Home Cook passionate about food - process of publishing first cookbook (nervous & excited) and longing to open a restaurant. Have a very supportive husband that put's up with my crazy experiments!

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  • Location: UK
  • Favorite foods: Most things except offal. Have a bit of a chilli fetish.
  • Last bite on earth: Beef Carpaccio to start, Veal Parmigianna for main, Good French & Italian Cheeses to finish. Fabulous wine to go with it of course.

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The Australian Burger

Of course! It wouldn't be a true blue Aussie Burger without it :)

Regional hamburgers

Being an Australian (ok half danish) I obviously think aussies have the best burgers. I live in the UK now and missed the Oz Beach Burger so much I had to re-create it myself and think I have it right now. Word of warning - you need an appetite as its a MONSTER! I come from a beach town called Surfers Paradise (yea naff name I know) but really does house the best burger joints. Anyway here's my best shot at it :)

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