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Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas?

Cut them in half, to showcase the color, then roast them. Toss with some dill and feta before serving. YUM.

Seven Takes on the Feast of the Seven Fishes in NYC

i second robaire's in westchester for the most delicious festa di sette pesche!!! especially the fried calamahd!!!

First Look: Tiberio Custom Meats Butcher's Table

Adam Tiberio is an incredible butcher!! Check this place out people, his meats are insane!!!!

Cereal Rant: Why Buzzfeed Is Wrong, These Cereals Should Not Be Obliterated

I am just so glad that this was posted. I was appalled when I read that on buzzfeed!!!!!!

Fancy Dinner Recipes

serious eaters rule. thanks everyone.

Win Two Tickets to the Fourth Annual Latke Festival at BAM, Monday December 10th

For the latke-- HOT oil and a cast iron pan make for a deliciously crunchy and golden brown exterior, essential for latke deliciousness. For accoutrement-- sour cream and salmon caviar. Absolutely best thing ever. This was always a part of my birthday dinner growing up (in the middle of July) paired with Irish style corned beef and kosher pickles. Even in my youth I was a Serious Eater!

Difara is closed... Now what?

I would go to L&B Spumoni Gardens. The pizza is soooo good and you have the added bonus of a delicious refreshing dessert! Good luck... and even though I don't know her, I love your wife.

Cocktail 101: Flavored Vodka

the hangar one mandarin blossom vodka is INCREDIBLE.

What's Not OK To Eat For Breakfast?

I can eat anything for breakfast completely guilt-free and without fear of an apocalypse. Growing up it was totally normal for mom to make us Shrimp flavored Cup'o'Noodles or Yaki Soba stir-fry before she sent us off to school. Salad? BRING IT ON.

Win Two Extra Mooga Tickets to the Great GoogaMooga

The idea of choosing one thing is so hard!!! But the combination of Papusas from Olomega, while listening to Hall and Oates, and hanging out with amazing chefs (namely Bourdain), then finishing the night with lobster rolls from Luke's, might be the best thing EVER.

How Do You Like Your Mac n' Cheese?

@lemonfair: muenster is the secret to MY macncheese too. it blows my mind why every recipe doesn't demand its ooey, gooey, salty goodness.

Daily Slice: Graziella in Bayside

yes definitely a different graziellas. the one in brooklyn, that ted allen was talking about, is on vanderbuilt, a few blocks from his house, and is pretty delicious as well.

Cook the Book: 'Rustic Italian Food'

In Bologna, at restaurant Diana. Started with a salumi plate, (mamma mia the mortadella!!!) then had tagliatelle bolgonese. I never wanted it to end. WOW.

Super Bowl Giveaway: 10-Pound Box of Pat LaFrieda Sliders

rooting for the giants while simultaneously eating copious amounts of 7 layer dip, wings, chili, and other delicious superbowl eats!!!!

Creative Lettuce Wrap Ideas

you could to a "greek style"... chicken marinated in lemon, herbs de provence and evoo, with a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, and olives in a light dill red wine-vinaigrette.

Give us Feedback about Soda Stream/Good?/Bad?

im obsessed with mine.... seriously one of the best purchases ive ever made!

Guanciale on Pizza

so i love pork products... and i love pretty much all things italian.... but i CANNOT get into guanciale... it kind of tastes like wet dog to me... anyone else??

Daily Slice: John's Pizzeria, Elmhurst, Queens

speaking of hidden gems in queens... Alfie's in Richmond Hill, is definitely one of my FAVORITE slices in NYC. Their sicilian pizza is on par with L&B and everything else there is delicious as well.... I'd say it warrants a trip by @adam kuban ASAP.

Best Spread on a Burger

MAC SAUCE... How is this even a question

Calling all Italians!

The Nona I live with has harvested more string beans than we will ever be able to eat!! Find some porcinis, fry some cipolle, and I'd say you're set!

Pizza-Size Burgers Coming Soon to Burger King in Japan

Does anyone else notice that the "avocado slices" bare a much greater resemblance to granny smith apple slices than to avocados, or is it just me?

What is Your Favorite Panini?

Yes and Americans also call that lovely, layered, noodle dish lasagna, instead of lasagne. And if we're really gonna be picky here Americans change the names of Italian cities as well! You're not going to change the way all of America speaks by posting on this thread, so just relax and tell us about what you like on your freaking PANINO.