I'm a grad student who loves to cook (and eat).

  • Location: Boulder, CO
  • Favorite foods: tea, grapefruit, oatmeal, fresh seafood, pasta, mushrooms, dried cranberries, peaches, pears, chili, fresh bread, wings, curry, sushi, melon pan, dark chocolate, berries, and cheese
  • Last bite on earth: fresh baguette with good, unsalted butter, extra sharp cheddar cheese, summer sausage, a ripe pear

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Tea taste test/brand preferences?

Another vote for Harney and Sons. I buy 1 lb bags of the East Frisian ($25 with shipping) and they last me for several months.

Steaming milk with no steamer?

@AnnieNT is right on.

I bought myself a frother. It is an inexpensive investment that's easier to clean than a full blender, and a nice indulgence for homemade tea lattes. I also use it to whisk eggs and homemade salad dressings.

I have this one, but I doubt it's much different from the Ikea version.

Do You Ever Have a Completely Random Food Craving?

About a week ago I craved a McDonald's cheeseburger. I hadn't eaten one in at least 10 years, probably longer. But I'll be damned if it wasn't super-delicious.

Blueberries and apple in a pie

America's Test Kitchen adds shredded apple to their blueberry pie to help keep the filling together. I've used the same technique with other berry pies with great success. Perhaps their recipe will provide some inspiration?

Would this work

Maybe bake them in a muffin pan, for the sake of structural integrity? And grease the pan well, in case of mess.

How do you get out of a food rut?

I'm like IndyGal, I find those moods hard to shake. I was actually in a similar rut about 6 months ago and went with Kenji's project idea. I started by going back to basics, roasting a chicken---a nice weekend meal that I wouldn't normally make---and tried a few more complicated recipes. I ended up buying the pizza stone I'd been eyeing and making a lot of pizza, and that definitely got me the rest of the way out of my funk.

I've been getting bored again, lately, so I think it's time to roast a chicken again. I've also found America's Test Kitchen magazines to good source of "project" food, so I might pick up one of those soon.

Good luck!

Denver... Where to Eat?

I love Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen, which is close-ish. Try the short rib kielbasa!

Andouille, Chicken, and Shrimp Jambalaya-Stuffed Peppers

The jambalaya filling was tasty enough, but @freem is right---way too much filling for four peppers. I got the biggest peppers I could find at my store and still had enough filling for at least 4 more, if not 6. Those who like a spicier will want to up the cajun seasoning and/or tabasco, as I ended up doing.

Additionally, the timings listed are incorrect and misleading; prep took me about half an hour, plus roughly 25 minutes of active cooking time, and then still the 35+ minutes of baking. (I'm at altitude and my peppers have been in for almost 45 minutes and still aren't "tender," but even if you add up the times listed in the recipe it's more than a total of 50 minutes).

In short: the recipe filling is tasty (if lacking heat, which may or may not be to your taste), but timings are off.

High Altitude Lasagna Help.

I'm at about 5400 and I haven't had any issues with lasagna. When I make pasta, I feel like its always done before the time on the box, more so than when I was closer to sea level, but I might be crazy.

Do You Compost Your Food Scraps?

I live in a tiny apartment, so no. I don't have anywhere to put it, or anything to do with it.

The Crisper Whisperer: Collard Greens Mineira

I make this almost every week and there are almost no leftovers every time. It's amazing, and we love it.

Cook the Book: 'Every Grain of Rice'

Soup dumplings; I know Kenji has a detailed guide but I'm just not ready to commit to the time they need.

Soap taste in tupperware....

Another vote for baking soda; that's what I use. If the soap taste is still around post-baking soda soak, try baking soda + vinegar.

What is the paddle attachment actually *for*?

I've always heard it called the "cake paddle," and used it for pretty much any batter I make. I also use it to cream butter (or shortening) and sugar.

Favorite Yogurt

I love Brown Cow's full-fat plain yogurt. I'm not as fond of their flavored yogurts; but that's mostly because I love the plain so much. You might like it, too.

I turn my back for five seconds..

I made a double-batch of cornbread with a large batch of chili, intending them to feed us through the weekend. We ate most of one pan in one sitting, and the husband (fiance, at the time) ate the remaining pan after I left that evening.

Mandolin couldn't cut sweet potatoes: what did I do wrong?

@Double_J: I actually had the same thoughts last night. I put a cut-proof glove on and at one point literally pushed as hard as I could, with no luck (that was when the prongs of the finger guard ripped through the potato, but the potato made no progress against the blades). Out of curiosity, I tried cutting the sweet potatoes with one of my knives and met with very little resistance.

Where to get cheap good food in Denver CBD area?

Not sure how you define cheap, but the short rib kielbasa at Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen is fantastic (menu) and you can get sausage and a side for

I hate onions. Help!

I hated onions for most of my childhood through my teenage years, and even now, if I don't eat them intentionally I find I eat around them out of habit. I still don't like them raw.

Based on what worked for me, I agree with the others, try chopping them very small. I found I didn't notice the texture as much that way. I mostly got through it because my (at the time) future MIL cooked with large pieces of onion in a few dishes and I was terrified I'd upset her, so I forced my way through several meals and found after a few, I had less trouble with them than initially. If that sounds too onerous, I suggest the "3 bite" rule. Eat 3 bites of something with onions in it, then you can eat something else after those three bites.

Good luck!

Popular updated hourly banner doesn't have standard links

Same problem here, in Chrome on Windows and a Mac. Ctrl+click doesn't seem to work in Windows.

Hungry Hunk Dinner Suggestions?

Chili and cornbread, stroganoff over noodles, America's test kitchen's oven-fried chicken, this recipe for quick collard greens cooked with bacon.

Taste Test: Asian Chocolate-filled Cookie Snacks

I'm shocked, too! I definitely prefer Koala's March to Hello Panda.

The Shape of Pasta to Come?

Definitely, though it's usually a craving for a particular kind of sauce I make for the pasta. I've got a hankering wagon wheels with cheese sauce right now (not something I've actually tried yet).

You are what you eat.

I'm bread, carrots, and oatmeal. Huh.