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Numi's Savory Vegetable Teas: Way Too Weird, or Oddly Delicious?

These sound quite taste-tea. Esp on a cold rainy day or if you're feeling poorly

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

Many people like to cook -- gay caballeros, straight senoritas, gay senoritas, straight caballeros. Cooking is a useful skill and to me, lots of fun. (I've loved fiddling with food since i was sixteen. I am a lady, and I like guys, but that's neither here nor there. The point is, I cook, i love it, and i do it well.)
As for gay chefs, i can't believe no one mentioned one of my culinary heroes -- Top Chef contender Carlos Fernandez, who is my hero because he can make something sensational out of the most mundane ingredients. It doesn't hurt either that the man is well-mannered and gorgeous


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