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Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills, Queens

YES! The De Sica reference lives to see another day, thanks. Your 'zone pics really do it proper justice...covet that hot pocket at any time of day, and yes, beats the pizza by a nose. Not only good, but really "old country" authentic -- my Neapolitan stepmother presses hers similarly down, as though she's fixing to slide them under some attic door.

Daily Slice: Motorino's Cherrystone Clam Pizza, East Village, NYC

Looks great and will have to try. Re: the superb brussel sprouts/pancetta version, my wife once made the slightest comment in passing to our server that at a previous visit, her bs/p pie was under-brussel-sprouted (and indeed it was). What followed that day was a beautifully rendered bs/p pie that just popped with bright green brussel sprout leaves. While they should all come out that way, it does show the spirit of the place.

Street Food: MUD Truck at Astor Place

Agree with the generally negative review. You want to like it. It should be good. It's orange. They pump out WPLJ standards circa 1985. But the coffee and derivative drinks are nothing special, oftentimes thin and not robust tasting. You don't control the dairy aspect, either, which while not a unique failing is a failing anyway. And their prices are no big bargain -- over the summer I would sometimes get the large iced coffee (black) from the Wall St./William St. truck, for $4! I doubt their large holds more than 16 fl. oz., so minus the ice you're not talking about much product.

Pizza Palace: Knoxville, Tennessee's Pizza Drive-In

Looks like it came out of a box. Yes, it's Knoxville, and yes there's beer and soul, but sorry-looking pizza.

Madison, Wisconsin: A Disappointing Dud at The Roman Candle

I'm not really here for any review of pizza from Madison, WI. I will say that the photo at the top, depicting the bucolic, dusky building setting at Ingersoll and Williamson, is quite lovely.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn: Paulie Gee's

pauliegee, I know you're probably working on your business like an "animale" as it is, but any thought to middle-of-the-day hours at your place, if only on weekends? Thanks and best wishes.

Home Slice Brings a Slice of NYC to Austin, Texas

I commend the reviewer for managing to keep such a keen focus on the pizza product alone. I was in Austin in December and took note of the crowd (forget about "line") outside Home Slice. It was a sunny, brisk late afternoon and their side of South Congress (east side) was catching some terrific sunlight. That's a great part of town. Magnolia's just down the road, and you could throw a rock and hit Zilker Park. It's not like you're stuck eating by some bus stop outside the Port Authority.

Fried Calamari Slice at Portobello's in Tribeca

More gloopity cheese and seafood? Bizarre...and, oh yes, wrong. Jim Lahey would probably do seafood on a pie right -- I'm thinking a cheeseless crust slicked with oil and red pepper flakes, some greenery for color, and a lemon squeeze over the top. But putting calamari on a regular pie?!? I guess it's edible and maybe even likeable if each component is high-quality, but it could be so much better!

'Always Hungry' on the Calzone at Nick's in Forest Hills

Nick's calzone is the best I've had in the city. It passes the ultimate test: its best version is the "plain," or ricotta and mozzarella only version, with marinara on the side (as depicted in the photo). The crispychewy shell, smell, flavor, and mouthfeel evoke the fabled mozzarella-in-carozza-envy scene in De Sica's "Bicycle Thief." Another big plus is the shape -- it's pressed virtually flat, in the classic, homey Neapolitan style. Cannot say enough good things about this dish.

Signed, Nick's calzone fan from 1994

Exploring the Roots of Stuffed Pizza with an Easter Calzone from Scudiero's

Chicago Italo-American culture has really gotten away from saying "when."

Manzo's Pizzeria & Ristorante: Proof That Great Pizza Does Not Need a Great Crust

We need to get to an harmonious place where we can conclude that this stuff is not in Motorino's or Co.'s class - not by a very long shot - and yet would still be fun to eat on its own terms. If I'm at this place watching a game with the MGD set to "heavy pour," this pizza would more than do the trick. Context, people...context.

Poll: Do You Eat and/or Dip Your Pizza Crusts?

Forgot to add-- would never dip, no matter where the pizza's from. I just love bread, period.

Poll: Do You Eat and/or Dip Your Pizza Crusts?

My 4-year-old leaves the crust. He's too into the bread-and-sauce synergy of the rest of the slice. From Sal & Carmine's, though, it's probably more a lack of jaw strength issue. I love crust and will go to lengths. He recently threw down a week-old slice from S & C's, leaving the crust, which I then enjoyed. Even after a week, the crust had wonderful taste, crispness, and chewiness. It was like a fresh bialy minus the onion.

