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How Do We Save Starbucks?

I've tried Starbucks in France and in England (in Italy they do not have the courage to open: we like our coffee, and we like plain, but especially VERY fast!)...
I agree with your 5 points, but why not burn the coffee? I mean, you just need to lower the water temperature in your coffee machine, and bum, it's not burn any more...
So may be they can open in Italy too! I need a cosy armchair to work from!!!

How do you achieve scone success?

I found what for me is the perfect recipe for Scones on an old number of BBC Good Food: I've tried many times and always worked perfect, both straight from the oven or re-heated... But its so quick that I normally do it on the same morning I want to eat them...

Anyway, here's the link to it, on my blog:

Pork: It's the Meat of Kings

@kfarrel3: absolutely agree: this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Robyn!
Most of the time I already know without looking at the author that MUST be her!!!
I want to play this video all day long!!!

Are You a Reverse, Down-Home Food Snob?

Mind, I'm Italian, living in Italy, so I'm obviously spoiled!

A.) is always a noun - Yes
B.) is something you get invited to in a friend's backyard - Yes, or garden...
C.) cannot contain liquid smoke - Absolutely!

Fried Chicken:
A.) must always be pan-fried in a cast-iron skillet - that depends
B.) can just as good made in a fryolator - why not?
C.) is the most delicious way to cook chicken - well, not really... It's a way...
D.) is the best fast food on the planet - can be

A.) should only be eaten rare or medium-rare - Absolutely
B.) need to be served on a potato roll to be considered great - or a bun of other kind (I sometime have then with normal bread and they are as good!)
C.) do not need cheese - it's not a must
D.) need to be at least 15 percent fat to be considered great - I dunno, I make mine myself, with minced beef and some salsiccia, so I suppose they even have more...

Hot dogs:
A.) need to have a natural casing to be considered great - at least in this way is better for my stomac...
B.) should be all-beef - well, at least all meat...
C.) are best eaten grilled or griddled - boiled are not bad, if done in a good way...
D.) taste best deep-fried - EVERYTHING taste better deep fried!
E.) are best eaten standing up - yep!

A.) is the world's most perfect food - with spaghetti, yes!
B.) must be made in a coal or wood-burning oven- OF COURSE!!!!
C.) should never have pineapple on it - NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!
D.) must have discrete areas of sauce and cheese - and a discreet area of crust, free of anything...
E.) all of the above - Of course!

I add a F to this one:
F.) must have ONLY REAL mozzarella on it (unless is 4 formaggi, which can have at most 4 cheeses! And none of them can be fake mozzarella or Gruviere!!!)

So, ok, I'm a Reverse food snob...
Oh my: I though I was just caring about what goes into my mouth and stomach and the best way to cook it, but apparently this make me a food snob...
Sorry, but pizza with emmenthal or gruviere is just French trash: I cannot stand it!!!!

How To Kill a Chocolate Bunny in Three Exciting Ways!

You are evil Robyn!!!
Pure evil!
I can see you giggling watching this video!!!

Would you rather cook or be the guest?

Cook, so I do not have to say: "mmh, good" even if I don't think it!
If I cook something not so good, I'm the first to say it's not good! And the only one that can! ;-)

Photo of the Day: Shrimp Army

Encounters of the third type with a lemon in the middle of a paella!

Briançon eating

I live in Milan, Seyo, so for the Italian food I'm ok... :-)

What was your last "free" food or beverage?

I offer FREE Italian food tasting night for work (do not get excited: tasting are held in London, UK ;-D) and I actually have problem to find people coming!
And now I see that people is actually willing to have free food (because you should be a fool not to accept it, you know!)...
Sounds like the States are SO different from England...

Yet, you ussualy find free sample on Uk food magazines... Actually, last week I made a cake with two Lindt chocolate sample I found in magazines! :-)

How often do you follow a recipe exactly as written?

Once a month, for the Daring Bakers challenge...

If not, almost NEVER!

Mario Unclogged: How to Sauce Pasta

I'm in tears!!! couldn't agree more with Mario!!!

And Peekpoke, yes, kind of crunchy, at least in the middle!!!
His description of sauces and pasta are just perfect!
A prophet!

Jobs in the Food Industry

Blogging (I found my actual job through blogging: I write for an high quality Italian food company, and I organize food-related events both in Italy and England for them), networking (go everywhere there is something about food, introduce yourself, make some cards, and if you have a food blog is much easier) and being extremely well prepared (a preparation that you can achieve even by yourself).

My studies are academical, but historical and not food related... In Italy there are some food related studies, but if after that you are not able to maintain the good connections and to work (hard) your way up, is just a waste of time...

I worked in a kitchen too, and it's a very hard job, physically and psychologically: I will never recommend it...

And as Karen was saying, the "food industry" is vague: make a choice!

Would you rather give up chocolate or cheese?

I (almost) gave up chocolate...

And I almost gave up cheese...

I love both too much to give them up entirely...

Chopsticks vs Fork

Oh, yes! I feel strange to eat Chinese food with a fork...

Cook the Book: 'The Perfect Scoop'

My favourite flavour of gelato is for sure Nutellone: simple cream variagated with Nutella! Just heaven!
In the overall frozen compartment, my favourite is granita (grated ice with flavours, preferably natural flavours), made in the Sicilian way, very creamy...

Cook the Book: 'The Perfect Scoop'

My favourite flavour of gelato is for sure Nutellone: simple cream variagated with Nutella! Just heaven!
In the overall frozen compartment, my favourite is granita, made in the Sicilian way, very creamy...

Moleculary gastronomy, why does it give me a headache? Watch!

I think that the only chef in the world allowed to make stuff like that is its creator, Ferran Adrià...
All the rest is just fake, copycat...

Question of the Day: Embarrassing food moments

Once, in a crowded Chinese restaurant, I was playing with my chopsticks and they ended on the table behind us...
Never felt more stupid...

Question of the Day: Microwave! Huh! What is it good for?

Melt chocolate... Hot coffee... Hot cold stuff... That's it...
It's not even good to defrost: it takes ages...


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