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A One-Day Food Tour of Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, New York's Most Diverse Dining Destination

I live in FH but eat in JH almost weekly, incredible area! Love this article! I'd like to add, that I agree some of the Indian food in the area is of low quality... Personally, i've enjoyed all the sit down meals, but some of the take out style places serves really bad food. Dosa Delight is not on this list but its my favorite place in this area, my friends and my wife really love it also. Its a bit of a crime to leave off the Som Tom from Zabb Elee, better than anywhere i've had in NYC or multiple trips to Thailand. Lastly, Patel Brothers is amazing!!! Thanks Max for this great list!

15 Recipes to Celebrate Ramps

really nice creative list! I had an amazing (grilled?) ramp pizza at MilkFlower in Astoria last week, really quality pie.

The 100% Vegan Menu to Rock an Animal-Free Thanksgiving

"The Best Vegan Stuffing" went over BIG at the potluck today at my job :) They loved it, so did I, thanks for the great recipe!

Summer Grilling the Cypriot Way

This is a wonderful restaurant! Food, service, value, its always been one of my favorite places in Astoria, really glad to see it getting this attention. The Mezze platters are a MUST order with groups, also try the amazing octopus!

Cook the Book: 'The VB6 Cookbook' by Mark Bittman

Veggie tacos with roasted cauliflower, corn salsa, and avocado!

North River's Adam Starowicz's Favorite Eats in Sunnyside, Queens

Salt & Fat's version of the the shaved foie dish from momofuku is reeeeeeally good!

What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

Shake Shake! Honestly, I just do not get it, not at all.

26 Must-Eat Dumplings in NYC

whoa no Foie Gras Soup Dumpling at Annisa? Those are outstanding, and much better than most on this list (that i've had).

Sushi By-the-Piece at Wasabi, Times Square's Newest Fast Food Import

These are all over Europe, had them in Madrid last year and i've certainly had them in the UK... I really like this concept.

Fried Eggplant Sandwich With Eggplant Mayo

WOW this looks amazing... trying this out!

Velvety Menorcan Fish Soup (Caldereta de Pescado) From 'Spain'

@WICKETS You can purchase fish bones (or fish heads etc) in just about any good fish market... If you cannot, you should not be trying to make fish soup, because you must be landlocked or something! I don't see anything pretentious about this at all, if you cannot figure out what to do with the leftover white parts of the leaks, try take out!

Bombay Sandwich Brings Healthy Indian Lunch to Chelsea, and it's Good

^ ok i see the link... just used to seeing it on this page. I work around the block so i'm def checking this place out.

Bombay Sandwich Brings Healthy Indian Lunch to Chelsea, and it's Good

Can't wait to try that Chana Masala Sandwich, but where is this place located?

What Was Your Best Bite of New York in 2013?

Le Bernardin - Charred Octopus "a la plancha"; Green Olive and Black Garlic Emulsion, Sundried Tomato Sauce Vierge
MP Taverna - Grilled Branzino & Octopus Salad
Zabb Elee (Queens) - Som Tum
Mission Chinese - Torn Cabbage Leaves with Ground Sesame, Anchovy, Crispy barley & Sea Kelp
Pok Pok - Yam Samun Phrai
Salt & Fat - "Shaved" Hudson Valley Foie Gras, cinnamon, mandarin oranges, bacon brittle
SriPraPhai - Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Yellow Curry
MBK Ceenter Foodcourt (Bangkok Thailand) - Hoy Tod

On Your First Visit to Sorriso Pork Store, You're a Regular

Agree on all of that, they are super nice in there. Also the orange and fennel seed sopressata is outstanding!


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