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Koshary: Feeding a Revolution in Cairo

Thanks to all for your supportive comments! Yes, I am safe and back in Doha, Qatar. Hoping to go back soon to chase more eats. It's truly amazing how the pursuit of food can instantly unite people from all walks of life. It only goes to show that all of us SE readers speak the one true universal language!

I am "between blogs" at the moment (i.e. I'm not hip to the game yet) but you can find me on twitter @Mustafa3000.

I will try and track down a few recipes to share; finding a single one is nearly impossible.

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Koshary: Feeding a Revolution in Cairo

Liberation requires massive amounts of strength. Without discounting the passion that alone has fueled millions into a weeks-long protest, it is clear that Egyptians also rely on another direct source of energy. And that is a deceptively simple comfort food: koshary, the legendary dish that every Egyptian can both wax poetic on and furiously debate the merits of. More