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The Foodie Rabbit Hole

Remander .....where did you get a katchup reciepe???

Foie Gras is not Unethical Revisited

I believe that the farms in the US that produce foi gras are trying to improve farming methods greatly and that instead of banning ONE ingrediant that only a select in community use we should start banning actual foods such as processed, atrifical and Pink Slim that area actually contributing to the obesity of the youth of our nation and leave the damn ducks farmers alone.

Cooking graduation dinner for my sister. What should I make?

Enchiladas are amazing. make ahead and freeze. then just heat up.

What do you eat with dinner rolls?

Top them with parmasan cheese and a little butter. Heat them up and serve them with pasta instead of garlic bread.

The Foodie Rabbit Hole

Lol heddylamar and mrsmoosie!! My fiance one night made the same comment to me. That there were not hotpockets,frozen dinners, poptarts or any of that nonsence in the house anymore. HBasically nothing to snack on that didnt have to be made. I told him there never would be so long as it is my kithcen. Then one day as a joke I bought a bag of Top Ramen and put it in the pantry. That was four months ago and the Ramen is still there !!!!

The Foodie Rabbit Hole

Lol what a feedback. Thank you. When I said salt I only infuse my own salts. I just feel so rewarded for the effort that goes into homemade. And I agree with Karmafreecooking. I despise processed foods. And I believe yes we live longer these days but a majority of that is due to the marvels in medical advancement. I just want my kids to grow up and make the right food decisions. Thank you everyone for the responses.

Share Your Sweets Topic For May 22: Salty-Sweet Sweets

OMG!!!! salted caramel sauce. !!!! ive made it for years and put it on everything except steak.. Hmmmmm food for thought. I love it so much I eat it by the spoon full. Ok here goes

1 1/2 cups of sugar
1/3 cup water
1 1/4 heavey cream
1/2 vanilla
1 tsp fleur de sel

In a hevey bottom pan bring the sugar and water to a boil. once glden color add the cream, salt and vanilla. Cook until golden brown and coats the back of a spoon. Its heaven. Enjoy !!

Sauced: Hollandaise

Nailed it !!!! Just made Hollandaise for the first time using direct heat method. Came out tangy velvety and perfect. Thanks SE.

What should I do with my Scharffen Berger chocolate?

I have a bread addiction so my idea is to make some fresh bread and throw some of that wonderful chocolate in there. Omg fresh bad with chocolate is heaven. The savory of bread brings out that wonderful chocolate so well.

Crunchy Savory Millet Flakes

I'm still new to some ingredients. What are these?

Outgrown Foodnetwork ????

Wow ...Thank you for such a popular response. Thank you so much. I posed this only to not feel alone. Again I watched FN for ten years and I will always , always be thankful. But like a child that learned to walk talk and wield a very sharp chef knife, ( minus the bits if fingers I've lost along the I just want more. To jlewfoodie. I did not mean to insulte. I still encourage friends to watch FN who are learning to cook. It's wonderful for that. I just feel like my training wheels are off and wanted input on where to carry myself for a new food odyssey. Food and cooking are my true passion in life and I will always crave the new and unexplored for myself.

Outgrown Foodnetwork ????

I agree. The only one I still follow is Iron Chef. I want the "food" back !!!!

The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking's Poolish Baguettes

The polish or sometimes called a sponge will defiantly give more flavor. It well worth the extra time and effort. As for grams. Weigh weigh weigh your ingredients. It produces better bread. In commercial bakeries they weigh everything. Costco, if u have one in your area has the best food scale and is only about $20.

Knead the Book: 'The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking'

I would love to master croissants. That feeling of biting into a buttery warm slightly crispy outside texture mmmmmm. That sounds like heaven to me. I'm so tired of commercial croissants. I want the power to make them myself.