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This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Wha....??? Leandra's leaving?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm *sniff* really *sniff* going *sniff* to miss her! *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* :-(

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Kitties! We NEED kitties! (please?)

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

What!?!?!? No cute animals playing, sleeping or munching on treats!?!?!? What did we SE readers do to deserve such HORRIBLE deprivation?

Forget Mac 'n' Cheese. Say Hello to Creamy, Cheesy Baked Risotto

Would this dish work if one used orzo instead of rice?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

What happened to the cats????? We NEED our weekly fix of feline cuteness!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Leandra??? UNFAITHFUL TO YUBA?!?!?! Say it ain't so!

Win a Copy of 'Tacolicious'

Al pastor w/ extra pineapple please!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: On Writing a Menu

I concur with JohnintheLAT41015 though I would think that offering a Brunswick stew would be closer to a Carolina tradition than would a burgoo. I've never been to NYC, so I'm guessing that Brunswick stew could be a unique offering in your restaurant and would help to distinguish you from your competitors especially if it is made well. You could serve Brunswick stew as either a side dish along with your cole slaw or as an entree for those who do not or cannot eat pork. As far as satisfying NYAddict's request for a dessert item, I think the only proper dessert for a Carolina-style whole hog BBQ place would be banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I noticed a SERIOUS lack of photos of our four-legged friends! (Hrrumph!) :-(

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

WHAT!?!?! No Hambone or Yuba!?!?! Ohhhh, SHIH-TZU!!!! ;-)

Italian Sausage, Garlic, and Red Pepper Stromboli

What is the difference between a stromboli and a calzone? Aren't they both stuffed pizzas?

The Best Food to Order at Panda Express

I find all of the complaining about Panda Express' food to be rather amusing. Where I live, if I get an urge for Chinese-American food within walking distance, my choices are Panda Express.....or Safeway. Given those two options, I'll choose Panda Express every time.

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

Hey Kenji-san! There are some good places to eat in Sacramento and it is only slightly more than an hour's drive from S.F. and I urge you to check them out! I'd love to meet you so if you ever decide to check out the eats in Sactown, please look me up!

Brave New World: Boston Pizza's Pizza Cake

"I'm kind of scared to ask, but...would you try it?"


How to Make Sprinkles Ice Cream (and Set Your Inner Child Free)

Darn! I misread the title and thought it was a recipe for homemade sprinkles and I was thinking, "COOL!!! Homemade Hagleslag!"

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Double yay for more kitties! :-) Tubby tabby Tesla is simply adorable!

Beanless Chili - love or hate it?

It depends on how the meat is prepared in the chili. If it is ground and pebble-like as in a sloppy joe, then I would like something else with it, because this type of chili is more like a sauce then a "true" stew. I prefer this "sloppy joe"-type chili served over crumbled cornbread, over Fritos corn chips (a.k.a. "Frito Pie"), with pinto beans mixed in, or, yes, served over spaghetti pasta. However, if the meat in the chili is NOT ground, but rather cut into chunks or larger cubes, then absolutely NO beans in this puppy! Just give me a large bowl of this luscious stew of meat and chili base and a roll or slices of bread on the side! YUM! :-)

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Pat LaFrieda Sliders

I'll be at home recovering from the flu and doing crosswords.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Photos of cats in my FAVORITE food blog make me very, VERY happy!!! :-D

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: 'Round Things Are Tasty' Tote Bag

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: High Road Ice Cream 6-Pack

Vanilla ice cream with praline bits, chocolate chips, fresh strawberries and chocolate fudge swirl!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Cook the Book: 'Japanese Soul Cooking'

A cold slab of tofu topped with katsuo and shoyu. Great on a hot summer day!

French toast grilled cheese ice cream sandwich!

Substitute for sport peppers?

Every now and then, I want to make a Chicago-style hot dog, but here in the Sacramento area, I can't get sport peppers at my local grocery store. So, short of ordering them via the internet, what would make a good substitute for sport peppers? Wax peppers? Pepperoncini? Come to think of it, what kind of peppers are sport peppers to begin with??? Thanks in advance to all who answer! :)

New Lay's Potato Chip Flavors

Cheesy garlic bread, sriracha and chicken and waffles are the three flavors that the Lay's company will be putting out soon. Consumers will be asked to vote for their favorite and the winner will remain on store shelves. The first two are not too difficult to imagine. However, I'm having a hard time imagining chicken and waffles. Don't get me wrong. As a dish, chicken and waffles are WONDERFUL together! I just can't imagine the flavors on a potato chip. I haven't tried any of them yet, but my vote at the moment goes to sriracha! If you want to read the article from the Huffington Post, please go to

Sriracha and Pizza! (Okay, so I'm a little slow!)

