next Food Network Star, Episode 3 Recap: The Kelseybot

I'm watching this show b/c I watch it every year and there's nothing else on TV...but seriously, I don't think any of these contestants are that great.

The Next Food Network Star's Lisa Garza: Love Her or Hate Her?

hmmm...there's just something about her that doesn't connect....the fine dining, harshness, designer look, selling $200 aprons just doesn't match someone who's culinary point of view is about feeding homeless.

The Next Food Network Star's Lisa Garza: Love Her or Hate Her?

When I was little, my mom once gave me that haircut - used a big bowl

What Are Your Recipe Deal Breakers?

recipe that involves cooking anything larger than my head.

Cook the Book: The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper

Anthony Bourdain. - would you rather be stuck on an island with Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee

In Gear: Hacking Mason Jars

I put tealight candles inside 'em for the porch when it's just slightly breezy outside. jar protects flame from being blown out.

stick fresh herbs with a bit of water to prolong life of cut herbs

as a hostess gift, i bring a big bouquet of herbs from garden - mason jar as my vase

grow sprouts inside jar - i bought some special perf plastic lids just for sprout growing.

Bad food at a dinner party?

do what i used to do as a kid....pretend to cough into napkin!

Cooking With Kids: School Lunch Revolution

i was thinking about donating my time to my kids' daycare - and working with their on-staff cook to come up with some recipes...but i think she got offended when I offered!

How do you describe texture of perfectly cooked shrimp?

Almost every Asian language has a word for the texture and mouthfeel of perfectly cooked shrimp. But no concise English word!

I'm talking about the crunchy, firm, crisp texture when you first bite into the shrimp. It's a similar texture as biting into the perfect grapefruit or pomelo.

For pasta, we use the Italian, al dente. But we need a word for shrimp!

What would you say?

Grouper Cheeks...what shall I make?

For the Chinese, the cheeks of a fish is the best part. We used to fight over who would get the little morsels of cheek meat. Since I have fierce chopsticks kung-fu skills, I usually won.

But I've never had grouper cheeks, which are about 2 1/2 inches wide! I saw these at the market and had to buy a pound. Just think! All these grouper fish in the ocean swimming aimlessly with no cheeks now!

Would love to hear what you would make with grouper cheeks...

Breast milk cheese?

My stomach in knots right now after reading this: (but fair warning, please don't click on it until after you've safely digested your breakfast)

Breast milk cheese

I've eaten my share of weird foods,and sometimes my kids eat their own boogers, but eating human product really freaks me out.

What is the best way to age steaks?

Why pay an extra $5 per pound for the butcher to age your steaks? Here's what I do:
1. Clear refrigerator shelf, put refrig thermometer on same shelf
2. Lovingly pat steak dry, whisper words of encouragement to steak, "you can do it! i have faith in you!"
3. Get a baking sheet, line with 3 layers of paper towels and place wire rack on top. Place steaks on rack.
4. Age 2-5 days, changing paper towels daily
5. Before cooking, cut off any of the crusty bits

1. Best to use bottom shelf (coldest)
2. Check thermometer daily - should be at least 36 degrees F
3. You could age longer, but the whole food safety know...being diligent on minimal door opening & keeping right temp is just too stressful after the fifth day. Don't age if you have a habit of standing in front of your open refrig door to cool off in the summer.
4. You should really dry age roasts, not thin steaks. If your steak is on sale, just ask your butcher to cut you a nice big thick piece - I like them 2.5" to 6" thick. If you try aging thin steaks, all you'll get is crusty crust. Age only Choice or Prime. Don't do it with the cheap stuff - there isn't enough marbling.
5. After aging, you can then cut the big slab-o-meat into smaller steaks, vacuum seal and store in freezer.

Whats your favorite method? If you only age for 2 days, do you even notice a difference?

Do you share your real identity on your blog? Why or why not?

I'm a relatively new blogger living in a city whose average age of residents is 76. The most happenin' place in town is the early bird happy hour at Bob Evans - their menu is popular because it consists of very soft, easy to gum foods like mashed potatoes and pureed Viagra. Not much happening here in this town, and I've lost some of my big city edginess and guard. I'll admit that I'm pretty naive to this whole blogging world.

I just have some questions for you veterans, because you know, I don't want to do anything stupid to jeopardize like the rest of my life or anything.

Why do most bloggers not show real identities or real photos? I've seen sites with nicknames, initials, lips, cartoon characters. It just seems silly to me to call my husband "S' or my kids, "Thing #1 and #2." I'm not a known felon, nor am I in any witness protection program. I haven't been an employee for a company in over 10 years, so I'm not afraid of pissing anyone off.

Is there some massive blogger identity theft ring that I should know about? Should I put the black bar over my eyes like in the back page of fashion magazines where they show the FASHION DON'TS??! I swear I don't wear daisy dukes with hooker heels....only with my CFM boots.

Maybe its the other way around. Maybe bloggers don't want their friends and families snoopin' around their blogs, because then you can't say stuff like, "My sister is a slut who would sleep with donkey ass for attention" (just kidding. I don't have a sister.)

Or MAYBE, just maybe having my real name and photo just makes me a prime target for sites like

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