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How do you take your coffee?

Starbucks Pike Place Market beans brewed up nice n' stiff.
Four tablespoons canned milk.
One cup a day does it for me.

Cook the Book: Greek Baked Beans

Mmm! Every kind of taste you'd want - sweet, sour, salty - umami, too.
Deep flavor. Handsome aroma. Super-dilly presence.
Lovely dish: Beautiful, intact, plump beans. (I salt the soaking water - 1T/6C. This keeps skins intact and that means no burst beans. Phooey on them old wives tales!)
My Pakistani pal Misbah couldn't stop eating these savory beans. Neither could my other pal from India, Rahul. And they usually can't agree about a single damn thing.
I'll be making these again, you betcha!

The Food Lab: How To Make The Best Chili Ever

I made this Best Chili Ever three days ago, following recipe precisely.

Oh my - just as promised - the best chili I've ever tasted! Rich, complex, savory.

What is your fantasy food business?

Food cart. Haul it around the US selling rice and beans, always two kinds each on the menu. Fresh salsa, too, along with proprietary squeeze-bottle condiments. And beanwiches.


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