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How to Make Spaghetti Puttanesca: The World's Most Pungently Delicious Pasta

"Puttanesca" literally translates to "in the style of prostitutes"

OR as we call it in my house "HOOKER NOODLES!!!"

Staff Picks: Our Go-To Airplane Foods

Baked Pork Buns are my perfect airplane food.

The Real Origins of the Boiled Peanut

Boiled peanuts are very popular in Hawaii too. I am going to guess that the Chinese immigrants are the reason for that, there are not very many Southern folks on the islands.

Onion Rings or Mozzarella Sticks? We Pack BOTH Into the Ultimate Cheesy Baked Bar Snack

I am pretty sure they serve these at the bar in heaven. Pull up a stool between two apostles and share a plate of cheese stuffed onion rings. Plus they are baked so they are good for you!

Better Than Parm? Dried Olive and Miso May Be the Ultimate Pasta-Topper

I see garlic in one of the blender pictures but no mention of garlic on the recipe. That was the one thing I thought I would want to add to this. Did you leave it out of the recipe on purpose? Did it get bitter after dehydrating/baking?

Manner Matters: Guests with Chips

A host should see guests' desire to snack as an invitation to put out a spread prior to dinner that complimented the theme of the night. The questioner has decided instead to admonish people who show up to a dinner party (OH THE HORROR) HUNGRY! If you are making a Moroccan Tagine for a meal put out olives, almonds and stuffed pastry canapes as a welcoming spread. A multi-course french duck dinner... it does not take a genius to put out funky cheese, pickles, pate and a baguette (maybe brandade if you are up to it). Seriously, up your game and be the host with the most. If you invite someone into your home you should be the one to provide for your guests desires from arrival to departure you are responsible for taking care of them. Also it is strange to show up to a dinner party and then be seated for dinner, a spread of appetizers allows you to interact with your guests and have some social lubrication before sitting down for a meal.

How Spam Won Over America's Restaurants

My mom is Hawaiian so it has always been a staple in my house. I have not met a spam dish I don't like, but my favorite is a spam sandwich. Sliced thin, fried hard until crisp with whatever you would normally put on a bacon sandwich it is DELICIOUS! Crispy spam is a billion times better than bacon.

Chinese Aromatics 101: Stir-Fried Tripe With Pickled Mustard Greens

I am unfamiliar with this kind of tripe but generally a lover of tripe. Can I just sautee this quickly? It doesn't need to be stewed or blanched in advance? I have had it in pho and love the crunchy texture (actually it is second to tendon as I rank the best bits in my bowl of soup) but I have never prepped it myself. It is really that easy, I may have a new go to week night offal... now I just need to find it.

Scallops With Spicy Quinoa, Kale, and Pistachios

Why not cook the scallops first so that the scallop fond finds its way into the quinoa?

Do You Know Your Tsukemono? A Guide to Japanese Pickles

I love really good ripe takuan, my mom used to make us eat it outside though.

Where to Eat Near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

This is a VERY good list. Arguello super fed me through college when a turkey sandwich was only 5 bucks. They would also give away the turkey carcass at the end of the day and I would make soup out of it. The hot sauce at yellow sub is superb.

The wings at San Tung are legendary and "the thing" to order but don't forget about the rest of the menu. When you are in the mood for something else the they do a whole dry fried flounder that gets the same treatment as the wings which is awesome. The hand pulled noodles with black beans and scallops are perfection, and the shrimp and leek dumplings are just divine. And the pigs ear is the perfect vehicle for Chinese pickles and hot sauce.

Sunrise deli's falafel deserves to be called "The best Falafel In Town" because it is. Don't forget their spanikopita though, and the feta in the deli case is always so fresh. It makes other feta sad.

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

I love Thai food, so I can't pick a favorite. My list would be Muk Krob, Pad See Ew, massaman curry, and duck fried rice.

Savory Mortadella, Garlic, and Caper Puff-Pastry Waffle

Still waiting for the Takoyaki waffle hack... Please!

Jerusalem-Style Grilling at Manara Restaurant in Bridgeview

Amazing to me that so many were quick to dismiss this as Jerusalem style grill as a misnomer for some reason. If the owner identifies it as Jerusalem style then it is. There are may regions in the US that call BBQ either Memphis style, or Carolina style, or Texas hill country style, or St. Louis style... but it is all meat cooked in a smoker. There are differences but the idea is the same, meat + fire in your regional style means you can call it whatever you want.

