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Ladurée Now Open on Manhattan's Upper East Side

I was so sad to see this location didn't have any of their awesomely delicious pastries - but very happy to hear the tea salon will have a full kitchen. They may be famous for their macarons, but I'll take one of those amazing religieuse pastries any day!

Dinner Tonight: Bocadillo de Tortilla

even better if the sandwich is made with pan con tomate! - toast the insides of the bread aftering being cut in half, run a clover of garlic over the crusty inside a few times, and then take a wedge of tomato and run that over the crusy inside a bit too...then it will be in the traditional (and yummy) catalan style!

Holiday Entertaining - Premixing Cocktails okay?

Thanks guys. The shy versus outgoing won't be too much an issue - it's going to be a regular group of us that get together all the time.

I was thinking about pre-mixing as kind of a way of designating a "Cocktail of the Night" to go with the dinner, and of course having other bar necessities available for people that don't want the specific cocktail.

As for the cocktail itself, I was thinking along the lines of a Sidecar, only three ingredients, but still making a mix would save me a definite amount of time - as all I would have to do is pour over ice and shake. Thanks for all the input - I just didn't know if people would find a pre-mixed cocktail tacky.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

mmm, cheesy bacon and sage mashed potatoes sounds good...

I never get mashed potatoes through out the year - my husband doesn't like them, and it's awkward to make mashed potatoes for one...but thanksgiving...that's mashed potato time for me!!!

Serious Beer: Summer Seasonals

Wow, not a single beer from Wisconsin?

Culver's: An Above-Average Burger, with Some Consistency Issues

to elaborate a moment longer on the cheese curds (yes, as someone else acknowledged, not AHT fare, but mentioned in the post!) - I think culvers is more a deep fried cheese like mozzarella sticks, but with cheddar. A true cheese curd is just that, a battered and deep fried cheese curd. There is something inherently different about the taste and texture.

Culver's: An Above-Average Burger, with Some Consistency Issues

Hmm, I can't say much for the burger, but I beg you - if you are close to a Wisconsin Culvers, then you are close to a real Wisconsin tavern where you can get cheese curds worth putting in your mouth!

Have grown up in Wisconsin (Madison specifically), there are more amazing fried cheese curds elsewhere, and Culvers would by far be the last on my list of places to get them! Their frozen custard and burgers, okay. But cheese curds...go to the UW-Madison Student Union and get yourself a basket of fried cheese curds there, and then you will know why you should replace fries with curds!


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