Lobster rolls (and other food) in and around Boston

I recently had a fun experience in Boston - we took an MBTA water taxi (I think the fare was $1.70) from near the Aquarium to the Charlestown Navy Yard and had dinner at the Navy Yard Bistro. The Navy Yard Bistro has a nice mix of affordable and upscale menu items and an excellent wine program. (Their liquor license is just beer & wine, only a problem if you had your heart set on hard liquor.)
The water taxi ride was a great way to see the waterfront.

Looking for cookbook

Sounds like Cooks Illustrated (America's Test Kitchen)

Peeling cooked chickpeas?

A woman I know who makes excellent hummus said she cooks the chick peas in a crock pot and then rubs them between her palms to remove the skins. She also grinds & toasts her own spices and makes pita chips.
I have to admit, I have not tried her methods (labor intensive!) but you can be sure when I see her handiwork at a party I'm first in line!

how long can it keep in the marinade?

I agree with above comments, don't leave it too long in the marinade - overnight is good.

Pizza toppings

I finally got my son the picky eater to try something more than cheese pizza by topping the usual tomato sauce with bacon, corn & cheddar.
(frozen corn straight from the freezer worked great)

Best thing to do with fiddlehead ferns?

I made some about two weeks ago - soaked thoroughly, blanched & then sauteed in olive oil with shallot. Simple. Delicious.

I have too much lovage. Any ideas what to do with it?

The hollow stalks make good Bloody Mary straws.

Grape leaves

I've seen goat cheese wrapped in grape leaves and grilled.

Chocolate dessert

Ina Garten's brownie recipe is also very good - really rich & chocolatey!

Food Movies

Also Spanglish is very good, Thomas Keller consulted on it.

Food Movies

Julie & Julia was good - the "Julia" parts are great.

50s Housewife Nibblers
Rachel at Coconut & Lime just did a 50's party & blogged about it.

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

Foodie Fail Gifts:
"olive oil set" (cruset, dishes, rack) - no need and no place to store it.
Case of wine - mostly screw tops, nothing over $12/bottle.

storing fresh herbs

You could also strip off the leaves and puree with some oil and freeze in ice cube tray or plastic bag.


I've only seen brined or packed in salt. Olive oil sounds interesting, what are you using them for?

Bacon Appetizer?

Watermelon rind pickles wrapped in bacon are delicious. Sweet, tart bacony - mmmm.

catering for 30 (christmas dinner

Stove top stuffing - that isn't......

I think boullion would give you the artificial & highly salted flavor you're trying to replicate.

I could use some advice on what to charge for catering?

3 times food cost.

Eating in Key West

We loved Santiago's Botega - Cuban small-plates/tapas style restaurant.

Where do peanuts originate from?

Please see a doctor, peanut allergy is very serious!

Lactose-free Thanksgiving etiquette tips/dessert ideas please!

Sorbet is a good dairy-free dessert option.
How nice of you to go to such lengths to make him feel welcome, true hospitality!

overwhelmed with pot roast options

I only use chuck for pot roast, comes out great every time.

Search It!

Not all members of this community are as kind as you assumed, just ignore the comments that aren't helpful.

What's up for dinner tonight? Thursday 10/15

It is my son's birthday, so we had his favorite meal: bacon-wrapped filet mignon, green beans and mashed potatoes. I also added mushrooms sauteed with vermouth and roasted asparagus for the adults.

Orlando Restaurant Recommendations

We are surprising my 9 year old son with a trip to Orlando on Christmas day - leaving that afternoon.
We'll be there 6 days, and I'd like to have at least one really nice dinner (or lunch) out.
Wondering what all you Serious Eaters think about the dining scene. Has anyone eaten at any of the celebrity-owned (e.g. Emeril Lagasse, Wofgang Puck) places? Do you have a favorite Disney restaurant? We'll be exploring Universal for the first time, anything worthwhile there?

Brining a Whole Pig

I'm in charge of preparing the 75 whole pig we'll be roasting at our block party next weekend. Anyone have a suggestion for how much brine I'll need?
Related: What side dishes would you serve?

Father's Day Grill Menu?

Fathers' Day is coming up, we're having a pool party (or, since we're in New England, a "cook out".) I'll probably serve hamburgers and hotdogs with some kabobs and a few salads ... nothing too fancy. Anyone else cooking for Dad? What's on your menu?

Toaster Recommendations?

Somehow, a piece of plastic got melted in my toaster this morning. Now I not only have a horrible smell lingering in the house, I am also in need of a new toaster.
Anyone have thoughts on toasters - Love yours? Hate it?

What Would You Make To Help a Family Through a Tough Time?

I'm making dinner (along with some other moms) for a family to help them out while the mother has surgery. I don't know them well, so I don't have any specifics on food preferences, but I do know they have a large freezer and may be storing some meals for later. I think they'll get a lot of baked pastas, so I'm leaning toward beef stew to give them some variety. What would you make?

Mince(meat) Pie

It is my Dad's favorite, so I'm bringing it to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm pretty sure my grandmother used the filling from a jar, so I can always fall back on that, but I am open to making the real thing.
Has anyone made it from scratch? Any advice? Do you really use suet?

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