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The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

sorry - another reply. it's very hard to find pearl onions in germany (for whatever reason) unless they're pickled. should i just use reg onions chopped small or shallots or pickled pearl onions rinsed? thanks for your reply.(if there's any other north german out here and you know where to get reasonably priced pearl onion i'd love to hear your reply, too)

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

sorry it took me so long to reply...all my pets are sick. and sorry to hear about yuba. i will miss her "curious - is it tasty"-face but i can only imagine your loss (having overlived two dogs yet i suppose i know how heartbraking it can be). but pics of jamon and his new companion made my day. regarding cooking i've try this rec and it's amazing. used venison loin though bcs i could get it for a better price than beef in germany and it's more sustainable. anyways, great. i don't like my meat red but in this case i loved it. do you plan to do a food lab about making stock from "other" parts of the animal? got into making stock recently and would love to have the ultimate guildlines. or get daniel to do it? thanks anyways for all of your work and the good reads on the end of a stressy day.

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

kenji, you're working a lot given that you're on a holiday...very interesting photos from colombia. though i've never eaten beef stroganoff as a kid (mom's from the former ddr and hated everything russian) i will probably continue to cook it from a ddr cookbook my mom gave me when she realized i don't hated cooking but liked it( she always cooked from scratch but hated it). it also calls for pickles so that might not be entirely scandivian. but i will so try your recipe anyways bcs the only meat i can swallow these days is tenderloin and i love mushrooms. given the mild winter we have in germany i can still harvest fresh thyme. great. thank you for keeping up the work. still i wonder - where are yuba and jamon? greetings also from line, my kuvasz-berner-mix.

The Best Way to Mince Garlic

well, if my knife skills (and knife-sharpening-skills) were better i'd probably knife mince the garlic bcs i like to work with knives. but they aren't, so i use my mini food processor (with two really sharp blades) to chop garlic. one thing i was wondering about: does anyone know if there's a genetic immunity to tasting garlic? I always use triple (raw) or quadruple (cooked) the amount a recipe calls for to notice there's something. i don't mind kissing a man who's just eaten a döner-kebap, too. i just can't smell or taste it. just wondering. btw, thanks daniel for your article, reminds me of to get better with a knife ( i'm allright in pruning plants but not in chopping ingredients).

The Food Lab: How to Make Extra Creamy Squash Lasagna

okay ill be doing this with sweet potatoes or german turnips because i found out i like them better than pumpkin/squash. anyways, i'm so happy you make a lasagna with bechamel bcs i'm used to european recipes of lasagna which are never made with cottage or ricotta cheese. always a bechamel. thanks kenji.

Manner Matters: Should You Tattle on Kids Sneaking Food?

i don't agree with "mind your own business". of course you're not there to judge anyone or be a therapist but being eating disorderd on your own (which i am) you're much more sensitive for others peoples behavior. it might help the girl and spare her long years of suffering if you address the object to her parents. i like mollies approach of not focusinng on e.d. but on the bad manners, especially if the parents know about your history with food. good luck.

Getting high on Cinnabon?

one really good tip my parents gave me when i was old enough to drink is stay away from the sugary stuff. they also made sure i brought quality alcohol when taking something to a party. saved me hangovers. while i like a straight cool moscovscaya i can't staND anything flavored now, reminds me of medicine.

what to do with frozen mussel meat?

@breezycooking I will try fresh mussels again that's for sure. Living near Hamburg next to the coast we get very fresh mussels grown in the north sea here. I just thought frozen could be a nice shortcut but when it comes to good food little is...

How often do you price compare when you shop?

