I'm a 12 year old kid who enjoys cooking with my dad on the weekends, playing with my friends, writing, and reading.

  • Location: One Universe In Many
  • Favorite foods: Pizza is probably my favorite food. Other favorites include... umm... umm... umm... umm.... a lot
  • Last bite on earth: Does this mean last bite i could ever take or the last bite i had? the last bite i had was of a rice pasta with chicken and olives.

Dinner Tonight?

wow that sounds good! all of it. tonight we had chicken legs, pharo and salad. a typical dinner for us

What is YOUR kryptonite?

oh goodness.... all snackfoods i guess

What's on the menu for the Big Game?

probably chips
and guacaomolelele if there're chips

yahoo. nothing big

Do you get specific toppings on pizza from different places?

i get pepperoni at my favorite pizza place in the world, and pepperoni and prosciotto at another place i love

What's For Dinner?

Last night we had farfalle pasta with borccoli, followed by sausages and crispy potatoes.... and for dessert? A delicious blueberry cream cookie!!

Old Pizza Memories

oh my god.... my wifi is crappy, so i had to click the button multiple times... forgetting that that makes multiple posts. sorry people

Avocado's Can Be Heaven

mmmm.... these all sound so yummy!!!! Also, I want to apologize for the incorrect grammar at the top -it says Avocado's Can Be Heaven --when the ' shouldn't be there. I am a stickler for correct grammar and punctuation, so i am very sorry i let this one slip

Avocado's Can Be Heaven

sorry about the double post people *facepalm*

Gluten/dairy free food... help

@Littauer the sugar restriction is because my parents don't like my brother and i to have too many sweets because they're unhealthy

Roasted cherry tomatoes

Hm... how did you roast them? with garlic? olive oil? basil? tell ME! i don't normally like cherry tomatoes )roasted or otherwise(, but perhaps i'll like these! :)

Gluten/dairy free food... help

Ah, sorry to be unclear @Littauer , what i mean by no dairy is no lactose. by no sweets i mean (no) things with large amounts of sugar (think candy, cookies, cake, pie etc.) Agave is fine. except not on oatmeal. i mean have you ever even had agave on plain oatmeal? it's pretty bad in my eyes.

Wonderful Cookbook that is wonderful

@bleu thanks! the posts were meant to be different, but i shall take your advice and be wary of the yogurt! as for the granola my dad and i have developed a recipe that is sufficient without gluten.

Mac And Cheese Cupcakes?

@lemonfair i meant mac and cheese in muffin tins, and it worked really well! :)


Sounds good people!!! Thanks!!!!

Cookbooks for Gifts

Hmm... i don't exactly know... let's see, i have two cookbook ideas but no third. i would give the first friend Bittman's Book of How To Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman. And i would give the other two The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila

Blue spots on garlic when pickling

i once saw some topic that was EXACTLY like this!!!! someone on there assured the other person that it was normal... come to think of it, i remember the pickled garlic at MY house to be like that... and my dad still ate it (but of course... he eats food with mold on it... he just cuts out the mold D=)

creating a blog

let's see... that was kind of confusing, do you mean the best port with which to start a blog? or what kind of blog? i am confused. the ideas of dwahani were good ones, and if you are looking for a port, i would suggest Blogspot or Weebly. i have a Weebly blog, and lots of my friends have Blogspot. Blogspot has more opportunity for backgrounds, but Weebly (in my humble opinion) looks better.

have fun on your blog!

No fridge, no freezer: what would you eat?

i would make pasta with chickpeas. my mom used to do this a lot, and it's great comfort food. (also, you can try to keep the freezer stuff in the fridge, or swing by the grocery store every night like the others suggested).

Coconut milk lovers, anyone?

I love love love love love love love coconut, but when my my mom bought some as a substitute for my brother who's dairy sensitive, I hated it. weird I know.

What is the best food in the world?

@Boobird: where do I find a place that does capitalizes those things?? It was driving me crazy too. My favorite dish that I've ever made, which isn't really saying something, was an apple crisp that was crispy, and melt-y and delicious.

