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The Forge's Hopping Berry

This doesn't topple into the abyss of sweetness, jla_nyc. There's only half an ounce of simple syrup to counter the gin, citrus and ale. Nolet's floral characteristics add to the overall sense of ripe fruit without adding sugar to the feast. It all balances in a sophisticated drink.

I got the full range of Oregon cherries, Jared. They come in Pink Blush, Bordeaux, and Nature's (which aren't as bright).

Bordeaux cherries are Maraschinos, made without corn syrup, sulfites, or preservatives. Instead of artificial colorants, fruit and vegetable concentrates add color.

They're less saccharine (in the sweet sense, not the artificial-sweetener one) than standard Maraschinos, and they taste cleaner in drinks. If you like working with colors in cocktails, then it is worthwhile ordering one of each.

You could use standard Maraschinos, but the chemical components might affect the freshness of the Hopping Berry, and freshness is one of its strengths.

Luxardos would give you a different cocktail -- not necessarily a lesser one. It would be heavier, richer and more autumnal.

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