Poll: What's Your Favorite Way to Make Pizza at Home?

Kate have you tried making a pizza at home with a Pizzeria Pronto portable pizza oven?...It's amazing!!
I bought one 3 weeks ago and have made pizza 3 weekends in a row on my deck. It gets really hot 600-650 and the crust was perfect and the top... was bubbling like a glass of champagne!! Everyone loved the pizza and I made a bunch of them for a group of 8 people.
Try one and let us know what you think, we loved it.


We love making pizza at home and do it almost every weekend...It is pretty good on a stone in the oven and even better on a pizza stone on my gas grill.
I am thinking buying a portable type of outdoor pizza oven to make pizza on my deck. I noticed that you liked the Kettle pizza maker. Do you know or has anyone tried the new Pizzeria Pronto portable pizza oven from Sur la Table? Looks cool and really inexpensive. How well does it work?

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