Favorite (and preferably easy) desserts?

@coconutstreamside that sounds so good!!!! i need to try that!!!! children are sugar-fiends. i can pretty much attest to that.

What is the best food in the world?

@Lorenzo, no one believes me, but i've never played a TV-video game. sure i like my iPod apps, but ive never really played a real video game. :)

Big Mac Hack

i don't enjoy anything McDonalds-ey, and i am happy to say i have never had a meal there.

What is the best food in the world?

yes i am. i read the Serious Eats book, even though it's my dad's and wanted to check out the website. also i was wondering about the foods people like.

What is the best food in the world?

haha!! that's very funny. I'm sure my dad would be inclined to agree, though garlic might win him over. i am not a fan of beer (at 11 i shouldn't be!), but i know plenty of people who enjoy it.

Old Pizza Memories

Have a tradition centered around pizza? Refuse to go to any place but one? Love a certain topping? Share your pizza memories here.

There's a place in walking distance from my house, that i always go to when my friend from OH visits. It was her favorite before she left, and now it's a tradition. It's bittersweet... but the pizza rocks ;)

New Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

aside from the little sugar-filled oatmeal packets, how can people eat oatmeal and like it? Sure with some syrup it can be okay..ish, but what if the only thing available is agave? what then? also, what fruits/condiments go well with oatmeal????

Avocado's Can Be Heaven

I meet so many people who say they don't like avocado. I am always stunned because how can you not like to creamy green goodness of an avocado?!?! But then i realize that people aren't eating them the right way! Of course guacamole is the most common way, but my personal favorite is eating it out of it's shell with a sprinkle of salt. How do you like your avocados?

Gluten/dairy free food... help

Sorry about that not-so-great-title!! Anyway, my family and i are going on a three week program where we eat really, really healthfully. We aren't eating dairy or gluten anymore, and living off of rice pasta, mango, and salad is getting boring! Is there anything i can make or eat that is gluten and dairy free, but also still yummy (somehow....?). Also we can't have sweets :(

by the way i'm only 12, so preferably stuff that isn't that hard! :) thanks

Wonderful Cookbook that is wonderful

Hello! I know that many are looking for great cookbooks and i have the book for you! It's called The Homemade Pantry, and it's filled with recipes and stories about foods you can stop buying and start making. The author has a sense of humor and her stories have a cozy feeling that you don't get everywhere. I totally recommend this book to anyone who wants to make anything from yogurt to granola bars.

Mac And Cheese Cupcakes?

my dad and i were thinking about making mac and cheese cupcakes. are there any recipes out there that you would recommend? we've been looking around the internet, but i thought i had better check here.


Hi all! This summer i have been VERY into making smoothies. i have made three or four different types already. i don't do exact quantities, i just measure by eye. my favorite includes two bananas, ice, frozen strawberrries, a big scoop of peanut butter, and half a vanilla yogurt. Does anyone else have really easy smoothie recipes they want to share?

what are black bottom cupcakes?!

they sound delicious whatever they are. my neighbor said she was going to make black bottom cupcakes and lemon bars to celebrate the beginning of spring. well i know what lemon bars are (i make them with my grandma every winter), but i DON'T know what black bottom cupcakes are. this seems like the place to ask!! :)

Best Smoothies?

Whether made by Uncle George when you were eight, or purchased just yesterday at a farmer's market, what was the best smoothie you ever had?

my dad makes this for me and my brother all the time. it's a fun and actually fairly healthy treat! :)

What is the best food in the world?

What was the best food/meal/whatever ever made for/by you? How was it prepared? what did it involve? You can add a recipe or not. it can be a dinner food, breakfast food, or lunch food. heck it can be a snack food if it spoke to you so much.

Favorite (and preferably easy) desserts?

I enjoy cooking simple desserts... but the only successful thing I've made was a great apple crumble. so i was wondering... what are the greats in the baking world?? is banana bread better than cookies? does cake top cupcakes? what are peoples opinions?

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