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Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

What a beautifully written article about a great idea! I just moved to a new city (ahum, a year ago) and I'm finding it very hard to make new friends. This might just be what I need. Thank you! :)

Gadgets: Make 5-Minute Ice Pops With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker

I got one of these guys sitting in my freezer at all times. It's a great little gadget that I've used plenty over the past year - the perfect gift for a popsicle junky like me! :)
Unfortunately, it got damaged during my last move (though how that happened is beyond me, as it was stored safely in its box) and some of the blue freezing liquid leaked. :/ It still works (though now it takes about 15 minutes for the popsicles to freeze), but a word of caution seems in order.

Domino's Still Waiting to Conquer Germany

Some of the points up there reaaaally surprise the German in me. First of all, as far as I know, there is no minimum wage in Germany (in fact, the introduction of minimum wage was part of the socially-minded parties in the most recent elections) - does this refer to some sort of food-work related agreement or are we talking about the fact that people in Germany wouldn't accept the low wages paid to your standard Domino's delivery guy?

And I'm surprised by the generalization that Germans prefer thinner crusts compared to pan pizza - especially given that Joey's (OMG SO GOOD!) sells pan-pizza as well. (Though they might have changed since the last time I ordered pizza there, which was, um, 6 years ago. It sucks to live in a state that doesn't have Joey's.)

Either way, I've had pizzas from both places and I think I prefer Joey's. If Domino's wants to break into the market, they should look at doing business in the cities and states without Joey's franchises.

How to Pour A Beer: It's More Complicated Than You Think

I always tilt first and bring it upright as I finish. I never considered doing it any other way but come to think of it, I also do not enjoy the head, so it's probably for the better.
I'm so happy about this post! People have called be snob for being particular about how to pour my beer. But if you're German, it's considered a necessary skill which you'll acquire wayyyy before you hit the legal drinking age. Sorry for confirming the stereotype here.

Wanted: restaurant in DC (Georgetown)

Hey guys!

Thanks a bunch for the great recs - good thing we're staying for a bit. :)

I specified Georgetown because we're only arriving that evening and our hotel is there. I suppose my folks are tired from traveling, so they might not want to venture too far that night. But they'll want to see the city, of course, so we'll get a chance to go check out places in other neighborhoods too.

Again, thanks a lot! Being left in charge of the food for our East Coast trip, I'm so glad to be part of this community.

Sweet Technique: How To Shape Pie Crust

Looking at how you do a pretty lattice crust just blew my mind. Call me stupid (/maybe) but I never dared to make one because I figured it'd mean actually braiding the lattice, constantly going back and forth between vertical and horizontal stripes. Excuse me while I run off to bake a bunch of pies.


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