Sharona Zamboni

Cinnamon/Sugar Paste for Rolls/Buns?

I mix 2T cinnamon, 1c sugar, 1c brown sugar, 1 stick butter, and 1/4 c flour. Not fluffed up, just mixed well with a spoon. It stays very well within the rolls.

What's your favourite Canadian food?

Happy Canada Day!

I had to search bagged milk. I still don't see the purpose, though. Do they need refrigeration?

I haven't had poutine, but it sounds good!

I guess the only thing I can think of is meat pie, and I'm not crazy about it.

Why are some animals eaten and others aren't?

I suppose people somewhere, at some time have eaten every animal. Cultural customs greatly influence our food choices.

Your school cafeteria

Elementary school- Some really greasy, really delicious pastrami sandwiches. I still haven't had any that are as good as those sandwiches.

High school- I was in the culinary arts program, so every other week was shop week, where we prepared the student lunches and a small restaurant-style dining room for teachers and other people. We had french fries every day, and being on fries was the best job, because you only had to be sure there were enough fresh fries during the meal, leaving plenty of free time to socialize during lunch.
We also had a bakery cart, with fresh breads, desserts, etc. that we baked every day. Manning the bakery cart was second best assignment! We had plenty of good food to eat at my school.

R. Kelly themed party - need to make punch that looks like pee.

Serve it from urinals. You can buy them at the pharmacy.

Where is BitchinFixin's

Glad you're safe! I'd love some broken cheese, too!

Cleaning a fussy non stick pot

If it's food that is stuck on, use hot water and a little OxiClean powder. Let it soak for a while.

Help required for birthday cake.

That German buttercream sounds great!

With whom do you drink?

I usually drink alone after work. I get home about 11pm, tired, and don't want to worry about driving after a couple of beers. Also, I recently started brewing my own beer, lemonade, etc., so there's usually plenty to be had at home.

Peeling eggs

The pressure cooker method is awesome! Just peeled a dozen eggs in record time. Thanks for the tip, bobcatsteph3!!

What's your secret snacking obsession?

I used to mix Bisquick and milk to eat a dish of biscuit dough. I eat any baked good in its precooked state.

For dessert, I put instant hot cocoa powder and cold milk in a mug. It doesn't really mix; I just like eating the lumpy cocoa with a spoon.

What should I serve at a Scandinavian (Norway) dinner party?

Do you have food allergies?

I think it's more an intolerance than allergy, but corn makes me very sick.
It took quite a while for me to pinpoint the cause, but it started shortly after my youngest child was born. I was very low-budget at that time, and corn was a major staple in my diet during that pregnancy. I have to think there's a connection.

Smoking a brisket in a vertical smoker

I agree that 210 is too low. It's a big piece of meat, I think 225-235 is fine.
Not sure what your heat source is, but mine's propane with a cast iron box for wood and I never soak the wood. I do let the meat warm up before putting it in the smoker.
Good lucK!
here's lots of info!

Prefered brand of yogurt?

I have totally turned off from any flavored yogurts. I made my own a few times, then had Fage. Now, any brand of flavored yogurt just tastes so awful that I can't eat it. It's like I suddenly noticed the additives and strange textures.

Smoking a brisket in a vertical smoker

I usually keep fat side up when smoking meats.
Can you bend the brisket or "hump" it in the middle? If one end is very thin, you could cut that part off.

Freezing Clementines

Sounds like a good treat in the summer!

Bloody Mary Garnishes for Kentucky Derby Brunch

Last year, I saw a Bloody Mary drink on TV that had chunks of crab. I forgot the name of the drink, but for a few days I obsessively searched online for spork-like straws for serving. The straws don't exist, and I never did make that drink.
Baconizing sounds awesome! Sooo, how do you infuse the vodka?

Do I need pickle rehab?

I love pickled and fermented stuff.
Pickled eggs. Pickled kielbasa. They go with the fermented beer!
Haven't had any since I was a kid, but my neighbors always had pickled lamb's tongues in the fridge.

Up Drinks

I'm fond of Kamikazes. Shaken with plenty of ice.

pizza dough recipe made from natural starter

@dbcurrie- Thanks for the link, I'll get some!

pizza dough recipe made from natural starter

If I could EVER, just once, make a sourdough starter, I would be able to recommend a recipe from the pizza specialists here.
If you've got a starter, you're way ahead of me.

Sliced Mushroom RAGE!

Eh, I buy whole because they're usually cheaper. And I'm not real fussy about the "dirt". Rinse them off quick, shake em in a colander, or just flick off the big pieces.
Do you think restaurants gently wipe each 'shroom before slicing?
The restaurants I can afford probably don't.

Cooking fears?

Ok. Canning!
I'm afraid of botulism. If it's just food that looks bad or tastes crappy, I'll try anything. But undetectable, paralytic toxins are a different story.

