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Crimes Against Pizza: An Opinionated Guide to Not Messing Up Your Pie

Dear Nicky, loved that article. Not bcs I love Pizza so much. But your passion frr it. I'm a frozen Pizza Eater. Ether bcs our sacred "Stiftung Warentest" recommends a certain brand over most pizzerias here in Germany but also bcs I actually don't really like Pizza (that's possible, yes) and only buy it if i don't want to cook and i see that certain brand on offer in my favorite thrift store. Still prefer a "Stulle" (North German word for open faced sandwich) over a pizza. But also bcs, yes, Germanies fascination with Italian lifestyle has led to great gelaterias, wholesale - market- style Italian supermarkets and every homecooking magazine has an article on making pasta dough like an old Sardinian woman...but pizza, well. And yes, chicago deep dish is my style. Like dough more than anything else.
Anyway, aside from Kenjis Tortilla Pizza I don't like it enough to bother doing my own. Aside from spending a lot of energy to preheat my bread-baking stone to do it since spending energy on anything has become a capital crime here, too.
So, I see it in the market and buy it, probably 3 times a year. I also use it to get rid of some fridge-blockers. And that's fine.
But I apprreciate you being passionate about it.
Like I was - and still am - about chili(es-/ies).
When the internet became available I knew only the Maggi-Fix Chili my mom (not an andventurous cook) sometimes did. Ground beef, canned corn, beans, bag of aforementioned.
I was trying to be holier than thou and only cooked really hot , no bean, chuck chili and pretended to like it bcs it was authentic. I didn't bcs of the heat I couldn't taste anything. Same with Indian cuisine.
Over the years(and less time to be spend cooking) I sort of accepted that I like Kenjis ground beef chili best. Ilike my curries complex but also sweet and my own home cooking really well (overcooked veges, lots of well bound sauces and such). Still, I get really angry anyone's mentioning a kale chip. Just to explain: I come from the northernmost part of Germany and Kale has been a thing here for about 10000 years ( if you believe Anthropologists). It's not fun, it's taken as seriously as bbq in the US. Some 400-people-town has some sausage to go with it - the next 500-people-town with another sausage is wrong! Some bind it with oats (wheat wasn't grown here some 100 yrs. ago) , some with oat grits - different minds altogether.
Long story, short read: I love people being passionate about their specialities and such - I also love people just make somethiing the way they like it and don't care about tradition...and I hope to read more about your traditions and your "just-like-it-like-thats". I tremendously enjoy your articles aside from "this week on" and hope to hear more from your soon ( and that adorable Delany helps, now, without this week on, any chance to see more pics?). Sincerely, Sanni

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Sounds of Being the Boss

Tyson, I (don't) just say thanks. Your stories remind me so much of growing up in a family business. Never had the desire to visit N.Y. (from Germany) but now I have to just to visit the A.S. (don't even like pork).

Forget Totchos, Nugchos, and Spamchos; Steakchos are The Ultimate Nacho Hybrid

thanks for that great recipe, Kenji, I'm so going to make this when my home-grown heirloom tomatoes for the salso are at the peak of their ripeness which is in exactly 96-1/2 days. and thanks for the inventive idea of using your hands as a serving bowl, saves you lot of cleanup.
p.s.: also love that the recipe is gluten free and low sugar!

Freeze Fresh Herbs for Long-Term Storage

Hi Kenji, got some basil outta my freezer which was from 2011. Tasted fine. Used some "puree in oil" method I got somewhere from the i-net (didn`t know SE that time). Now to my request.: I love marjoram, even dried. Very popular herb in German cuisine. Do you have experience with it? Better micro-dried or oil-frozen? Thanks for your answer (though I envy the fact you can already sow herbs in California I can't even think of in before 6 weeks).

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Congrats to the new cooking top (wish I you've got me one, too). I hear you've got some employees who can't control their temper...Leandra, I'll miss you and best wishes for whatever your plans are. Please, keep us posted, just don't dissappear! (Like Robyn! Robyn?!).Bye and thanks from here. Sanni

For the Best Oatmeal Pancakes, Toast Your Oats and Brown Your Butter

Hi Kenji, nice article. Also love your stories, you're a good journalist, aside from cook. I' ve got one question though: in Germany there are also three types of oats commonly available but they differ from yours. It's soft flakes (ground to a flour, steamed, pressed into flakes), flakes made from whole oats and steamed (cook in about 2 mins.) and flakes, not cooked, just flaked roughly. Could I use those - weight by weight - for your recipe or is it worth the bother to get cracked (steel cut) oats at the reformhaus? Everthing but flaked is also too much for my blender (good one but not very fancy) so i would need to find another way to grind them. Thaaaaaaanks alot

The Secrets of Amazing Soba: Behind the Scenes at Miyabi 45th

Loved that article. Come from Europe's top buckwheat growing regions so it's a familiar flavor and one that I love. Sadly I can only get dried Soba noodles here but I still like them. I would love it if you could add a recipe to this article since even if it takes years of training to master the art you need a point to start somewhere...