I price shop all the time. Most basics are bought at Lidl or Aldi but I also like special markets that sell overstocks or such for lower prices. I'm picky when it comes to meat and veg though - luckily I live in a rural area where we have a good butcher who slaughters himself and sells the meat very reasonably priced. There are also many stalls on the street where you can get cheap seasonal produce and my garden comes i handy too. For special items i almost always go to the turkish or Korean store, why pay 5€ for a small bottle of soy sauce in the supermarket when i can get much better quality at the Asian market for 2€?

what to do with frozen mussel meat?

so i've tried the paella style thing and found out...i dont like mussels anymore. the paella was great but i had to pick out the mussels. funny thing as i used to love mussels. at least i know now that i don't like them anymore. thanks forr all your input though. sanni

what to do with frozen mussel meat?

thanks for all your input. yes, they are precooked. i'm glad enough they don't have to be defrosted, bcs i forgot to remove them from the freezer yesterday and i'll probably be making some paella-thing today. i'll i to make do with some seafood broth because for some reason you can't get clam juice in germany. Will keep you posted how it works. sanni

No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Bars

I like these a lot. They are just like the fruit bars you buy for a lot of money. Still I had to add a bit of hot water to the mix to make it come together. I will make this recipe over and over again, using different types of dried fruit. Thanks.

Vegan Sweet Potato and Two Bean Chili With Hominy

thank you kenji for another winner. i made the chili yesterday and it's all gone. I made a couple substitutions based on what is available in germany (hard to get mex ingredients here) and what i had on hand, e.g. subbing yeast flakes for the marmite. it was a wonderful bowl of red, we had it with potatoes and shredded cheese. i'll be using carrots instead of sweet potatoes next time and looking forward to making this again.

What are you giving up?

Not giving up anything foodwise as I don't like meat at the moment anyway (had a knuckle in my chinese chicken 3 weeks ago and I absolutely can't tolerate this, now I "fear" tissue or knuckles in everything meaty - sad) but I'm going to smoke less and not buy new clothes for a month. Very interesting topic.

not so greasy satay sauce

thanks for your recipe will try tomorrow and i'll report back

not so greasy satay sauce

i used recipes based on coconut milk (canned) and peanut butter with added spices. that could be it, i don't have avitamix only a regular blender but i'd be grateful for your recipes..thanks sanni

What food would you miss most as a vegan?

i second dairy. i don't eat meat all that often but sometimes i need my beef...not a fan of white meat.but a life without yoghurt would be really sad.

Most underrated foods?

that was cabbage growin region, of course

Most underrated foods?

definitely cabbage and potatoe. I almost live on both, being located close to Europes largest cabbage growing reason. They are so versatile whenprepared right. I'm not a vegetarian but I often sub potatoes for meat in chili, curry and the like. In fact my dinner today will be oven wedges with Kenjis nacho sauce.

Crispy Kung Pao Tofu

Hi there this recipe looks great but i can't find broad bean paste (no, amazon german doesn't sell it :-( What could be a substitute? Yellow bean sauce probably? Thanks for your help! sanni

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

i wish my dog was tiny enough to wear a wintersuit. But she has a coat for about -
30*C degrees. Hambone is looking pretty happy though. wish all the good guys at serious eats a happy new one.

What Would You Choose for Your Last Drink on Earth?

moskovskaya - a well chilled bottle of..and a packet of strong licorice candy, my fav combination

best way to roast a duck help asap needed

thanks for all your quick help. i did the epicurious recipe bcs it was easier and i didnt feel like much cooking. it was great. next time kenjis recipe will be tried.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters: Winter Break Edition

the goats are adorable. if any of you guys currently in europe fly over hamburg, germany you're invited over for dinner :-)

What Alcoholic Drinks Do You Hate?

i'm with the gin hater crowd. just the smell makes me gag. and i'm not a big cocktail or mixed-anything drinker. stay with some straight, good quality spirit and never have a hangover.

what to do with frozen mussel meat?

Hi there, i bought a bag of frozen, deshelled mussels because i had a sudden mussel i don't know what to do with them. Do i defrost them before using? how to use them in recipes calling for freshly cooked mussels? any avice will be appreciated, thanks.

not so greasy satay sauce

hi guys i've tried a lot of satay sauces lately and all of them have a greasy mouthfeel. is this just the way satay s. are? i don't care for the calories i just don't like the fel. would anyone have a non greasy satay sauce? thanks in advance sanni

best way to roast a duck help asap needed

i thought it would be easy to find a good recipe for crisp roasted duck - it's not. the duck is supposed to be lunch today so no more time for brining etc. i'd also prefer unstuffed. does anyone have a proven technique /recipe? i'd owe you forever! thx sanni