Spent Grain Bread

Thanks. I've seen recipes calling for grinding in a food processor before use, so I'll try that, too.
I did recently learn to not put the spent grain in a bowl in the oven for safekeeping during cleanup. A couple of days went by and the hunt for the source of a horrible stink in my house led me to my forgotten, fermenting grain.

Talk Categories

It would be great if the Talk categories bar stayed open above the What's Fresh menu. It's a bit annoying to keep opening it when scanning through the categories.

Spent Grain Bread

I've just started brewing beer at home and hate to toss the grain after mashing. There are a lot of bread recipes using spent grain, but I see a common complaint that they're not very good.
Does anyone have a great recipe?

What's the Big Deal?

Marilyn Hagerty's review of Olive Garden got lots of attention. To me, her review was unremarkable. She liked the decor and atmosphere, and found her meal "warm and comforting". Kind of the anti-critic review, not what I was expecting after hearing how much attention it's received.
I'm glad that she is going to New York and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading her no-nonsense, simple restaurant reviews.

Ever Made Anything "Healthier" That Was Actually Good?

Kind of opposite @quarter twist!'s question.

When I'm desperate to cut some fat, I add a tiny bit of seasoned salt to lite mayonnaise (only Hellman's!) in a tuna salad. It seems to kill the weird lite taste. I also put tons of onion and celery.

I like to split a small whole wheat pita to make two thin crusts for a quick "pizza". That way you get two pieces with twice the vegetables, and a really crunchy crust.

I made up a bran cereal pancake recipe using the yogurt sweat from homemade Greek yogurt. They're fluffy and delicious!

I'm back in a healthy eating phase, so tell me your tricks!

Sam Adams

I found a Sam Coffee Stout in my fridge today (party leftover). It has more coffee flavor than I expected, and I really like it.

I've decided that Sam Adams is my favorite brewery. I can get a great light beer, a lambic style, etc. They seem to be always coming up with a nice new brew.

Has anyone had their new Infinium? I'm hoping that Santa brings me some!

Oven Cleaning Time

I did a quick search about the safety of self clean ovens today (bad for birds, but not cats). It seems that many people NEVER clean their oven.
Now, I usually use a spray to avoid the smelly smoke from the self-clean, so my oven gets pretty cruddy between cleanings. Like, I'm not making pizza 'cause it's going to smoke cruddy.
I'd guess my oven gets cleaned 3 times a year, and I don't use it very often.
So how often do you clean your oven? And do you think that I could run the self-clean for only a couple of hours every month to keep it clean, as opposed to 4-5 hours every six months? I've read that the high heat sometimes ruins the electronic controls..any experience with that?

Who started this again?

A coworker brought in several batches of Amish Friendship starter, and insisted we take it off his hands.

I'd like to do something different with the starter-anybody have ideas or recipes?


So, I tried making pasta carbonara, and it was...bleh. Definitely not lacking for salt in any way, but none of the pancetta flavor I expected. I know guanciale is also used, but the dish I loved specified pancetta on the menu.
Inferior meat, I assume (pre diced from Big Cheap Store). Since it's a rinky-dink town, I'll either travel for or order pancetta online.
Does anyone know online or Central/Western MA sources? Or a way to coax more flavor?

Pasta Carbonara

I just got back from ten days in the Florida Keys. Mr. Z and I ate ourselves silly!
Every bite of seafood was super fresh, especially the snapper we caught ourselves.
Highlights- Stone crab, Heritage pork chop, sushi, linguini carbonara with mussels. We also had Cuban sandwiches five or six different places, but the Mr. couldn't find perfection.

I'm still amazed by the carbonara, so now I'm on a quest for the perfect recipe, if anyone has one to share.

Indian Stuff in My Fridge

We are almost completely unfamiliar with Indian food, but my husband had some last night.
I found leftovers in the fridge, OMG! Delicious! Some pinkish creamy sauce over awesome, perfect rice. Naan, too.
That's all. I just had to share my discovery with someone.

Pickled Pepper Recipe?

I have 15 cherry peppers that I'd like to quick pickle, then stuff with prosciutto and provolone. I have no canning equipment and they will be eaten quickly. I'm looking for a vinegar/water/salt ratio for the pickling step. Anybody?

Hoping to Catch Some Food!

I'll be going to the Keys in early November. We'll drive from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, moseying for a few days until we get to Key West for a week.
What kind of fish can we expect/try to catch? How should I cook them? Key West place has full kitchen, but no outdoor grill.

Chocolate Cake Filling

I need to make a birthday cake for Saturday. Request was for a peace sign, so I've ordered a peace sign cake mold. It will be the top layer of a three layer chocolate cake. Either the body or the peace layer will be covered with fondant, because I want a tie-dye/swirly effect.
Does anyone have a recipe for a chocolate filling that doesn't require refrigeration?