How to Make Vegan Chorizo That Even a Carnivore Will Relish

thanks aya for your answer.guess it's lentil soup tomorrow.

The Secrets of Aging Cheese: A Tour of Murray's Cheese Caves

this article has way too little comments. really.. stopped making my own cheese bcs of the carings involved in aging.

How to Make Vegan Chorizo That Even a Carnivore Will Relish

thought all my questions had been answered but no. how would you treat dried lentils? for some reason canned lentils are only sold with added veges in germany which i could pick out but it's close to 50/50 veges/lentils so that's a pain. only soak and dry? cook and dry? thanks for your answer.

Our Vegan Month Progress, Week 4: Temptation, Cheating, and What We've Learned

Hi from here, love the way you'rre honest about things you feel you've lost. still love this vegan month since i can't eat animals i heard. and it's getting more and more. never thought i would be this way, being brought up in a rural area were you slaughered what you wanted to eat but for me , well. couldn't eat my dog, my chickens, my rabbits and even all of the pets i adopted when chosing my pets,

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

really, can we trade delaney for line (my kuvasz-mix)? only one day bcs i'd never let line go but delaneys eyes...and i seriously need more of kenjis new pup. still go here for the food but sometimes wonder if it sshould be called serious dogs

The Art of Tarte Flambée: Alsatian Pizza With Fromage Blanc, Bacon, and Onions

Hi, I love your article, making this a bit clearer for me (being North German and not really caring for food made south of the Elbe river). Flammkuchen was a big food thing in Germany 2 yrs. ago - every restaurant with an oven started making (or heating pre-frozen stuff). I could never swallow it since the mom of a boy I had a crush on in 7th grade was from the German side of the Elsass and made it (apparently to her birth-villages traditions) the following: make patee brisee, top with creme fraiche, add lots of lardons, sprinkle on some onions, sprinkle on some parsley and black pepper. Bake. I don't need to mention this was fat layered on fat layered with fat and some aromatics and not in a good way. Not shy of fat and sorry to tell all of you my story but this needed to get out.
P.S.: I will so try the above recipe with BREAD DOUGH

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Great. I'm so in love with Delany(still missing Jamon pics...Kenji?!!). But this week I'm also deeply in love with the Daniel/Max-Crossing-Arms pic. Thanks Niki for taking these awesome pictures and also for your Erotic-Foods article. Note to Ed: we need Serious Eats Germany!

Virginia Willis on the Greatest Cookbooks and What People Get Wrong About Southern Food

I love this cookbook feature. Especially since I'd like to know more about southern cooking. But here's my question: I'd also like to purchase two of the books and support Serious Eats. Is there a way I can do that ordering at Amazon Germany? If so, please let me know. Thanks, Susanne

Take it With You: The Best Culinary Souvenirs

Dear everyone, I love this article. Though i can't keep it real through one travel. First time i visited Canada I sent my clothes home with mail bcs I was too busy packing BC cake mixes in my suitcases. I would never use a germaan cake mix.A. is different though. I considered them such a precious thing I had to trough them out 3 yrs. past their date (last yr- to be honest). I still use spices my parents (40 yrs. ago) brought from Sri Lankaa. Sometimes it's crap, sometiees it's good. sometimes it's a treasure. But honestly i agree with

The Vegan Experience: How to Make a Vietnamese Noodle Salad That Eats Like a Meal

@Kenjii, I need to say (in case you didn't read my first reply on stroganoff) another sorry-and-thank-you to this very cute I'll bite you face. But on the matter of this recipe, couldn't you provide a fry-your-own-tofu recipe in the vegan month? I can't stand the thought of yuba, being just what I hated on pudding my mom made. Dad was eating the skin (and loved it), brother and me where eaTING the rest. But I can't stop thinking about tofu puffs which aren't to get anywhere in Germany. Tried everything. Would love a foodlab thinh on this. THanks for your work. Sanni

Regional Mexican Cuisine: Get to Know the Soul Food of Michoacán

Dear Chris, thanks so much for this series. There's many cuisines I love, my native German, Thai, Portuguese, but Mexican still is the most fascinating for me. Since I love about any nightshade there is I appreciate learning about it. And there are so many mexican states I didn't know about I'm taking your series as a jump-off point to learn more about mex geography, too. Nice to hear in Michoacan they're using Guajillo as that's about the only mild pepper I can get in Germany for a reasonable price. Please continue this series more often to enlighten us ignorant Germans about Mex cuisine.

