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Being Mario Batali's Sous-Chef Was No Picnic

awesome piece, ed!

Killer Cajun Crawfish

That recipe sounds amazing. The one time in my life that I made crawfish, they were sold to me alive and wriggling. I showed them to my husband, who sat down at the piano and played Chopin's death march as I dumped them into a pot of boiling water.

What to do with all those spices and herbs?

Penzy's has a branch in Grand Central now. Highly recommended, especially their potent cinnamon and freeze-dried ginger.

The 'Pig Heaven Honor Roll'

ed, this was awesome! made me so hungry. i have a nomination in the literature category.

best sad children's book about pigs: a day no pigs would die

god bless the pigs...

Gourmet Genesis

this was the first dish i learned to cook, and it was called, by my children's cookbook, "the gashouse special."

Oysters vs. Chocolate: Which Is Sexier?

Oh dear, David Jacobs, the Sextionnaire, huh?
Alright. This is what I made my friends fill out:


On a scale of one to ten, how aroused were you today? (1 = I was asleep the whole time; 10 = It was as if I were dying of thirst and my partner was Fiji artesian water)

On a scale of one to ten, how intense was the pleasure you experienced today? (1 = I was asleep the whole time; 10 = searing pleasure which left me shaken and feeble)

How does the sex you had today compare to the sex you usually have with your partner?

____We always have good sex. Today was no exception.

____We always have good sex. But today was even better than usual.

____We always have good sex. But today was the best sex we've ever had.

(Ignore this question on the non-food day) Do you think the food helped put you in the mood? Please explain.

Please make any additional comments you think might be helpful.

Oysters vs. Chocolate: Which Is Sexier?

Thanks, Lia! Well, Bob, in terms of *during* sex, I didn't want to be too intrusive into my friends' bedrooms!

FYI, For anyone interested in cooking, I've posted more of these recipes to my blog --

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