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NYC soup

Chinatown is great for noodle soups etc... I like the Roast Pork Wonton Noodle Soup from Great NY Noodletown (Bayard and Bowery).

Also, lots of great ramen places in the East Village area (Ippudo, Momofuko, etc)

Western Beef Supermarkets

I go once in a while in NY- as a supermarket, its nothing special, but they have almost any cut of meat you can think of, or they have someone there that can cut it for you. the quality is okay - not amazing, but definitely acceptable.

Cook the Book: 'Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating'

to quit complaining about it being to difficult to make healthy and tasteful meals and realize that you can make a satisfying delicious meal in less than a half hour

Best Reuben Sandwich in NY?

I've never had it there (I go for the straight Pastrami or Corned Beef) but I would imagine Katz's would have a pretty amazing reuben.

Where to find good Xiao Long Bao!? (Chinese Soup Dumplings)

I used to like the one's at Joe's Shanghai and Joe's Ginger on Pell (the other locations in manhattan aren't so good) but I feel like they're not as good as they used to be. Shanghai Cafe on Bayard is really good for soup dumplings, but I don't think I've had anything else there. Joe's Shanghai in Flushing still remains as my favorite.

Wine Tasting Course in NYC

Otto does a quick one (i think its 2 hours, and about $45). Its not a great "course" (there's not too much discussion of the wine) but you get to try about 8 wines with a few snacks. its a great thing to try on a sunday afternoon with nothing to do.

Fun Places to take Out-of-Towners in NYC

Chinese is the way to go for inexpensive and exotic. I would recommend Jin Fong's for dim sum (not so much because of the quality, but because it is a unique experience) or get the Hot Pot at Grand Sichuan on Canal.

other than that, Fish on Bleeker is a good spot for oysters (6 and a beer for $8) and Otto is a good spot for lunch (and affordable for a mario batali place). Becco is also good, as they have a 3 pastas (unending) for $22.

Dear Slice: Where Can I Get Good Early-Morning Pizza?

Great Burrito on 23rd and 6th is open 24-hours. I've never had the pizza there (it looks okay - probably an average slice) but their tortas/burritos/tacos/etc are fantastic.

The Paupered Chef needs and Editor.

I think the Paupered Chef is great and I have a pretty easy time following the recipes. I think you need to cut the guys some slack - its a blog, not a cookbook you paid $20 for. I think of it more as a documentation of their cooking experiences, than as a straight up guide.

If they write "Cook, breaking up the chunks with a wooden spoon, until browned." then do just that. it might take 20 minutes on one stove in one pan, and might take 15 on another stove in another pan.

also, these guys are not professional chefs - they just love cooking, which is why i like their site so much. its more like a conversation (well, a one sided conversation) than an instruction manual.

keep up the good work guys

New York Post Slams City's Beloved Burgers; New York Times Disses Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Shake Shack is definitely overrated. the burgers are good, but expensive for the meager 4oz patty or whatever it is. they won't serve them medium rare. it takes forever even when there is no line (still don't understand that). and overall the burger is just bland. the best thing about it is the bun. its worth a 10 minute walk from madison square park to go to resto for a real burger.

for the amount on money and the amount of time it takes, there are thousands of better places in the city to eat.

and what is with the 7-11 style cheese on the fries?

Where can I buy mustard seed in NYC below 14th street?

Aphrodisia on Bleeker between 6th and 7th aves would most likely have it (and any other spice you need)

Squid Ink in New York City?

You can get it at the italian place in chelsea market on 15th and 9th. i think they sell small bottles for aorund $6

Where to take my girlfriend in Chinatown?

Dim Sum Go-Go is pretty clean and their dim sum is serverd to order, so it doesn't seem like your food is sitting out for too long (plus they serve it all day).

Joe's Ginger is clean and has a really nice staff and their soup dumplings are amazing.

if you can forget about your surroundings, great ny noodletown has fantastic bbq and soups.

Chain Restaurant Burgers

Houston's is by far the best chain restaurant burger around. The beef is excellent quality, and its always cooked perfectly

Hardee's in Manhattan?

Shake Shack is overrated and the line is too long. The burger is good, but not worth a 2+ hour wait. There are much better places in the city to enjoy a burger, like Resto.


I mostly drink Green and White teas - Ten Ren Tea Company has a really good selection of all different teas and are high quality and good value.
they have a few stores in the US, but they also do mail order.

Looking For Botanicals For Cocktail Bitters In NYC

Aphrodisia on Bleeker might have some of the stuff you're looking for

Maiden Voyage to NYC

Gui Zhou Chicken and Dan Dan Noodles from any of the Grand Sichuans - they're probably my favorite dishes in nyc. (8th st btwn 2nd and 3rd, 9th ave @ 24th street are my 2 favorite locations).

Pork Buns at Momofuku (1st and 10th i think)

Peter Lugers is pretty amazing for steak.

Soup Dumplings at Joe's Ginger or Joe's Shanghai are the best I've had.

Yaki Tori on 8th Street/St Marks is always fun and delicious (there's a few between 2nd and 3rd ave)

I've always been a fan of Fish on Bleeker St in the West Village. 1/2 dozen oysters and a beer for $8 cannot be beat.

Good quality extra virgin olive oil

Frantoia is a good olive oil - its about $22 a liter and, at least in new york city, can be found in almost any italian food store. its probably my favorite in a reasonable price range.

Woodbury Commons

I've searched but I think the only real options up there is an Applebees and a Fridays, both of which are pretty awful. I did once find a sushi place that was decent in Monroe (I think), but I can't remember the name of it (but it does exist). It was about a 15 minute drive from Woodbury Commons.

Fried Clams/Oysters in NYC

Fish, on Bleeker in the west village

best raw bar deal in the city - 1/2 dozen oysters or clams and a beer/wine for $8.

they also have fried clams and oysters. its top quality, good prices and a cool place.

Cheap Kitchen Supplies?

chinatown/bowery is the place to go. they have everything you could possibly need, all for very cheap and typically good quality. just walk from houston all the way down bowery and you'll pass a ton of places. then when you're finished, have a great meal in chinatown.


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