How to Make Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

Hi TOmmifromKiel, sanni from ellerbek (the one located in Kreis Pinneberg, not Kiel...)here. Been doing lots of American baking in the past years and have always been frustrated with corn syrup, given the price of a)Karo or b)Glucose syrup here. I usually substitute Hellen Sirup mixed with water to a more (candy) or less (baking) consistency. Bought a bottle of Karo (6€) once -when Karstadt was still having their international food section - to get the feel for the consistency. That's always worked fine for me. If you're willing/able to spend, and since you're in Kiel I think I saw some at Citti Grossmarkt in Lübeck last time I've been there. I find they have a very good intern. food section, some items even cheaper than, say, asian markets. Good luck and moin moin

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 4

dear kenji,thanks a lot for doing the vegan month again. i get so many ideas from it, being someone who was a carnivore for a long time but since i got "industry" animals like chicken and cattle i can't take it anymore. i know it is not nice, but for me having "pets" with a name on them made it harder to consume their "products".
it's not that i don't want to eat meat- sometimes i feel like i need animal protein - i just can't anymore. even eating chicken broth which i love tastewise i can't overcome the thought it's made out of Goldi, Roy and Frieda. and my cattle (which are water buffalo - not shying away from Lines (my dog) threatens. I dunno how that happened but it happened and I'm more than happy you gave me veg options to get the umami flavor i crave. thanks kenji

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

sorry - another reply. it's very hard to find pearl onions in germany (for whatever reason) unless they're pickled. should i just use reg onions chopped small or shallots or pickled pearl onions rinsed? thanks for your reply.(if there's any other north german out here and you know where to get reasonably priced pearl onion i'd love to hear your reply, too)

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

sorry it took me so long to reply...all my pets are sick. and sorry to hear about yuba. i will miss her "curious - is it tasty"-face but i can only imagine your loss (having overlived two dogs yet i suppose i know how heartbraking it can be). but pics of jamon and his new companion made my day. regarding cooking i've try this rec and it's amazing. used venison loin though bcs i could get it for a better price than beef in germany and it's more sustainable. anyways, great. i don't like my meat red but in this case i loved it. do you plan to do a food lab about making stock from "other" parts of the animal? got into making stock recently and would love to have the ultimate guildlines. or get daniel to do it? thanks anyways for all of your work and the good reads on the end of a stressy day.

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

kenji, you're working a lot given that you're on a holiday...very interesting photos from colombia. though i've never eaten beef stroganoff as a kid (mom's from the former ddr and hated everything russian) i will probably continue to cook it from a ddr cookbook my mom gave me when she realized i don't hated cooking but liked it( she always cooked from scratch but hated it). it also calls for pickles so that might not be entirely scandivian. but i will so try your recipe anyways bcs the only meat i can swallow these days is tenderloin and i love mushrooms. given the mild winter we have in germany i can still harvest fresh thyme. great. thank you for keeping up the work. still i wonder - where are yuba and jamon? greetings also from line, my kuvasz-berner-mix.

The Best Way to Mince Garlic

well, if my knife skills (and knife-sharpening-skills) were better i'd probably knife mince the garlic bcs i like to work with knives. but they aren't, so i use my mini food processor (with two really sharp blades) to chop garlic. one thing i was wondering about: does anyone know if there's a genetic immunity to tasting garlic? I always use triple (raw) or quadruple (cooked) the amount a recipe calls for to notice there's something. i don't mind kissing a man who's just eaten a döner-kebap, too. i just can't smell or taste it. just wondering. btw, thanks daniel for your article, reminds me of to get better with a knife ( i'm allright in pruning plants but not in chopping ingredients).

The Food Lab: How to Make Extra Creamy Squash Lasagna

okay ill be doing this with sweet potatoes or german turnips because i found out i like them better than pumpkin/squash. anyways, i'm so happy you make a lasagna with bechamel bcs i'm used to european recipes of lasagna which are never made with cottage or ricotta cheese. always a bechamel. thanks kenji.