The Food Lab: How to Cook Sous-Vide Turkey Breast With Extra-Crisp Skin

@ David_the_laowai: any soft/flexible plastic has plasticizers, pretty much by definition, including Ziplock freezer bags. Saran fudges this by stating that "Our Saran and Ziploc products do not contain HARMFUL plasticizers, including those associated with endocrine disruption such as adipates (DEHA) or phthalates (DEHP)" (emphasis mine).
In other words, they have plasticizers in them--chemically similar to those associated with endocrine disruption--but they simply haven't done studies to show that they are harmful.

10 Great Scoops from Ice Cream Sunday at New Amsterdam Market

Though you could buy full scoops, these were samples you got as part of the fundraiser tickets $35.00 for early bird admission and ten tastings (not $35 for ten tastings, but $35 for the fundraising, which earned you ten tastings).

The Best Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York

I was hoping you might clarify something. The variety I've been looking for is where the ice block itself is flavored, not where plain ice is shaved and then syrup is poured over; see:
note particularly where the ice block is placed in the shaving machine.
Are the places in this guide like that, or do they have plain ice that is shaved then flavored?

Lunch near Javits Center

Will be popping into NY this week for the day. I know that the Javits Center area is a relative foodie desert, but....

I've read the other threads on the topic, but my wants are a bit specific:

-- will be a grab-and-go sort of thing (so food trucks are fine). My time is limited, so I don't want a full sit-down meal.

--I'm not looking for the usual pizza/hotdog/Chinese takeout (i.e., beef with broccoli, Gen. Tso's Chicken). I'd rather skip lunch than just have the stuff you can get in a strip mall in the 'burbs.

-- no Italian, please; very much yes to spicy and "exotic."

I'm coming from Penn Station, so, time constraints in mind, I want to stay in that area between the two, to the extent that's possible. I was thinking maybe GoGoCurry.


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