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The Food Lab: For the Best Broccoli Cheese Soup, Divide and Conquer

Kenji, can that unloved bag of potato starch in my pantry that's been looking for a way to be used since I bought it for a gravy recipe a few Thanksgivings ago be used in place of whole potatoes?

Video: How to Make Gyudon (Japanese Simmered Beef and Rice Bowls)

Haha, @adnan, salaam, beating me to it. It's just a 1/4 cup of sake. I'd go a mix of 3 tbsp broth or water and 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar. It probably won't match flavor of sake closely or at all, but that type of mix tastes good in our house to keep Halal.

What You're Really Getting When You Buy Parmesan Cheese in America

Anyone know which animal(s) the rennet for real-deal Parmigiano Reggiano comes from?

Creamy Cajeta Ice Cream

This is going to happen. Question, though. Why no additional salt beyond the 1/8 tsp Diamond Crystal Kosher salt for the cajeta itself? Thanks!

3 Ingredients, 5 Minutes: Vibrant, Fruity, Super-Stable Whipped Cream

@Stella and @Kenji Thank you for asking this in public, actually. When whipping cream for serving guests over ice cream or pie, maybe a less overrun food processor whipped cream may come in handy.

Sous Vide Smoked Brisket

The rest time after salting is only 2-3 hours. If this were left overnight and pink salt were being used, would the pink smoke ring go further into the meat making is pastrami pink?

No Brine, No Heat: Easy Pickled Onions in Just 15 Minutes

Oh, you can add heat. Say, in the form of a sliced up serrano. :)

The Perfect Blueberry Pie: Fast, Easy, and Totally Reliable

@TheGorramBatman See the note above the ingredients, the 8 ounces is for wild blueberries, which throughout the year can be found frozen in some grocery stores (e.g. Wyman's brand).

How to Make the Ultimate Cherry Pie


So, tapioca starch. Which brand? I have "Tapioca Flour" from Bob's Red Mill, is that the same?

How to Make Oven-Baked Pork Ribs That Taste Like Smoky Barbecue

Awesome, Daniel. I'd like to try this with beef ribs. If you can think of any major call outs to take into account on differences from pork, do let me know.

@CaramelizedOnion Good idea. NPR covered pressure cooker ribs by Shirle Koslowski.

A Matter of Construction: How to Make Great Reuben Sandwiches for a Crowd

Good eye...I was hoping no one would notice. The photos came from a batch where I did toast both sides, before I decided I liked only one-sided toasting on a subsequent test.
Ah, thanks. Just wanted to make sure I understood the recommendation of toasting right.

And for sure, I agree, single-side toasting has its place. My preference? Peanut butter and jelly. Usually go with toasted side inside, but will try it on the outside like your recommendation here.

A Matter of Construction: How to Make Great Reuben Sandwiches for a Crowd

I never understood the Russian dressing on a Reuben. Replace it with mustard and I'm a happy man.
Or both. :)

@Daniel, on point with both 2nd Ave Deli and Zingerman's shout outs. Confused a bit from the pics. Recipes says to have untoasted side facing up for dressing and fillings, but pics look like toasted sides are facing up? Thanks.

Don't Toss Those Pits! Make This Fruity Cherry-Infused Whipped Cream Instead

Nice. So, can same be done/said of stone fruit ice cream? Say, as a peach ice cream base cools in fridge overnight their pits steep in the base, strained before churning?

6 Unexpected Factors That Can Ruin Your Gelatin Desserts

Thanks! I asked Modernist Pantry about their fish gelatin who told me, "The usage ratios are the same as knox gelatin." I placed the order and will test it out, making sure to add the gelatin at lower temperatures to dissolve. Fish marshmallows (sounds so appetizing), here I come!

6 Unexpected Factors That Can Ruin Your Gelatin Desserts

This article and specifically your comments with @scalfin are just what I've been looking for. While we wait for a piscine gelatin article, any tips on how to adjust for it? There are bloom conversion guides out there, but your article is the first I've seen to talk so much about differences in animal source (other than Modernist Pantry saying their fish gelatin has a lower gelling and melting point than gelatin produced from mammals). Anything about gelatin from fishies I should know about before trying to use it in place of, say Knox?

Asking as a Halal eater (appreciate the shoutout!) looking for the best option. Halal gelatin products exist from Pakistan and Indonesia, but they vary greatly and asking for their bloom is at best wishful thinking. And Kosher is acceptable for many Halal eaters and quality Kosher gelatin products are easy to find, but not all Halal eaters comfortable eating it.

Fish gelatin seems like the solution. Fish is unanimously Halal, and there are products like that Modernist Pantry Fish Gelatin. A little pricey, but it's a quality brand and actually comes with a bloom rating, 250, just a little higher than Knox's 225-230.

Just figured I should ask whatever I can about its fishy nature before I use it. Like, say, on an upcoming homemade Cool Whip recipe... Thanks!

Star Crunch: The Galaxy's Best No-Bake Cookie

YES, Bravetar back on the Little Debbie classics, and with a giant like Star Crunch!

The Best Sautéed Broccoli Rabe Is Overcooked Broccoli Rabe

Nice. So, how would one translate this concept for over/properly cooked broccoli rabe topped on pizza?

Why I Take My Asparagus out of the Fire and Into the Frying Pan

This was amazing. Perfectly charred and fully tender through each and every bite. Probably never want to grill them again. The pain of having to make sure they don't fall in the grates blown out of the water by the ease and result of this method. Will just bring out the cast iron on the grill if I have to. Thanks!

The Food Lab: How to Make New York's Finest Sicilian Pizza at Home

I hate to ask, but any theory on how to do two pizzas on two sheet pans at once? Willing to remove and rotate as needed. Asking because I have made both versions of your previous sheet pan pizzas in the past and found myself wanting to make two pans at once more than once. Now with your third one... more reason to double up. Thanks!

How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar

Just wow. Ice cream, coffee, chai, macerated strawberries, cookies, oh my.

Skip Dulce de Leche: Cajeta Is All You Need

Nice, a reason to consider buying the goat milk I always see. As if curdled dulce de leche of the past wasn't enough.

1. How about evaporated or powdered goat's milk? Only asking because someone else will.

2. Would that increase in stability mean ricotta from this would be more difficult than with UHT cow's milk?


Cajeta Casera (Homemade Goat's Milk "Caramel")

+1 for calling out use of Kosher salt as Diamond Crystal.

BraveTart: Conquering DIY Donettes

The BraveTart name rebranding continues. Good. Also, finally some dabbles of video from Serious Eats. Also good.


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