Paulie Gee's Opening Tonight in Greenpoint

Thanks, Adam. What was on your namesake pizza, by the way?

Dear Slice: 'Visiting NYC Again; Where Should I Go for Pizza This Time?'

Had lunch at Motorino Manhattan last Saturday. Very, very impressed. First off, they take your cell # so you can roam the neighborhood while you wait for your table. There's an excellent vintage emporium on 1st Ave between E 12 and E 13 that's a heckuvalot more interesting than standing around. We ordered the two available salads then, a mixed greens (nothing special, underportioned, greens were fresh though but not much there there) and a beet/ricotta salata that was delicious (but again, not really for sharing size-wise). Three pies: margherita, sausage/mushroon, and brussel sprout leaves/pancetta. All delicious, like really good. Must clarify that they're not brussel sprouts, they're the leaves only, and while pretty to look at with appealling mouth-feel, any flavor they might have is overwhelmed by the pancetta. I love pancetta, so I'm simply noting this point of fact. Noticed that much of the female clientele gravitate to the bs + p pizza, maybe because of the shrubbery or maybe not, but if so, Co.'s Popeye spinach version is better balanced. During the week, the lunch special at Motorino is a flat $12 for any one of several 'zas plus either a savory dish or a dessert - great deal.

The Bronx: Louie & Ernie's Pizza for a Sausage/Onion Pie to Haunt Your Dreams

FINALLY a place that knows how to "ball" sausage chunks for pizza. Pizza looks terrific, beautiful shots, will go. As much as I love Sal & Carmine's (for ex.), and S & C does use a very fine tasting fennely sausage product, their 1/4 inch thick salami style slicing technique often leaves me with too much of an inadvertently swiney big-bite.

In Which I Finally Get My Ass to Pizzeria Bianco, Have Amazing Pizza, and Finally Write About It

Loved the post, Adam - nice storytelling. The pizzas look amazing. You'd have to agree that if there's one place where you wouldn't mind waiting outside for 2+ hours until opening time, it's probably somewheres in the Valley of the Sun.

What's Your Favorite New York Slice?

L&B for Sicilian - Sal & Carmine's (B'way @ W.101 St.) for a classic "triangolo."

AHT Poll: Has a Burger Ever Given You Food Poisoning?

Too tough to tell. There's an interesting passage in "Fast Food Nation" about a person who attributed their food poisoning to some greasy, sloppy enchiladas they had had. It was later determined to have been caused by some ground meat, and not the enchiladas. Point is, without testing, a layperson cannot self-diagnose what caused what.

Angelina Pizzabar: Pizza Concept or Seriously Delicious?

Sorry to hear you had a mediocre dining experience. I dropped a note to Adam about the place coming from the perspective of someone who, if looking for a nearby "little more than a slice joint" (agreed that Sal & Carmine's is superb), we'd have to truck down to Dean's on West 85th - Angelina's was just a couple blocks north and that proximity for me is worth some points. Yes, it's soulness and opportunistic, but I can walk there. (There's a Woody Allen line in there somewhere.) Anyway, last weekend we discovered the M116 bus which gets us from West 106th to East 116th and 1st Ave. - 20 minutes later, hello, original Patsy's!!!!

Alton FINALLY Sold Out!

No issue with doing an endorsement, but for this garbage? Grape juice has 50% more sugar than Coke. It's the worst of the fruit juices in that respect, which is saying something. Please people, juice is not "healthful."

Initial Report: Five Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen

Looks terrible. Is all that lettuce meant to suggest "plentiful bounty?" That slick of cheese looks like it was ladled on. Adam, you're soo right that something - anything - should have been done with the napkin settings to reference the restaurant's name - how do you put down just one napkin here, like every other place?

At least they've gotten rid of Nice Matin's once-topping for this, bitter and toothsome grilled radicchio. Uh, no.

8-Year-Old Forced to Eat Organic Macaroni and Cheese

I can almost hear the chorus of dads murmur, "I'll eat it if [name] doesn't want it... ." Annie's tastes good, people. The pasta has a nutty earthy flavor, and the cheese isn't all gloopity.

A Revisit to Stand: Burger Backslider No More

Livetotravel, have to compliment your use of the terms "young gut" and "salt lick" - that could have been ripped from William Goldman's superb "Harper" screenplay, but wasn't. Are you Larry McMurtry?


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