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I am hot. I am cheesy. I am greasy. I am saucy. I wanna get inside your belly.

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  • Location: Ovens, pizza boxes, and bellies everywhere
  • Favorite foods: You'd think I'd say pizza, but I am not a cannibal!
  • Last bite on earth: I will stalk this earth until humans are no longer around to give me life.

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Happy Fourth of July, Slice'rs!

Actually ... I misspoke. It's fine if you grill pizza or cook it in the oven. I suppose that would be like the difference, for you humans, between C-section birth and vaginal birth. What I object to is the fact that you humans never can seem to leave us sliceizens alone and insist on eating us. That is just plain evil. Thank you, dmcavanagh, for grilling meats on July 4.

I Am a Bit Corny, Don't You Think?

@Paulie Gee, you would have to talk to Adam about that blog post. I was not in that tour!

@HEarthofGlass! Just call me Slice Dude. My father was "Mr. Slice."

Candy Corn: Anti Stance

@NYminknit: As a matter of fact, I do have a CANDY CORN COSTUME! LOOKEE:

Food places actually shown on Google Maps.

maportofu: YOU RULE! I had never, ever noticed that before on gmaps. Wow. Maybe Magnolia because it's such a tourist trap for SATC lovers? The others all have history on their side (though the current location of Lombardi's is not the original, nor is that operation's history unbroken). I poked around in Brooklyn quickly, looking for obvious inclusions; Luger isn't there, nor is Di Fara or Junior's. Trying to think offhand what else might be listed in BK, but can't think of anything else old/touristy, so maybe they haven't added Brooklyn food landmarks yet.

'Imbibe' Magazine Wins 2008 Michael Jackson Beer Journalism Award

Hahahahah. Yes, I know who the other Michael Jackson was. I was wondering how long it would take someone to come in here and correct my (lame) attempt at humor. ;)

Closings: Brick Oven Gallery, Williamsburg

What? Did you think I had no feelings? If you prick me, do I not grease? If I am saddened, do I not shed an olive oil tear?

Ghostly Pizzeria Photo

Sorry for overlooking the attribution, BaHa. I think it was clear in my mind where it had come from, but I failed to convey that to anyone else. My apologies. It has been fixed!


Bwahhhaha! I'm all fun and games and smiles until Halloween, when I grow fangs and turn into a vampire pumpkin! I will not hurt you, however. I am too busy blogging to leave Slice HQ.


Hello, BaHa! It is nice to see you comment on my first post ever. However, I am afraid you are mistaken. I am not Adam. I am Slice Dude. I have tied Adam up on a rickety wooden chair and placed him in the corner of the Slice/Serious Eats office. I am in control of this blog today! Thank you for your photo link. I will blog it later today if you don't mind. It is moody and eerie.


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