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NYC Quintessential: John's Pizzeria of Bleecker Street

Adam man, I don't know. I love John's... you sound disappointed by it. I think the cheese is awesome: just the right tangy-milky-ness, while the sauce is a bit under-flavored. However, crust is wonderfully charred and gloriously chewy but crunchy at the same time. Each part is not necessarily incredible on it's own, I admit. But when they come together its pure heaven.

I feel like we're looking for two different (though both, obviously, delicious in their own right) platonic ideals of NY pizza. I don't know what to say except: to each his own :)

The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC

No love for John's of Bleeker Street? They've got the most addictive slices of pizza I've ever had in my life. Like, I went with two friends once and we ate three pizzas. We were all felt enormous, happy, and sleepy, and slowly waddled our way out into the cool night air.

I've been to Sal and Carmine's and had a slice of plain that was mediocre, and a slice of pepperoni that was fantastic and on par with John's. I don't know which one to trust. But regardless, if its going to be 50/50 in terms of consistency, that's not very confidence building.

I've also been to Patsy's, and it was good - delicious - but not as good as Sal and Carmine's or John's. If I'm remember right, it was too saucey for my taste and it just wasn't SPECIAL. It was good, but it lacked that wonderful spark and harmony. I feel like that happens occasionally to pizzas - wonderful ingredients separately, but they don't meld together to form the perfection that is pizza. They remain separately good but they don't form a greater whole, if that makes sense. I sadly feel this way about Motorino as well. I've only been once, and it was during a transitional period I believe (I think the original chef had just left), but it did not floor me at all, sadly.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

@dbcurrie - YES, YES, a million times yes! I really can't emphasize how much this irks me. I didn't think anyone else found that little "flourish" of accent annoying. I feel validated. Vindicated even. I hate it for so many reasons. There is no reason that an English speaking, American needs to say "...and now for a little mozzarell" and drop an A or "...a few slices of prosciutt" and drop an O. It boggles my mind that a person would do this when they have no reason to except as some sort of misguided attempt to impress. And god help the people who actually feel the need to correct a perfectly fine pronunciation with the "native" pronunciation.

It doesn't make sense! I'm not Italian or Spanish! Why would I speak some Frankenstein combination language so I can be "authentic" when it is in fact more disingenuous to do so? And @ RossS, yes: it's even more infuriating when people turn it on and off arbitrarily. It betrays their true intention of being a braggart.

After I wrote this, I've come to the realization that, of the things that make me irrationally upset, food-related offenses are far and away at the top of the list. Treating restaurant staff badly, cuisine stereotypes... I could go on and on and they're all food related!!!

Used to hate it, now I love it

My god... I hated hamburgers when I was young, and now I scarf them down. Also, green beans. I'm pretty sure I could eat them with every meal now.

Do You Wear Food-Themed T-Shirts?


I think I have 4-5 shirts that are food or restaurant related... At least...

Real Burger vs Unreal Burger

I'm definitely of the mind that hamburgers ought to be seasoned with 2 things, and those two things are salt and pepper. If your hamburger can't taste good with just meat, salt and pepper, then you've got yourself an inferior burger, and at that point, then maybe it makes sense to put add-ins into your meat. However, I really do think that you're graduating in quality of beef when you go from mix-ins to plain salt and pepper. Beef - good beef - is complex in and of itself. You don't need to Bobby Flay or Emeril it.

If you must 'kick it up a notch' I would say that you should use toppings instead. Personally, I love onions and bacon on my burgers if I'm not going pure burger/bun, optional cheese. But it is important to have the intense, distinct flavor of seared beef... and then have the additional flavors. It isn't the same as taking your toppings and mixing them into the ground beef. They play off each other instead of being homogeneous.

College Student living with reticent eaters? Help!

Wow! Thank you for your outpouring of comments. The fact that you all are as shocked as I am about garlic or are as staunch proponents of individual groceries makes me all the more endeared to the SE community.

Regarding our "community" food plan: I know. I know. I've actually been here for 4 weeks, and over the past 4 weeks, I've suggested a variety of alternatives such as community MEALS, or only community condiments, snacks, and drinks, etc etc, not to mention completely individual groceries. We tried it and they they disliked those plans because it would be more expensive for each person (ie they want to buy in bulk, or are concerned about having redundancies), be more complicated (determining whose food is whose) and that we lack refrigerator space. Their logic with community food is that it will be a wash in the end. If Person A gets an item that nobody else wants, presumably B, C, D, will have gotten an item nobody else wants as well. The problem is that I want 10 items nobody wants, but I want to work within the system. I fought for individual food, but conceded to community food after a month because it seemed that bringing up the issue caused more problems than it was worth.

I could buy all the items I want and still technically be adhering to our community food rules, but it seems petty and unfair.

For those suggesting a crock pot or a hand blender - excellent suggestions, and ones I am taking to heart. They will be on their way soon.

Finally, offering to cook is absolutely something to consider, and I'll look into that possibility.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 137: Can Apple Eating Help My Diet?

As always Robyn, gorgeous pictures. I'm really having the worst craving for apples now. Like 40. Bushels.

Food Art: Greenmarket Produce Scans

This is great - for some reason I can't resist scanned foods. I mean who wouldn't want to basically shove their face as close as possible to delicious produce and meats?

You guys should check out scanwiches ( which is pretty similar. I've been a big fan of their stuff too. Thanks Adam!

For a Great Burger in Philadelphia, Head to Village Whiskey

This looks GORGEOUS, and I don't just mean the burger (though it is). Amazing photographs Robyn... they are wonderful. I can just imagine sitting there, experiencing the whole thing. The tray of pickled dishes looks marvelous - truly. I hope it was as good as it looks.

Poll: Do You Eat and/or Dip Your Pizza Crusts?

I agree - it's so strange to see people dunk their crust in ANYTHING other than whats left on the plate, and even that was rare or done as a mechanism for eating more of the dipping medium (ie, the salad dressing was really good), NOT to coat the crust.

I'm so used to just eating the crust. I'd never seen anyone dip until about about 2 years ago when a person I was eating dinner with did the ranch/hot sauce thing. Whenever I see them do it though, it still throws me off. Very very interesting.


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