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Savory Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese, garlic and lots of dill...yummm~

Spinach: Way or No Way?

I absolutely adore spinach. I always use fresh baby spinach, sautee it in a bit of olive olive, garlic, red pepper flakes and a pinch of nutmeg. Sometimes I'll add green onions and a bit of feta for greek spinach. I mixed in some artichoke hearts this week as well. I have limited my pasta intake, and find spinach a wonderful substitute. I use it as a base for baked fish, shrimp scampi, etc. I think people give it a bad rap, and should reinvest it for husband is not a fan, but will tolerate it.

Have you ever been snowed in and what did you eat?

A fire in the fireplace, a good bottle of wine, conversation which lasts for days, and potluck are all that you need for your snowed in survival kit. I see the same madness here in the grocery stores in New Hampshire. With four wheel drive, and massive SUVs as vehicles of choice (not mine) one can always get to the grocery store. I will say that our ice storm on December 11th of this year changed alot of our lives forever and was something that was terrifying. There were a half a million people without power for days and weeks, now that is where true survival skills are needed. I welcomed our foot of snow yesterday. I was the only person in the grocery store, on my usual shopping day...what a treat, and then I went out snowshoeing. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Good luck. Spring is around the corner!

Medjool Dates - Healthy or Not?

I appreciate all of the responses. I think I need to a five year "successful" survivor of a 75 pound weight loss, I no longer have a weight issue, since I have made a lifestyle change that suits me and my body perfectly. I get the impression that this questions is viewed as silly. No question is silly, if it is a concern for someone. All seriousness aside, II am very impressed with the prompt responses that my question/concern has received on this site. I have the permission I needed to continue enjoy this healthful treat! Thank you...all!

Medjool Dates - Healthy or Not?

Honestly, it's the high sugar that concerns me, and I would replace it with something a bit more beneficial.


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