Sarah Buchanan

I am a 21 year old senior at NYU, studying history and creative writing. I am recently engaged to my high school sweetheart and we live on the UWS. I am sucker for anything edible that is pickled!

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  • Location: New York
  • Favorite foods: pickled anything, oatmeal, sweet potato fries, milkshakes (the thicker the better) salty popcorn, beets, feta cheese, honeycrisp apples, kimchi
  • Last bite on earth: A perfectly grilled black bean burger on a soft brioche bun garnished with avocado and roasted beets with a Rick's Pic's pickle on the side. Of course a peanut butter banana milkshake is necessary to wash it down!

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Scoop the Book: Bi-Rite Creamery's Buttermilk Ice Cream

this ice cream was surprisingly light, the perfect base for some serious mix-ins.

Cereal Eats: Honeycomb Cereal Rules

I love both versions. I also love the box's SE staffer look a like!!!

Scooped: (Basic but Fantastic) Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

I would never order chocolate ice cream of any kind but after tasting the remainders of this beauty, I may reconsider. Amazing deep dark silky chocolate.

A Sandwich a Day: Fried Green Tomato BLT from Hominy Grill in Charleston, SC

@freets-good memory!! See the bacon-shy bit above; I de-baconed my half and still enjoyed every last bite! The secret is that mayo, my god!

Austin, TX: Awesome Shaved Ice at Sno Beach Food Truck

I am so jealous of you Texans. Sno Cones scream the best part of summer to me!

How Do You Pay the Bill at Restaurants?

Max this made me laugh so hard.
my only solution-fast food, everyone pays up front (I'm kidding...I think)

Sugar Rush: Salted Caramel Cake at Empire Cake

I love Empire. The red velvet and the turtle cheesecake are amazing.

New Spring Flavors from Popbar

These look amazing, can just imagine strolling the West Village with one in hand.

Sugar Rush: Brunch Sweets at The Hominy Grill

The desserts are just to die for. I wish I was in Charleston more often, what a wealth of great restaurants in such a beautiful setting.

A Sandwich a Day: Fried Oyster Roll at Fatty 'Cue

I can see that but I must point out that this sandwich was majorly delicious, and very stick-to-your-ribs.

BraveTart: Make Your Own Hostess Sno Balls

I love these. Empire Cake in Chelsea NYC has them and they are just perfect little bites of decadence!

7 Sweet Pineapple Recipes We Love

@octopod Great idea about using the filling! Let us know how that goes!

Welcome Our New Editors!

So excited for the SE team. Nothing can stop you!

hot pepper jam

I feel like subbing in peppers instead of tomatoes would work here:

Jam on (...I had to)!

Pizza, Dumplings, and a Food Truck

Ahh Pizza, so many choices: start here with this 7 must-eat pizzas

Our favorite soup dumplings are at Shanghai Cafe Deluxe (100 Mott Street), Shanghai Asia Manor (21 Mott Street), and Shanghai Asian Cusine (14 Elizabeth Street)

We like Dessert Truck, Treats Truck, and The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (sensing a theme here?) as well as Cravings Truck, all of which have Twitter accounts!


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