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Herbs and heat v. medicinal properties

Thanks much. V. helpful! Will check out the links.

Candy-making -no sugar or Sorbitol?

That's exciting. I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks!

Candy-making -no sugar or Sorbitol?

Thanks for asking. I would like to make hard candy.

calcium from egg shells?

Sounds great, Danbuilder. I might get to try both ideas. Thanks to you both.

calcium from egg shells?

Thanks much! That's v. helpful.

wedding -pre and post receptions - food, drinks?

Thanks, everyone. It's very, very helpful to get your thoughts and compare with what the hotel planner had to offer this afternon. We haven't settled on the "pre-" yet. But for the "post-" since it will be held in a suite, we have to use the catering menu. "Passed out" h'ors d'oeuvres are more expensive than "display" at a table. She said our limit (to have something that looks ample) is 2 displays, given 25 people who will likely come to the suite of the 150 at the wedding. Assorted cheeses and either crudities or Mediteranean blend (olives, marinated veggies, humus, tabuleh, pita, etc.) is where we are. For 25 people, it will cost $500 for the two "displays," if you can believe it. Plus another $325 for coffee, tea, sodas. Anyway after the hotel is done with its part, we'll have frit, nuts and candy. We would have brought our own everything, but we have to be ready at 11 on Sunday, so not much time to hustle with the food beforehand.

how do you make candy from herbs

Thanks to everyone! A "Modernist" ingredient is a possibility, for sure. Love the idea of "herbal gummies." PlumGaga, your idea sounds great. But I am not exactly sure how to do what you are suggesting. Would that be herbs, tea and gelatin? Is there any way that I could create something like what you are suggesting that would not have to be refrigerated? Wondering how adding honey to the mix might create something that is chewy, perhaps, without being refrigerated, do you think?...this may be getting exciting!

how do you make candy from herbs

Thanks for asking for clarification. I would like to make some hard candy from these herbs. I combine them into a tea - as you probably know, that's v. healthy for lots of things. But that's not very portable. So I'm thinking that hard candy would do it. I've never made hard candy before, so I don't know what goes into that. Hope that clarifies some.

saffron threads -

*where do you buy a scale to weigh milligrams?
*any bad side effects if you ingest more than 30 mg of saffron?

do you need to refrigerate cooked oats?

thanks for the suggestions.

I tried baking small oatmeal balls for about 20 minutes - they never dried out fully on the inside. So I think I'll flatten them cookie style - and that should do it, I hope.

do you need to refrigerate cooked oats?

Mmm...I hadn't thought about salt, but that sounds interesting as a preservative. I don't usually put anything in my oats when I eat them in the morning.

I was just thinking that oat balls would make a cheap, filling, nourishing snack any time during the day as a serious alternative to chips, etc.

Favorite brand of tofu?

If I were to buy tofu, 1) what are the elements I would be looking for - freshness and what else, and 2) what are its best uses?

I only know about tofu from tiny bits of tofu in miso soup (I think).

Do you like to read cookbooks like novels? Which ones?

Just wondering what it means to read a cookbook like a novel. Could you be specific. From the delighted replies above, this sounds like an "in" thing. I just have no clue.

Cold Pizza - Yes or No?

Wouldn't mind eating it cold. Sounds pretty good, actually.

But I think it depends on what's on there - w/ sausage or pepperoni, no. Just about anything else would be OK.

From rags to paper towels

What kind of sanitizer is used on rags and what is used in the bucket of water where the knives soak?

From rags to paper towels

Dear Shecooks:
About Whole Foods - that's the supermarket deli I mentioned. And that's where they use the rags...but maybe not at your WF deli.....

Dear Jlweber:
That's an encouraging thought about the disinfectant, though I sure hope it's not bleach!

Dear Lorenzo:
I'm thinking that substituting the rag frequently would not be enough, though it's at least a beginning. Also, I'm thinking that rag on the kitchen counter isn't the same as a rag to clean the slicer which touches the meat that will go into my stomach.

sexy food suggestions

Hi Emily,

Thanks much for posting the original article b/c I too kinda felt left out of the grilled cheese in-joke. Was the joke obvious or am I missing something...not sure, kinda slow on the uptake.

My husband loves homemade chicken soup. Not particularly sexy food...but after he eats it, he feels great. BTW, I love to hear him tell me, "Thanks for a wonderful dinner," when he has enjoyed it. I am not the best cook by far, but he says it often enough. So, in addition to sexy foods, I would like to add feel good words.

Herbs for winter blues?

I am wondering about "smelling" herbs, which Avaryne mentions. How do you get the maximum benefit from inhalation. I find I can barely smell them; that also applies to essential oils like lemon, grapefuit, lavender. But maybe that's just me - or maybe there's a right way and a wrong way, or maybe the right kind to buy.

Also, if you are buying herbs and/or essential fruit and veg. oils, where is the best place (read "reliable") to buy them.

Do you refrigerate beans?

Thanks much to both tapioca and lemonfair for the info!

Lemonfair, in answer to your question about proportions, I just open one can each of kidney, garbanzo, and lentil. I use a couple of big carrots or more for the crunch factor. I mix in nuts right b/f serving, so it's just a few.

This mix (other than the nuts) is also v. cheap b/c it's under $1 for kidney and under $1 for garbanzo, and about $2 for lentil. I am not sure who else has the no-salt, but I buy the 3 types of beans at Whole Foods. I use the generic brand for kidney and garbanzo.

BTW, this has helped me enormously with cravings, which come on v. strong with the winter blues. Now, if and when I have a craving, I take 2-3 spoonsful of the mix and that's the end of it. I think it must be the protein and iron that kill the cravings.

Are you game enough to eat chitlins or tripe?

I have never eaten tripe. But my mother used to insist on calf's brains. Unbelievable yukkiness!

Would you bring your dog to a restaurant?

Well, the combination of dogs and restaurants works for the French - al fresco or inside. What's our problem? especially when we're talking about a trained dog.

Help! Have I been Lamboozled?

I agree with the above. Plus, I wonder whether if it comes from the meat department, one could ask to have the package opened. Maybe that's not realistic, but I get somewhat antsy when I can't see what I'm buying, esp. if it's not from a recognizable source. Well, anyway, it may be worth asking.


Please...what is peppadew?

(I don't live in NY, so can't answer your question)

Do I have a cheese problem?

I just have one kind of cheese - and it's zero fat. It's most unfortunate b/c I adore cheese. But I am wary of the cholesterol, etc. And if I had several kinds I would just devour them. I miss cheese a lot. I am surprised, though, by how many different kinds the people who have commented have on hand. I can have a virtual cheese feast just reading about it.


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