Where do you shop?

I finally visited the little bakery near my house, and it's so cute! It's very old, and housed in what looks like a cinderblock barn next to a home. The owner showed me around, and I chose my goods warm from the racks. I wouldn't call it dirty, but imagine your kitchen if you baked eight hours every day.

I sometimes get raw milk from a farm. You go into the "shed" attached to the house, and take stuff from the fridges or freezers. They have organic grass fed beef, eggs, pork, vegetables, and they make the BEST cheese ever. The cute part is that you put the money in a small wooden box. Not locked - because you may need to make change! Then you mark off on a paper which items you purchased.

The simplicity and intimacy of this kind of shopping makes the food so much more enjoyable. I look at the cows and know that my milk came from them, unprocessed and local. I won't waste a single drop of the maple syrup that was made a couple of towns over. I'm thinking about boycotting supermarket food for a while.

Who else has a "secret" source for their seriously good eats?

Lemon Cream Cake

I'd like to make a white cake with a creamy lemon filling. An extensive search turns up many copycat recipes for Olive Garden's Lemon Cream cake. Most reviews complain that the recipes are not as good as the restaurant cake.

Has anyone had this cake? Anyone have a great recipe to share?

Oven Fail

Last night at work, I put a pork roast in the oven. It was fairly quiet, and about an hour later I heard a strange hissing sound.
I opened the oven to see arcing and fire! The heating element had broken in two.

Has anyone heard of this happening? Got any appliance malfunction stories of your own?

Use-less Pans

Several years ago, I accidentally bought three long-handled chestnut roasting pans. They are still new in their boxes, and I'd like to find a way to use them (besides roasting chestnuts!).

I'm pretty sure they are made of black carbon steel, and we do camp in the summer, so what can I cook in them, over a fire?

I'd like to gift a couple to our camping friends, with a recipe and some ingredients included.

Angel Food Cake

One of my daughters left a quart carton of "egg product" in my fridge. Since the box says it's 99% egg white, I'm going to make an angel food cake.

Will it work? How ugly will it be? Will it taste terrible? Anyone have a good angel food cake recipe?

Dumpling Dipping Sauce

I love the sauce that comes with steamed dumplings or potstickers from Chinese restaurants. It's thin and has a soy sauce base. What's it called, and does anyone have a recipe?

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Ina Garten's recipe has five stars from 200+ reviews. Has anyone tried it?

Does anyone have a killer sour cream coffee cake recipe to share? Ina's is made in a tube pan, but I'm leaning towards something flatter with lots of streusel topping.

Canned Tuna

Lately, solid white tuna smells horrible. All brands. I thought it was just me, but my mom actually threw some away because she thought there was something wrong with it.

Has anyone else noticed this? What could be the reason?

Farmer Cheese Pie

These handheld pies are somewhere in the sweet spot between dessert and breakfast, with a crumbly cornmeal crust filled with honey-laced farmer cheese and a touch of thyme that make them feel as though they are a viable breakfast option. More

Homemade Jell-O Style Chocolate Pudding

The flavor of this pudding changes dramatically depending on the ingredients used. Skim milk makes a pudding with the lighter taste and texture of the "low-fat" puddings where as whole milk gives the full flavor of the original. High end fancy cocoa powders like Valhrona will result in a really dynamic, flavorful chocolate pudding, whereas grocery store staples like Hershey's will have a simpler flavor more in line with the taste of the pudding you remember. More

The Pizza Lab: Bringing Neapolitan Pizza Home (aka 'The Skillet-Broiler Method')

Perfect Neapolitan pizza at home is a myth. It's a golden ring that can be strived for but never quite achieved. So where does that leave the rest of us home cooks? The ones who want to throw together a quick, really good pizza that doesn't require jury-rigging the oven? Lucky for us, really-really-good-but-not-quite-authentic-Neapolitan-pizza is not an unattainable goal. All you need is a skillet and your oven's broiler. More

A Better Big Mac

Note: Store-bought ground beef can be substituted for the short rib. Mac Sauce can be used as soon as its made, but it gets mellower if you let it sit in the fridge at least overnight in a covered container.... More

Cook the Book: Thai Chicken Karaage

Parked in the backyard of an Austin dive bar, East Side Kings is imaginative Asian-inspired drinking food done right, run by talented chefs from the city's best sushi restaurant. SE editors Erin Zimmer and Robyn Lee tried it last year on their SE book research trip, and left a little obsessed with the late-night fried beets, fried brussel sprouts, and this Thai Chicken Karaage. It's genius drinking food: the sort of crunchy, fried, salty, spicy stuff that was born to be paired with cold beers. More

Essentials: Hummus

© Sometimes I recall that I grew up without hummus and am amazed. It seems like such a natural kid-food, but it just wasn’t around in Houston then (now it is—my childhood, we’re talking decades ago now, people). I discovered... More