I'm pretty serious about eating, so I guess this is the place to be.

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  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Favorite foods: Pizza (I signed up mostly for Slice), kale, sardines, good
    bread, blue cheese, cheap red wine, chickpeas, fermented chili bean paste, and guanciale. You know, the usual.
  • Last bite on earth: A pepperoni slice from Arinel, here in the city. Perhaps I'll wash it down with an illicit beer

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Saraghina: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

My wife and I stayed down the street from Saraghina on our honeymoon last May, and it was our first experience of NYC pizza. (We went onto take Scott's Pizza Tour later - it was the best!) I also thought the crust was a bit bland and underdone, but it was the first time I had eaten Neapolitan pizza on the east coast, so it's good to hear it wasn't just me.

The star of the meal (apart from the beautiful garden and ball jar house red) was a delicious purée of rich, olive oil laden favas cut with sharp, bitter dandelion greens. Like spring in a bowl!

Cook the Book: 'The Just Bento Cookbook'

Spam and pinepple musubi (cut pretty), stirfried carrots and napa cabbage with ginger and sesame, and pickled daikon!

Arinell Pizza, San Francisco: Tasty No-Frills Slices

I LOVE Arinell, and it's great to see it getting the national respect that it deserves. San Francisco doesn't have the same "slice" culture that the New York has (we're a burrito town, and I for one am very proud of it!) but I think Arinell can hold it's own!

My Pie Monday: Clams Casino, Flatbread Pizza, Homemade Deep Dish and More!

I'm out on the west coast, but I'll check around anyway. Looks like fun!

My Pie Monday: Clams Casino, Flatbread Pizza, Homemade Deep Dish and More!

@dhorst cool pizza, I love the idea of little bursts, but what's a peppadew? Some kind of tomato?

Poll: Deep Dish - 'Pizza' or 'Casserole'?

I like otha9 's "tart" idea. Or maybe just pizza. I thought a casserole didn't have a bready lining and needed to include tater tots :)

How can I keep my pizza dough from sticking to the pan?

Everybody has great technical advice, so I'll just say that whatever you do, don't give up! It took me at least two years making a pizza once a week and experimenting with different doughs, temperature settings and whatnot before I was able to consistently produce a pizza that I liked! There are a lot of variables to juggle, but all you really need to produce good pizza is hard work. (Though a pizza peel and good baking stone preheated for an hour sure does help...)

Poll: Do Garlic and Mozzarella Belong Together on a Pizza?

I answered yes, but raw garlic can definitely overwhelm the delicate (sometimes pretty bland) flavor of fresh mozzarella. I like dhorst's idea with the infused oil.

My Pizza Oven: Rene Walhout's Countertop Pizza Oven

I second dmcavanagh's concerns...

That said, right now I have an uncommonly spacious kitchen for a studio apartment. If I had to deal with a less luxurious baking situation I would definitely consider one of those.

Also, I love that it is named Ferrari!

Tonecapo's Portobello-Mushroom Crust Pizza

That looks pretty cool. A few of those babies would be a fantastic starter for a pizza party, too!

Open(ish) Thread: Can You Tell a Pizza Is Good Just By Looking at It?

I don't know if I can "see" good pizza, but I'll certainly go along with a lot of the people here who say they can see bad pizza - pale, congealed, weirdly shiny, or overly thick.

But the first thing I notice when I enter a sliceria, before I even see a pizza, is the smell. When I cross the threshhold of Arinel here in San Francisco I always get a wave of saucy-yeasty-cheesy smell (typically followed by the sometimes overripe odor of the guy behind the counter) while the Round Table with the slices in the glass heater box always smells like overcooked tomatoes and cheap salad bar...


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