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Unusual BBQ suggestions

Oh thanks guys, were gonna have the bbq (weather permitting this weekend coming so thanks for all your suggestions. I will let you know how it all went and now i just need to know which of your great suggestions to do? hmmm.. lol.

Unusual BBQ suggestions

wow, thanks guys, amazing.

Loving the novalty of the beer can, guests would love that haha!

BBQ sause is a must with jack daniels in it, its like you know me!
Pork chops good, fruit suggestions lovin that for the kids.
grilled scallops with a jalapeno relish sounds amazing, yes yes yes!
grilled pizza - i can see that going very wrong, lol.
Brining things - never done that so will have a go, see i would have just slapped a load of BBQ sause on everything but your suggestions are amazing!

I'm open to anything, got some things like chicken and steaks (on order already) but i'm willing to give anything a go. sorry if i havent mentioned ur suggestion i will take into concideration.

Keep em coming guys. Looks like i'm gonna have to hold off the beer for a while at this party lol.

Chocolate and Blue Cheese

haha, good point. A nice beer before (for courage) and after it, lol. Sorry if you like it.

Unusual BBQ suggestions

Halloumi, yep, great idea, see i know good food i just need inspiration to prompt me to do something different.

Ponzu sauce, not heard that before but i will certainly give it a whirl. Fish is always good on a BBQ and so quick to cook. mmm getting hungry already.

Any more suggestions people?

No expence spared for my BBQ party for all our family are coming so want it to be special and i'm in charge of the BBQ because i'm male :-p lol

Tried anything new recently?

haha, urgh, are you bear gryls on a survival situation or something lol?

"Good" Chinese Sausage

Get to a local butchers, i haven't bought mass produced sausages for years.

National Hamburger Festival in Akron

Thats terrible the quality and different flavors in the burger is the key to a good burger not the topping.

Recently been to Glastonbury festival in the UK, was nearly sick when i had a burger there, if you can call it that, terrible. If that had a chutney n smoked chees topping it would still have been terrible! lol

Hidden gems of the cereal isle...

Have you tried Jordans Country Crisp? amazing no matter what flavor you have.

Tried anything new recently?

I had a savory creepe with ham and cheese, only ever had chocolate ones before and wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. Shame the markets moved on but will definately try some different cocktails in future.

lentils in a pouch?

Soups, i just love a great lentil soup, can throw anything you want in the soup to make it more interesting. simple starter or a nice main meal.

Chocolate and Blue Cheese

Sorry peeps but i'm not sure about this mix, but then again i'm not the biggest blue cheese fan :)

Beer of the Month Club?

They are a great idea i have been part of a club in the UK for a few years now, but i don't know any in the USA sorry.

Do you manage to get any Belgian beers over in the US? Fantastic beer shame its only 11 o'clock in the morning here or i'd crack one open. haha. What types of beers do you get in your clubs?


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