Just last week, I found how wonderful a cheese slice tastes with sriracha squirted on top! Oh! My! God! Where have I been all these years? Okay, okay. I can see some of you (okay, MOST of you) rolling your eyes and thinking, "Well, DUH!!!" Hey, give this old guy a break, 'k? So I'm a little (okay, a LOT) slow! The synapses in my brain don't work as quickly as they used to! In any case, I'll be celebrating my new "discovery"! Sriracha is now on my shopping list and pizza is on the menu for this week! Sriracha and pizza! YUM!!!

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

The "take and bake" pizza shop Papa Murphy's has come out with a bacon cheeseburger pizza with ground beef, bacon, "burger sauce" (the ad make no mention what it is exactly, but I'm guessing that it is something like 1000 Island dressing), bacon, three different cheeses, mixed onions, tomatoes and pickles. The only traditional burger topping that is missing is lettuce. While I like the idea, looking at a picture of this item is a TOTAL turnoff - at least to me. I think we can agree that what makes any burger great or not is the meat and the picture shows too little meat and too much bread (i.e., crust) to make me mistake this pizza for a burger. Unless you are a pickle fanatic, this thing just has WAY too many of them on this pizza. If anyone out there has the courage or is curious enough to try one, I'd love to know what you think.

Graphics for Pizza???!!!

There are few things in life that are better than cheese and tomato sauce baked atop well made pizza dough. But, really, do we need some cutesy (or, in the case of WWE, not-so-cutesy) graphic melted on top of it???

Basic pizza making question

I unfortunately do not have a stand mixer, so I have to knead my pizza dough by hand. I generally knead the dough until it isn't sticky which usually takes only a few minutes, but I was wondering if I should be kneading the dough longer. Should I? If so, how long in general? I realize that there may be different answers due to type of flour, quality of the water, the climate in which I live, etc. I am just looking for an approximate time so that my crust comes somewhat close to that made by a good pizzaiolo. Thanks!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Chain Opens Its First Store

Rachel Metz of the Associated Press reports that Jonathan Kaplan, the founder of the Flip Video camcorder company, has opened "The Melt" in the SoMa district of San Francisco which he hopes will be the first of a nationwide chain of grilled cheese sandwich shops. Soups will range from $4 to $6 while sandwiches will cost around $6. Soup and sandwich combos will be a dollar less than a sawbuck (i.e. $9) I personally have my doubts that such a chain will be successful nationwide, but, what do I know? I turned down an opportunity buy Apple stock fifteen years ago when it was selling at about $7 a share. D'OH!!!

To read the complete article by Ms. Metz and for photos of the fare offered by "The Melt", please check out:

Serious Eats Covering Other Cities(?)

First, let me make it very, very clear that I LOVE this site! I check it out at least three or four times everyday to either read new topics or to read stuff I missed. In short, I (heart) Serious Eats! However, the one thing that I find frustrating is that much of the stuff here is oriented for those on the East Coast, specifically NYC. I know, Serious Eats HQ is in New York City and the staff resides in New York. I GET that. However, I live in a college town about 20 miles outside of Sacramento, the state capitol of California. Now, Sacramento is not and never will be a San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago, never mind New York, but neither is it a small "podunk" town and there are some wonderful eateries there. While I enjoy reading about great eats in places like New York or Los Angeles (the place of my birth, by the way), it would be nice read about eateries in "smaller" cities like Salt Lake City, Boise, Des Moines and, yes, Sacramento. I realize the SE staff may not have the funds to send people out to ALL of these places, but I wonder: what are the cities that the SE brain trust is planning to include as a regular SE city site? How does one who wishes to become a voluntary contributors to SE become one?

It wouldn't surprise me if all of this has been asked before and if so, please forgive me for the duplication. Further, if I missed a FAQ somewhere on this site that answers all of these questions, again please accept my apologies. Otherwise, SE is just terrific and kudos to all who make it the great site that it is. Thank you also to everyone who submitted entries and replies to the "Talk" site of SE. You have given me some wonderful info and ideas that I will someday try in my kitchen! Have a great day! :)

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

I'm curious to know how many of you have done the following: You get a craving for a Big Mac, but, for whatever reason, you are VERY short on cash (or, like me, you're just a cheapskate). So, you go in to your local McDonald's and order a $3 double cheeseburger mini-meal and ask to add lettuce and Big Mac sauce to sandwich and leave off the ketchup and mustard. I've done this a couple of times and its a cheap way of getting my Big Mac craving satiated. Again, I ask - has anybody else done this?

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