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  • Last bite on earth: hate this question. not on the horizon for me. too saddening.

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The Best Summer Spirits for $25 and Under

+3 on Tito's. grocery stores have 'em for like.. $17-18. It's def work the $5 over Smir.

Adding Overholt to the "Olds" whiskey recs as well.

Fuchsia Dunlop on Chinese Cooking Heroes and the Best Chinese Cookbooks

It's odd she put London and New York ahead of San Gabriel Valley in terms of regionalizing specialty Chinese food outside of China. I mean, really? Can you find jiuding "lao huo guo" hot potting in New York, much less London? I don't friggin think so.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

@RealMenJulienne well, you can't hot pot with me. I grow romaine lettuce (and red leaf, etc.), and understand it doesn't below in Chinese hot pot. Taro requires care. When it's done, it's out. If you're leaving it in long enough to turn it into mush, the onus is on you.

@amidanruo the current hot pot explosion in China is powered by the Sichuanese, so obviously the ma jiang is forgotten. Lao hou guo doesn't need ma jian anywho.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Importance of Mentors

still amongst my fave series on Serious E. Don't know how this guy has the time to write these and still run the pit/restaurant. kudos.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

Maybe it's acceptable in Philly, but...

You don't hot pot with people who throw "lettuce (iceberg, red, or green)" into either side of the pot. How lettuce made it into a list that doesn't contain "taro" is just mind boggling. It's like eating limp lettuce cooked by a beef patty. Disgusting.

A Better Than Snickers Milkshake for Halloween

I'm sorry, but Halloween sleep-overs are a thing? I hate this country.

The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

Writer doesn't enjoy vinegar and didn't enjoy watermelon. Now she's writing a piece for a food-centric blog on "helping" picky-eating kids? Is SE yanking our chain today?

Here's some legit advice: 1) plop an ipad in front of their faces. Let them watch Dorthy/Elmo/Barney/Kratts/Ninjagao/Pirate Jake at extremely loud volumes. Commence stuffing all sorts of weird isht into their mouths. Voila. Now they eat everything.

2) Pretend you're poor -- I know for some readers this is difficult -- and tell the kids if they don't eat it, they're going to starve and die. This worked for me, as reality, when I was young. Now the only thing I won't eat is Filipino food.

3) Instead of feeding them breakfast, I like to force feed them fruit from the local farmers market after they wake, and are starving. Often, I use 2) and tell them they're eating free samples. You'd be surprised how quickly kids learn to love the word "free".

But really though, the "yes", "no" list is a horrible idea. Empowering a toddler? Are you CRAZY? You don't get to choose, you little princess. Eat it or sod off in the corner. We're not running a Vegas buffet here.

To other moms: it's been scientifically proven your toddler will enjoy what you eat, especially during pregnancy. Didn't eat any tilapia nor Indian food for 10 months? Your little monster probably won't either. And no Serious Eats piece is going to change that.

Family Coming to LA? Take Them to These Restaurants

Baco and Bestia are both obnoxiously loud, with no one eating over the age of 40 (hyperbole, obvs). Not taking the in-laws or the parental's there.

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Probably hoy tawt, or khanom jeen nam ya. totally different things but.. or or, maybe just some nam prik num, with a huge mug of beer.

Manner Matters: How To Dine Out With Kids

I quickly searched thru the piece for "different" to make sure this wasn't mentioned -- it wasn't: every kid is different, just like every restaurant is different.

Would I let LO wonder around at NoMad? Probably not. Am I going to let them run around at Sea Harbor to look at the lobster tank? Heck yes. Beats a $30 trip to the aquarium. Will an ADD child ever sit quietly at a restaurant "with manners"? Are you kidding?

Know the child, know the restaurant, reconcile.

@mavtheswine: i bring the ipad. it beats letting them stare into tiny little screens. alternatively, there's always ipad mini.