Behind the Scenes in Daniel's Home Kitchen

This is my knife. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My knife is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My knife, without me, is useless. Without my knife, I am useless.

Where to Eat and Drink in Sausalito, CA

All of these recommendations are spot on. I LOVE FISH! It is a little pricey but the crab sandwich is the stuff of dreams and totally my desire for a birthday splurge. Also, it is cash only so hit the ATM before you go.

Food-related deal breakers when dating?

My fiancee and I went to a nice sushi restaurant for one of our first dates. I asked her if she liked uni and she said yes. I LOVE uni and since she liked that I went all out and ordered the uni nigiri with raw quail egg, and all the other caviar and egg types of nigiri on the menu. She thought I said unagi, which she loves... alas she tried every single piece (6 pieces in total) of caviar that I ordered. She hated every bite but marched on trying bite after bite. That is one of the reasons she is my fiancee and not my girlfriend. But now we order unagi to share and uni for me.

Need input on buying a smoker

We got a landman vertical gas smoker from costco for around 250 and it works great. Our primary need is to process our smoked salmon that we get here in northern CA for the year. Last year we put about 600-700 lbs through that machine and it did great. Also found that it makes a pretty decent oven when it is too hot to cook indoors. It does a bang up job on pizzas, roasts, veggies, char-siu... I don't think I would cook cookies or cakes in it. We also smoked a thanksgiving turkey in it, bacon, and ribs. It is a good unit, but the thermometer on the door is total crap. Get your own thermometer for the inside.

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

Also think about making the foods that meat eaters don't miss the meat and stick them all veggie/vegan, but keep it delicious. Veggie lasagna, Tofu Stir-fry, Braised tofu, Vegan Chili, Ratatouille, Falafel pita sandwiches with hummus and babaganoush dips. The best way when cooking for a crowd is to make everything to the most strict dietary restrictions but make it delicious so the others don't mind eating vegan.

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

A coworker gave me a recipe that she makes at her Yoga retreats for a crowd. I don't really have portions since I have dialed it down for home use, but it is the flavors and the technique that is awesome. She cooks chickpeas in her slow cooker in large batches. She starts from dry to save money, but when I make it at home I use canned. First start with a mess of chopped onions and cook them in oil until soft, then add Garam Masala and lots of whole mustard seed and cumin seed. Cook this until the spice and onions get a light scorch on them. Then add a bunch of tomato paste and garlic and cook until the sweet is out of it. Feel free to add oil if the mix gets too pasty. Then add canned chopped stewed tomatoes and the cooked chickpeas. Simmer for 30-50 minutes until the flavors come together. Serve over brown rice.

Indian vegetarian recipes really go a long way to feed a crowd, especially when you stretch it out with rice. There is a surprising amount of good dishes that all taste very different. Once you master cooking your spices and aromatics past bland to interesting... that is the key.

Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

My favorite winery is not really my favorite wine. V. Sattui is a great place to go early and have a leisurely family picnic. My family has been doing this since I was a kid and I love it there. The wines are good but nothing special. Favorite wines... Nickel and Nickel.

Old Fries + Waffle Iron = Awesome Pull-Apart Waffle Fries

It seems like the best waffle outcomes are making crisp versions of leftovers. So what do people have for leftovers in their fridge? Chinese food? Chow mein or generals chicken? Could you make one giant-double-sided-Socarrat from leftover fried rice? What about a curry or saag paneer stuffed nan-ffle? Can you revive leftover hamburgers from a cookout?

How about sweet? What happens if you put a pecan pie, or some other leftover thanksgiving desert in there? We know stuffing waffles are good. What about every single other Thanksgiving leftover?

I bet a can of corned beef hash would be awesome, ALL CRISP EDGES!

Also I would really appreciate a Takoyaki waffle hack.

The Best Calzones I've Ever Had at Jeannette's Bakery in Providence, RI

"Calzones are pointless. They're just pizza that's harder to eat. No one likes them. Good day, sir." -The wise and wonderful Leslie Knope


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