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Do you cook for your pets?

my dog will eat anything, but it's particularly funny watching him eat watermelon while my kids hold it for him (he does not like the rind!)

Where to eat in Italy? Can anyone recommend good trattorias?

make sure you find the little tratoria run by the people who own Verrazanno Winery (it may ahve that name)....went there on our honeymoon, they have unbelievable boar proscuitto that comes from the wild boars on the Verrazanno estate (also worth the trip, about an hour outside Firenze)

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Absinthe's Return

I have had Ted's absinthe shipped from Europe to a friend for his birthday last year, including some spoons....driving around Las Vegas looking for sugar cubes at midnight added to the excitement....

We dripped water through the cube into the absinthe, and drank about 3 glasses....the buzz was definately different (like how tequila gives you a different buzz than say vodka).....

if you like the taste, it is a fun, ritualistic way of drinking (and rituals always make drinking more fun), if you don;t like the taste of licorice/anise/fennel/absinthe, there's no getting around it....

Excluding: NYC, SF, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo...favorite food city?

thank goodness nobody has said Portland, Maine....we are the MOST overrated restaurant city in the US, so tourists take note, go elsewhere for really great food!

Question of the Day: Overrated Food Books

Great books are

United States of Arugula

OK book
the Perfectionist

Not so good (very unfortunately)
...and a bottle of Rum

What kind of food would you prepare with Sparks, if you had to?

15 years of beer can chicken....sparks has only been around for a year or 2

What kind of food would you prepare with Sparks, if you had to?

thanks logographcis.....we had thought of the 'beer can' chicken idea, as we have experimented with this method of cooking for about 15 years now....

so far, we've got Seviche (which I'll bet will be pretty good), Sparks can chicken, Sparks braised beef of some sort....

need an appetizer...maybe warm goat cheese salad with Sparks vinegrette!

What kind of food would you prepare with Sparks, if you had to?

hmmm....that's not a bad thought....doesn't help with the meal though

Who's your most/least favorite food personality on Food Channel?

It would be interesting to know how many of these Giada-haters are women vs. men....there are many true comments above regarding the funny pronounciation, platic smile, etc. but hey, I'd rather watch big boobs make good food than i.e.Bobby Flay embarass the whole population of professional chefs, Emeril destroy everything he cooks with salt and Bam (that is, when he's actually cooking and not listening to the music), that Southern syrup call everyone Honey and her idiot sons drive around banking on Mom's good fortune......there are some terrible people on that network (as Bourdain likes to point out), Giada is the least of the bad (excusing my poor English)

Question of the Day: I never make ____ for myself but...

I make most anything, but foie gras is still best at a restaurant that knows what its doing

Is Imitation Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

All is fair in food and lobster rolls.....every great business has a defendable position, whether it's the product, location, service, the gotta have something.....

We Need More Sausage Makers and Fewer Investment Banker Cupcake Makers

I not only agree, I'm going to do something about I prepare to leave my current position at a food company and open a specialty grocery store, I can;t wait to be able to support the local farmers and encourage them to not only raise heritage animals, but to DO something with them....

there is no reason why we can't fatten pigs on acorns and chestrnuts in the US, and make comparable quality proscuitto's as the good stuff we can't even import from Italy.....

anyone who wants to sell me domestic, artisinal cured meats, post your em-mail and I'll get in touch!

Have you ever tried absinthe?

check out this article

Ted Breaux from New Orleans is the guy I heard about, and he has a website that sells and ships bottles from his distillery in France to the US...that is where I got my bottle and spoons

Cook the Book: 'The Silver Palate Cookbook, 25th Anniversary Edition'

No question:

Best Recipe

gives you the absolute best preparation method for any food, then you consult other cookbooks or yor cupboards to get the spicing/flavor you want

Who's your most/least favorite food personality on Food Channel?

hey charm....don;t diss my girl giada....she does not pretend to make fancy Italian food, I'm not sure there is any such thing as "fancy" italian food, it's pretty much all peasant/farm food...and Rachel Ray admits she's not a cook, cuase she's not, Giada is a Chef....

maybe you're jealous of the aforementioned rack?

Have you ever tried absinthe?

I bought a bottle os the 'real' absinthe from a website I learned about in New Orleans a few years back...they distill and ship directly from Switzerland or thereabouts....sent it my friend in Las Vegas, along with some real absinthe of the things I like about this drink is the ritual, sort of like smoking crack perhaps....

it tastes like...absinthe, that is anise, licorace, take your pour your 'dosage" (this was prescribed by doctors you know), put your slotter spoon over the glass, put a sugar cube on top, and slowiy pour water through the cube into the glass...when you add enough the clear liquid turns milky white, then, sip away...

we had about 4-5 drinks before we went out, and maybe it was Vegas, maybe it was the absinthe, but it was definately a different buzz, loopy, twisted, almost hallucinogenic....maybe a few more drinks would have been best...

the ritual and educational aspect of this was at least as good, if not better than the actual drink, but you should learn the history to really enjoy the beverage

Mix Every Drink From A Soda Fountain And You Get...?

You are all wrong, or must be forgetting your childhood....

it's call


Paula Deen Is Trying To Kill Us

Paula Dean is right up there with Rachel Ray....annoying, artifical sweetness, just, echhhhhh

Question of the Day: What one ingredient do you never skimp on?

proscuitto.....and vino, the wine can be inexpensive, but it can't be CHEAP

What's your favorite kitchen sound?

Ice cubes hitting the glass, the beginning of a cocktail

Anyone have a cream whipper?

the bonus is if you buy nitrous cartridges, you can use this for wippits

Who's your most/least favorite food personality on Food Channel?

Clearly, Giadda is the best, because;
1)she's actually a classically trained chef
2) she cooks interesting and good food, and
3) as Mario says, "she's got a great rack" (he really did say that)

Trader Joe's. What are your favorites from this store?

Is TJ's food really good, or does the atmosphere make it seem good? I;ve been told by people in the business that TJ's really just buys chep crap, puts great packaging on it, and that's enough to fool most people.(hence they can sell it cheap...they are not running a non-profit, so if it don't cost you much, it didn't cost them much)....I know many of you will be insulted by this, but would like to hear from others who don't buy into the hype....

Moose Meat

braised or in a stew would be good...I've had braised black bear, tasted like...well,. bear......


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