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Photo of the Day: Pasta in a Waffle Cone

sadly, you have to eat this with a fork and the cone gets all soggy because of the steam. it's an interesting concept, but not one that was totally thought out.

Photo of the Day: Apricots In Still Life

wow. the pictures are breathtaking. They look almost too good to eat.

Snapshots from South Korea: Electronic Menu Console Helps Tourists Order Food

Thanks for the post. I think that most restaurants in the future will be using this sort of system. Hey, I think it would be cool if you could just order stuff from an ipod touch instead of the large console.

Snapshots from South Korea: Vegetarian Temple Food at Sanchon

Heck, I'm not a vegetarian and I love going to this place. Robyn, I see you snuck off to a place without me.


Snapshots from South Korea: Hotteok, Two Ways

Robyn really does talk that way in real life. She's a cartoon in real life.

Snapshots from South Korea: Kalguksu from Myeongdong Gyoja

I called it the model "T" because the restaurant is the most efficient noodle making/serving machine in Korea. The line moves fast, the food comes about 2 minutes after you sit and if you finish your bowl they'll refill it for free.

Snapshots from South Korea: Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup from Koong

Looks great. Roboseyo has pretty good tastes. Too, bad I'm going to have to hurt him later. (sorry inside joke).

Robyn, I haven't actually gone to this place and now that I've seen your post, I will definitely have to go.


Snapshots from South Korea: Burgers from Lotteria

@Polecat. I think Robyn is doing a great job showing the gamut of Korean foods. Most people would not understand what Calguksu and patbingsu were and would just find it bizarre. I feel that by writing about fast food, it helps readers identify with the culture by giving them a point of reference.


Snapshots from South Korea: Fried Things on Sticks

Awesome pictures! Wow. I was surprised by the tornado potato. It actually tasted good. I hope you are well. i'm planning on coming to NYC for a day trip, hopefully we can meet up.


Gallery of Rice Cakes from Seoul's 7th International Tteok Fair

Heya, It's what Dr. Yoon at the Institute of Traditional Korean Food wanted, so I stuck with it. I like the look of tteok more than ddeok. But hey, check out Robyn's pics! They are awesome.

SE'er Food Blogs

My blog is Thanks! Read all about food in Korea!


Korean Corn Ice Cream Novelty Fails

Zen, It tasted pretty awful. In the Philippines, I saw a guy put corn ice cream on a hamburger bun; it does look as cool as the corn cob shell.

Korean Corn Ice Cream Novelty Fails

I don't know why everyone in Korea thinks that corn is some sort of delicacy. I mean it's in the pizza, salad, candy and ice tea. Thanks for the comments.