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This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Where did those Momos come from?? We were at Woodside cafe on sunday for some very respectable versions. The chili Momo were amazing.

A One-Day Food Tour of Astoria, Queens, NYC's Mediterranean Paradise

Everyone needs to stop talking about Astoria! Max, our rent is already high enough!

Is it Really Necessary to Add Garlic After the Onions When Sautéing?

Are you serious with this post? This site has gone the way of the food network....

Poll: Are You a Blotter?

I agree. The only blot I do is with grated cheese to secure the precious grease to the slice.

One place to eat in Boston

Craigie is not worth the hype. It feels special there, but the food is nothing special. We had the tasting menu and left underwhelmed and hungry. Nothing was particularly memorable. Toro has some hit and misses, but when they hit, oh man. Plus you'll get to try a bunch of different things even by yourself.

Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Are those seriously egg noodles in the picture? They look so thick!

What's the Worst New York Restaurant Meal You've Ever Had?

People that write Yelp reviews are for the most part self-important ass clowns. Eat at home if you are that much of a miserable fussy person.

What You're Missing at Eataly's Le Verdure

No wonder there were table s open! I'm not sure I'd be psyched to pay $19 for some semolina with mushrooms.

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Best Affordable Beer?

I second the Rodenbach Grand Cru. For the $/flavor ratio, it's the best of the sours. The Gose from Westbrook is my favorite, though I normally can't find it for under $2.5/can at places like City Swiggers. Still worth it though....

We Test the Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku Sous Vide Circulators

I have a Sansaire on order for the holidays. What do you recommend for a vacuum sealer to use with it Kenji?

Burger City Guides: Jamie Bissonnette's Favorite Burgers in Boston

@Scoop I agree the douche factor at Craigie is pretty high.

On Your First Visit to Sorriso Pork Store, You're a Regular

I too love the Astoria reviews Max(even though we don't always agree.) It's great to read your take on a place that I have been/might go to that won't cost me a weeks pay. Keep up the good work buddy.

Two New Wood Ovens in Astoria: Milkflower and Tufino

In my experience, having been to both several times, Milk Flower makes the superior pie. Tufino's is good, and I really want to like it more because it's closer to my apartment, but they are just shy of the mark. A few months ago when the fig tree in our backyard was drooping with fruit, we went to Tufino's and ordered a fig pie from the specials- and it had dried figs on it. It was way too sweet. Another time we had a pie with roasted grapes and gorgonzola that was amazing. MF on the other hand has consistently been awesome. You and I disagree on the brussels sprouts pie (I love it) but the meatballs are the best I have had in the city, if a little small for $9. Both however, beat the sausage out of Basil. I never understood why people liked that place. Dude puts WAY too many toppings on the pizza. Anyway, it's a tough problem to have 3 Neapolitan places nearby so you can be so critical ;) As always keep up the Astoria reviews Max!

Eat Your (Fried) Vegetables at Telly's Taverna

Max, I love your reviews in Astoria! Its often overlooked as a place you can eat well. You should really check out Milk Flower on 31st. We had the brussels sprouts pie there monday night and it was AMAZING. Keep up the good work sir.

Where Do You Go for English Breakfast in NYC?

Sweet Afton makes an English Breakfast "sandwich" Which while good, is NOT a proper fry up. The cheapest good EB I have had was very late at night at Tasty's Diner in Astoria. The Penrose does a very respectable version on the UES, and The Stags Head in the east 50s does a pretty good version. I'm still on the hunt for "best" unfortunately.

First Impressions of Han Dynasty, Philly's Sichuan Outpost in New York

Do the Dan Dan Noodles have peanut in them? This place looks awesome!

Taste Test: American vs Old World Dry-Cured Hams

Normally these taste tests hold a lot of weight for me. This one does not. Totally not fair to compare fresh sliced ham to something that has been sitting in a package for a month. Pfffffffttt.

Open Thread: Best Rainy Day Eats in New York?

I just had left over lamb dumplings from Xi'an on St Marks. REALLY hit the spot.

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Next Big Thing in Beer?

Another vote fir the fall of IPAs. Its getting to the point where its a parody of itself. I have been really into sours lately and though I don't think they will ever be as huge as IPAs, I bet they really have a moment in the sun next summer.

Michael Psilakis on Cooking for Family, Serving Greek in Astoria

I second the Octopus and the Scallop app and Cypriot Sausage app are amazing as well! The GF and I frequent Kycklades and Stamatis, but we are super psyched to have this place in the neighborhood. Awesome tap list, and they carry 40s of OE?! Come on. How can you not love this place?

Deep Fried Chicago: The Purple Pig

I was there this past tuesday and ate at the bar alone(I was in town for a few days on business.) I had the Homemade Morcilla and the pork blade steak and was totally blown away! I had no idea Chicago was such an amazing food town. I can't wait to come back!


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