Thank you Steve Jobs, aka Silicon Valley Jesus, for inventing the ipad. And OP, nice "screen time" preaching right there. We're sorry (not sorry) for being food-loving adults who needs more than 6 seconds to consume a $20 plate of cacio e pepe. (Yes, I know, it's not about "us", it's about "them", but "them" don't understand how expensive good scallops are).

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

makes me so sad you wrote this piece during's #tacomadness and missed so many within the Elite 8 El Coraloense basically replaces any need to visit Coni's/Marisco Jalisco.

Glazed Donut Bistro Brings Outrageous Mash-ups to Los Angeles

makes me ashamed I live in this town. Yes, apparently we ARE this stupid.

The Best Gin for Negronis

@PaulRolton is spot-on. We expect SE to give negroni tasting proper treatment (like Kenji Alt does with dry-aging beef, etc.). This has poor word:gin ratio.

Grilled: J. Dean Loring of Burger Lounge

I love BL's "MCD with cheese", but... a fried egg on top is sometimes so good.

No-Waste Tacos de Carnitas With Salsa Verde

there's got to be a way to do this w/o an oven. i refuse to use the oven to cook.

Where Do You Eat Alone in New York?

everywhere. which makes the original question absolutely pointless.

Market Scene: The Revitalization of LA's Grand Central Market

do you guys hate Thai food? Or is there another reason Sticky Rice wasn't included?

A Lemon Tart Like No Other at the NoMad

This hasn't been mentioned, but I'm wondering if any one else has tried the NoMad's custard/cream-filled croissant offered as part of weekend brunch. I jizzed a little.

We Try All of the Late-Night-Only Munchie Meals at Jack in the Box

I could swear OP previously mentioned she enjoyed the JITB tacos? (As does my girl, which makes me wonder htf we're still together)

We Eat Every Banh Mi at Lynda Sandwich in Orange County, CA

@katie T, I find it hilarious you denounce Mr. Lee's while simultaneously attempting to exalt BMCC. There are *almost*, but not quite, the same number of BMCC as Mr. Lee, and both are racing towards the cheapest, trashiest banh mi's in LA (and therefore rest of America).

Tons of banh mi shops bake their own breads and produce their own fillings (far cheaper this way, as undocumented labor is so affordable in these parts of town). Lynda has nothing beyond the rest.

I enjoy Thanh Tam, and Song Long, 2 of the much smaller non-chained shops. Other GG recommendations much appreciated.

Taste Test: American vs Old World Dry-Cured Hams

The Edward's and La Quercia hams are both available whole leg. Why wasn't that procured instead?

Also, the obvious exclusion of The Hammery's "Tennshootoe" is a bit blatant and offensive. That ham is also available whole leg. I've sliced some of their other "regular" less-aged hams and they weren't that far off from some Serranos I bought from the store. Far cheaper.

Still, this piece is so far off of SE's regular tastes tests it kinda pisses me off I even clicked over.

An Overdressed Burger at Corazon Y Miel in Los Angeles

"they had a picture of the braised chicken feet" - you can get braised chicken feet, along with duck feet, at any SGV Chinese deli. Also at my house if you give me an 2 hour notice.

@tasterlover must be from the West Side. O wait. s/he is. Gambuto didn't call Bell "hipster" so please don't treat the Eastside like it's a exotic getaway or some new '13 discovery. People actually live there, some of us non-scribing types actually drive through that "dingy part of Bell" often (enroute to Rocio's, natch -- o hey, that's something else totally delicious in Bell, god forbid). There are tons of places in LA full of young people "working their asses off without pretension", but the results ought to speak for themselves. These burgers were borderline awful, the chicken hearts were tough, the fries were so damned salty I had to scrub the fries in the napkin -- thems the tasting results, regardless of geography.

We didn't drink pop media kool-aid, we didn't use "Bell" as a crutch and one can sense Gambuto's genuine kindness in the write-up. But go ahead, stay thirsty.


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