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Brown Turkey Stock

Don't forget to add a bit of vinegar (any kind, I use white or ACV) to get some calcium out of the bones and help it gel.

Basic Cranberry Sauce

I adjust the consistency with Cointreau or Grand Marnier. No need to add OJ.

The Food Lab: Punch Up Sous Vide Leg of Lamb With Briny Black Olives

Lamb and olives is a match made in heaven. Green olives work well too.

16 Fresh Fennel Recipes That Everyone Will Love

I had a fennel cream soup years ago that still haunts me. Efforts to replicate it are futile.

How to Make the Best Arnold Palmer Ever

RIP Arnie. I made one on Monday (layering it) and poured a couple of drops out in his memory.

DIY Fudgsicles

I made them using whipped cream vodka instead of the creme de cacao. I was afraid the alcohol would hinder the freezing process, but everything turned out fine.

Transform Any Pot of Beans With Flavor-Packed Aromatics and Herbs

I generally use parsley ir cilantro for my herbs. It's also a great way to use up stems.

10 Ways to Host a Better Potluck

YASS to the deviled eggs. I have never seen a leftover deviled egg at any gathering- BBQ, potluck, picnic, or party. There are even special egg carriers with little oval compartments for them.

How We Eat in Oakland

My husband took me to Oakland about ten years ago. It was quite a letdown after a week in San Francisco. Maybe now it's worth a revisit.

How We Eat in Oakland

My husband took me to Oakland about ten years ago. It was quite a letdown after a week in San Francisco. Maybe now it's worth a revisit.

Why a Control State Liquor Store Might Be Your Best Bet for Finding Rare and Interesting Spirits

I was amazed by the state stores in PA. I had a friend across the river (I grew up in New Jersey) and it was much more common for him to go to a liquor store when visiting me. The prices were better and the selection more diverse when in NJ.

How to Make the Ultimate Cherry Pie

I keep hearing that damn Warrant song.

Beyond Baking Soda: The Best Way to Deal With a Stinky Fridge

Ah, Jolie, I love when my internet friends find my other sites. I adored your book and look forward to seeing more columns at SE. There is so much work for you here as every kitchen item needs its own set of special cleaning instructions.

The Comfort Food Diaries: My Coke Habit

Did anyone get Coke syrup as "medicine" in the 70's and 80's? This was dispensed over ice cubes to sip when I had an upset stomach or some kind of flu. It was the same syrup that comes in 5 gallon bag-in-box for use in fountain soda systems. Mom had a small (maybe 4 or 6 ounce) brown glass bottle of it in the bathroom medicine cabinet. This was the same bottle that prescription cough medicine came in, minus the label. I actually think it was bought from a pharmacy.

The Mad-Libs Method for Perfect Fruit Salad in Any Season

What a refreshing take on a too-often overlooked side.

How to Make Italian Seafood Salad (Insalata di Frutti di Mare)

Looks great. I love seafood salad with tons of parsley (or cilantro)!

Trial by Fire: My Life With the Culinary Director of Serious Eats

Great story, made me nod and smile a lot. My husband and I generally don't cook together but I think it's more important that our food preferences complement each other.

The Best Matzo Ball Soup

Instead of butter or schmaltz, I use Orville Redenbacher Popping and Topping oil. It is colored and flavored like butter, but is non-dairy so the balls are parve. It's a great oil to use for cooking or sauteeing. I keep a bottle near the stove and haven't put it on popcorn yet. You can find it in the supermarket next to the popcorn.

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Save Money at a Restaurant Supply Store

there's always for mail order. I totally agree about the kitchen/bar towels for napkin usage. Much more absorbent than cloth napkins. Or get a big stack of washcloths or handtowels from Bed Bath and Beyond on the clearance table.


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