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Video: 'Take Out,' in Which a Waitress Gets Fed Up

I think anyone who's been a server can relate. Especially to the "I hated it!' joke. And being told to smile more. You guys should do a poll,-- "Do you ever make the "I hated it" joke at restaurants?"

Loved getting a glimpse of Paule's pizza oven (I moved away from Brooklyn before he showed up!)

Serious Heat: What's Spicy in Your Fridge?

Tabasco, Sriracha, Baron's West Indian Hot Sauce and Miss Anna's in 2 flavors: Garlic Habanero and Mellow Pepper.

Cook the Book: 'In The Green Kitchen'

Embrace the baby step: you might just be scrambling eggs today, but soon you'll be making risotto!
Salt: While you cook, not too much.
Listen to your Dad: when he tells you again he wants to teach you how to cut an onion/ sharpen a knife/ mince garlic.


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