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  • Favorite foods: rice pudding, daifuku, sushi, lemon squares, soba noodles, molasses ginger cookies, okra, avocado, cornbread, oranges, darjeeling tea, cheesecake, apple baba
  • Last bite on earth: daifukuuuu

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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Aww thanks guys! I've had an excellent summer here and I'll definitely miss you all. But really, please do come to New Haven and eat pizza with me. I am ALWAYS up for a trip to Wooster Street. Or BAR. Or wherever.

This Week in Recipes

Haha "the gift that comes from a cob" indeed!

Top 10 Songs Using Sexually Suggestive Food Metaphors

I'm still a big fan of Lil' Wayne's "so I let her lick the (w)rapper" joke in "Lollipop"...

Openings: Branch of New Haven's Famous Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Coming to Yonkers, New York

ZOMG! I mean, it's still not Sally's, but how can I complain if I get to eat New Haven-style pizza when I'm home in White Plains AND when I'm at school. Amazing.

Basil Custard Kicks off July at the Shake Shack

It was good, but my mouth still tastes like basil two hours later, despite the fact that I drank a Snapple and ate a sandwich in between. How much basil went into that thing anyway??

A Visit to Louis' Lunch, Home of the Hamburger

Don't forget about the pies, made fresh by Jeff Lassen's mom!

Win a $1,200 Dinner for Two at Citymeals-on-Wheels 2008 Fund-Raiser

We Have a Winner!
Escargots, oui, oui
Suck them from the saucy shells.
Special fork be damned.

The judges say: Extra credit for alliteration, bilingualism and enthusiasm.

Thanks to everyone who entered for keeping the competition fierce. Today is the last day to buy tickets; otherwise, look for photos and more from the fund-raiser next week.


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