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Road trip food help: Savannah to Baltimore

Faidley's crab cakes in lexington market in Baltimore.

Let's Get Drunk Watching: Game of Thrones

1 sip anyone makes fun of Varys for being a eunuch.
Slam it anytime a dragon kills someone, bonus shot if they do it with fire.
1 sip anyone says green seer
3 sips every time something bad happens to Theon

Win Two Tickets to the Lucky Rice Grand Feast, May 3rd

Woorjip, after a good night's entertainment, sweet sweet bbq.
Also, Sushi of Gari UES, the tomato tuna piece is amazing.

Daily Slice: Mimi's Pizza & Restaurant, Upper East Side

I grew up with Mimi's and second many of the sentiments expressed here.
That being said, anyone remember the short lived Mimi's outpost on 92nd and Madison? Tweens rubbing the grease off of puffy northface jackets and practicing gang signs while pushing up their glasses. Those were the days.

What to Eat Near the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I second Melon's and Beyoglu.
I find Shalazeh super greasy, Ravagh on 67th far superior (and the one on 30th more so)

Would like to nominate Serafina on 79th and Mad, for the best food to least distance walked ratio in regards to the Met.

Announcing the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival, July 23 on Governors Island

So, if a person were to buy a ticket, does that entitle them to all they can eat of the aforementioned items?

Same question for VIP ticket?

Where to Eat a Pre- or Post-Theater Dinner in NYC

Todd English in the hotel on 44th and 8th is decent.

Also I like that new fancy pants Thai place Qi around 45th and 8th. It looks like you stepped into south beach. The drinks are small and overpriced, but the food and service were good. Also, fyi, the front of the menu is modern fusion reinterpretation style fare, if you keep going to the back of the menu they have regular thai food.

West Palm Beach, Fla. What to eat?

Thanks Neko,
Is Don Ramon's the 24 hour place on Clematis? If so, had their empanadas, decent.

What about that street coming in from the airport, what is it, Bellevue, or Bellcourt, or Belvedere, something like that, I saw a whole strip of Central Americans and Mexican places. Any top picks?

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

@ all, went well. Thanks so much for the help.

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

@ all- Thanks for the help everybody
@ joyyy- I just moved from the SE
@ Greta- if you're in the NY area, could be fun
@ souffle thanks

btw, the planned after dinner activity is flashlight tag in a museum after closing time. (I have a plan to get in) So if you don't here from me for awhile, please organize to posse to bail me out.

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

@ JR Goat cheese souffle sounds amazing, could you share recipe?

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

@ CJ- ok, I ask because I know a CJ from where I used to live, and Techno was a mutual friend.

Grand Marnier makes everything better, maybe even Cointreau ;)

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

Wow, thanks for the ideas everybody.
@ teachertalk- good spot
@ CJ- liking the champagne idea. Also, you wouldn't happen to know Techno would you?
@ Joy- that would be great, but I don't really like mushrooms. I like that pork recipe, and even more that it is with boneless chops. I always get bone in chops and spaced on that. I think boneless looks a bit more refined.
@Karma- sounds delish but I don't have a crepe pan.

For dessert, am thinking macerated strawberries (or whatever looks good at the market) with whipped (by me) cream. Though if I go with Joy's pork that would be a lot of cream.

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

Thanks- I was thinking maybe pork loin, but I always end up with so much leftovers. I know this could be a silly question, but is it possible to get half a pound to a pound of pork loin?

The ribs article had the idea about flanken cut short ribs Argentinan style w/ chimichurri, but not sure what sides go with that. Maybe with twice baked sweet potatoes, and something green.

@ Wilma -Individual bread puddings!? That sounds like a great idea, thanks, do you have a recipe?

@joyyy- Yes, impressive sophistication. But also don't want it to look like I tried too hard. Which I clearly am ;)

Dinner Tonight: Senegalese Rice and Peas

Blake- I've found Palm or Dende oil at Brazilian grocery stores, like Buzio's in NY, not sure if they ship though.

Scallion Pancakes + Cheddar Cheese = Awesome

What if you sautee'd the scallions/shallots whatever first to get some caramelization out of them, then used the oil they were cooked for the pancakes instead of neutral/sesame?
I'm imagining delicious, but would it work?

Also- Cabot Horseradish Cheddar will be going in mine.

Dinner For Unwanted Guests

@Potato: has happened to me many times in RI, then again RI is generally a special case

Dinner For Unwanted Guests

I just serve them whatever I'm eating but make it more insanely spicy than usual, knowing I can handle it and they can't. Plus since I don't drink milk there is nothing for them to kill the burn with.

Important note on this method, get them out of the house before the meal is, how shall we say, "recycled" ;)

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: American Regional Lagers

I second Natty Boh and Lone Star.

I know it isn't a lager, but I'd also like to suggest a Shiner Bock from Texas and Zeigenbock. Which, to my knowledge, was developed by Anheuser-Busch to compete with Shiner in TX. For my money is is probably the best cheapest thing I've ever filled a keg with.


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